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Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum


Concentrated bold flavor goodness…

This is the second rum made by the Lost Spirits Distillery, the first was the “Navy Style” rum which i wrote a review of earlier. This rum is called “Polynesian Inspired Rum” and is made with the same methods as the Navy Style and for those who are interested in knowing how it`s made – i send you over to this page, called “Rum Super Geekdom” 

High ester rums in the making…using high quality ingredients and distilled in Bryan`s beautiful handmade copper pot still. I wrote a little about esters and dunder in my post on the Navy Style rum.

It´s hard to believe how that funky muck-looking “witches brew” called dunder can make such good rums but it does:-)

The Polynesian Inspired rum also comes in a similarly beautiful bottle as the Navy Style rum, with an artful label, this label has a gorgeous Marquesan style tiki on one side and moais on the other.

Poly Insp Rum label tiki and moai

The Polynesian Style rum isn`t out for purchase yet but it will hopefully soon be. Like i said in my earlier post, i think i see a steady trend for pot stilled rums with rich bold flavors suitable for both sipping and mixing of exotic and tiki drinks and other rum drinks and i welcome that.

I think rum – regardless of style – is supposed to taste rum! its supposed to have flavor and both of Lost Spirits rums has that in abundance paired with a fiery bite. If the Navy Style rum was full of funk and punch this one is sharper and more fiery. It has a bit lower proof at 66%.

To me the Navy style rum is rounder in it´s flavor profile and thus the Navy style rum is more sippable to me but you can sip this rum too if you like to sip strong rums. Personally i do not prefer overproof rums for sipping and second, i think this rum and Navy Style as well, are best suited for cocktails.

And for most, i suggest to use this rum in drinks – and as a mixing rum it´s really great – especially if you wanna make tropical, exotic and tiki drinks.

Here is their description:







“Nitrogen deprived fermentation” is a way to trigger stress response in the yeast which leads to higher production of esters in the fermentation which in turn leads to more flavors completed from the acids.

There are many ways to trigger this stress response and it turns out nitrogen deprivation is one of them.

I think it`s amazing what they are doing at the Lost Spirits Distillery…which btw they built nearly everything at the distillery with only their tiny team of three people…how cool is that?

Lost Spirits Still

 The 600 gallon copper pot still…see more amazing pictures from the distillery here.

Aroma and flavor

So let´s move on to the tasting – the rum has a beautiful golden amber color and the nose is fruity with notes of apricot and ripe tropical fruits like macerated banana, it´s warm and inviting.

In the mouth the woodiness hits you and there´s a strong alcohol sharpness, a burn which slowly mellows down and warms your throat. It`s a bit astringent, some citrus notes and ripe tropical fruits same as in the nose followed by some caramel that smooths it out. The finish is quite long.

It´s strong and quite sharp but definitely not harsh, and if you like sipping on strong rums i believe you`ll like this, but when you mix with it, it´s a whole different thing and i think this rum really shines in cocktails. It`s made in a different way than the traditional long barrel aging so i won`t compare it with those rums, this is a rum on it´s own. And now, let`s wrap it up with a few rum drinks:

I was all of a sudden craving one of my favorite tiki drinks, the Painkiller but not with Pusser`s rum this time….


Poly Painkiller

4 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz Coco Real (or Coco Lopez) coconut cream
3 oz Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum

Shake all ingredients with crushed ice and pour unstrained into a coconut shell or other suitable glass or tiki mug. Dust with grated nutmeg or cinnamon and garnish with a mini pineapple. (or pineapple chunk, leaf and cinnamon stick)


Ocho Rio filt

My version of Battery Harris’ Ocho Rios Cocktail, using Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired rum and garnished with brown sugar-coffee rim and a tropical leaf.

2.o oz Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum
0.5 oz Aperol
1 oz honey syrup

Shake ingredients with ice and pour into a brown sugar-coffee rimmed rocks glass and top with a splash of Soda. Garnish with a tropical leaf but make sure the leaf doesn´t touch the drink.

The drink turned out tasting like a good rum sour minus the egg foam, very refreshing and the rum did it justice in every way.

Does this rum lend itself to these type of drinks? YES!!! it really does…and with 3 oz of 132 proof rum it packs a punch..

So here´s my final thoughts – It sips well but i really recommend it for all kind of rum drinks and it really does have both the flavor and punch required for tiki drinks (and so does their Navy Style Rum) To me this rum is – along with the Navy Style rum – a keeper for my tropical and tiki drinks! These two rums from the Lost Spirits Distillery are two very different rums even though they – my guess – are made in about the same way but probably aged differently.

You find Lost Spirits website here. For those who are going to the Miami Rumfest on april 25-27 – there will be a seminar on the Navy Style rum, ” Bryan Davis on making Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum” – where you get a chance to taste it and learn directly from Bryan how he makes his rums.

5 comments to Lost Spirits Polynesian Inspired Rum

  • The second post I like just as much as the first, which is a great deal. Not only does the rum sound fun to try, but the drinks you made as well (that Ocho Rios sounds dynamite – both yours & Battery Harris’). Thanks for the information and keeping us all in the loop.

  • Thanks a lot Jack!

  • Tiare, always good to revisit your lovely site – so it pains to me to draw your attention to the issue that the name “Painkiller” is trademarked and registered to Pussers. Legally, any drink called a “Painkiller” can only be made with Pusser’s rum, and in accord with their published recipe. As webmasters it is really our duty to respect the hard work of such small distillers such as Pussers (Charles Tobias) and also Family Gosling, who owns their recipe for the “Dark n Stormy” (which can only be made with Black Seal.

    This is an easy matter for them, but a serious matter to them, as they have invested much time and money to create and promote their signature drinks. Of course it’s fine to make a similar drink, even using the same ingredients, but it is only moral, fair and legal to give it another name, as I trust you will be happy to do.

    Please do forgive me for this intrusion, as I’m sure it is not your intent to diminish Pussers and their Painkiller. As you are well aware, I very much appreciate your fine work…

  • Scott T

    Um there’s that little detail of Painkiller being trademarked by Pusser’s…

  • Yea Scott i know…that`s why i first called it “POLYNESIAN Painkiller” and not “Painkiller” and got assured it was ok with that, but ok i changed it further to “Painkilla” instead :-)and all should be good.

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