Citadelle is quite different from other gins – smoothe, slightly sweet and complex with juniper and citrus notes. It also has a bit of a floral quality and a more mellow gin flavour with a clean finish.Its made from an original recipe dating back to 1771 created in Gt district of Dunkirk.

19 botanicals are used and they are Juniper, coriander, orange peel, cardamom, liqorice, cubeb pepper, savory, fennel, iris, cinnamon, violets, almonds, cassia bark, angelica root, grains of paradise, cumin, nutmeg, lemon rind and star anise.

Some say this gin shouldn´t be mixed but only sipped neat but i don´t agree, i think it mixes well and makes nice and fresh gin cocktails.Its smooth character lends itself very well to sipping too of course. Its triple distilled from wheat and spring water.

The gin i received is the regular Citadelle in a very beauitful blue bottle.There´s also a Citadelle Reserve which i haven`t tried yet, its the only gin that has been refined 6 months in old oak casks.Those i know who have tried it says it’s very nice.

I like Citadelle a lot, i like its smooth and mellow flavour with its citrus notes and as i happen to like light and fresh gin cocktails with a fruity flavor this gin is perfect for that so i continue on that route.



2 oz Citadelle

0.5 oz bitter seville orange syrup

Juice of ½ fresh lime

2-3 dashes Bob´s cardamom bitters (may be subbed by a few muddled green cardamoms)

2-3 dashes Bob´s grapefruit bitters

Top with a cardamom “quick tonic”  (steep crushed green cardamom in tonic one day and night – you won`t get much flavor but its there, subtle)

Shake over ice, strain and pour into a rocks glass with large ice cubes, top with cardamom tonic. Garnish with  a lime wedge. (Or as in the picture, a cardamom leaf and liqorice stick)

The cardamom flavour in my glass was just enough, i got a very subtle flavour from the tonic which was helped with a few dashes of the cardamom bitters and together they created a pronounced cardamom aroma.

This G&T is really fresh.



Check out my new blog post on the Mixoloseum blog – and read about mezcal and sample a refreshing summer cocktail..

The nose of the mezcal reaches me, its earhty…and smoky…but not overwelmingly so, in a  pleasant way that invites you to take a sip.



The mezcal and chartreuse has a herbal-earthy and pleasantly smoky love-affair. The fresh pink grapfruit and lime sings their praises. Its definetily a summer drink, the hotter the summer the better is this drink, well chilled with lots of ice

Sample the recipe here:



When i first tasted Martin Miller´s gin i found it had a special flavor and i really like it, it has a smooth and a bit earthy-bitter juniper flavour paired with an overall pleasant spicinress and slightly bright citrus and herbal flavours in between.

There´s one thing i specifically like with good gins and its that you can make such refreshing cocktails as gin contains both fruity, citrusy, earthy and spicy elements.

Actually gin is flavored alcohol – but it isn`t that simple.The alchol must be re-distilled and made from grains of the highest quality, there´s a lot of herbs, spices, roots and citrus peels involved which are picked from all over the globe and individually treated. All done by recipes kept secret to only a few of the makers.

And then you have the distillation which is a whole process of its own.Martin Miller`s gin is distilled by a single pot still (as opposed to most gin`s using three pots) using only the heart of the distillate, discarding the rest which isn`t re-distilled.This single pot still which seems to make the flavours more concentrated is called Angela and was made in 1904.

This is the gin that uses pure soft glacier water from Iceland because this water is said to be cleaner, softer and full of life force. I find that pretty amazing that they actually ship the gin all the way to Iceland! There its blended with more neutral spirit and glacier water, then its shipped away again.

There´s no doubt that this is very soft and i wouldn`t mind trying that glacier water sometimes just to see how it tastes by itself, i just don´t know how a bottle of pure glacier water from island would reach me unless i go there myself.

As for steeping the herbs and spices the old traditional methods are used where the botanicals are steeped overnight in spirit and hot water and this gentle maceration is what is needed to create a premium gin.The dried citrus peels are also separately distilled in order to achieve a brighter citrus flavour.

The dried bitter seville orange rind is the most important botanical after juniper in gin making and personally i love the bright seville orange flavour – it has such a refreshing aromatic aroma, and my homemade seville orange syrup always goes fast.In Martin Miller`s gin lemon and lime rinds are also used.

These are the botanicals used as far as i know, surely there are some secrets too:

Juniper, seville orange, lime, lemon, coriander, angelica, liqorice root, cassia bark and to bind it all together and impart a floral aromatic flavour – Florentine iris.

I try sometimes to make just one cocktail in my posts but mostly it doesn´t work, and that is simply because i enjoy making them so much! So here are four, at least its not ten! three of them was submitted to the TDN. Unfortunately they are all quite similar, that is because i like the light and fresh style of drinks with gin, like gin&tonic.



1.5 oz Martin Miller`s gin
0.5 oz GOP syrup
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
Top with a good quality tonic water

Build in glass over ice and garnish with lime wedge or if you can find it – Grain of Paradise leaves.

This is a very fresh G&T with a slight peppery note, the flavor of Martin Miller´s gin shines through just perfectly – serve it with the glass loaded with large ice cubes!  This is for the moment my favorite cocktail.


Make a simple syrup using 1:1 water and raw sugar, add a handful lightly toasted grains of paradise seeds and boil lightly for 2 minutes, then reduce the heat and simmer for another 5 minutes, cool and strain into a clean bottle.

The grains of paradise seeds adds a slight earthy hot peppery aromatic flavour.The plant is related to cardamom and surely looks very similar but with thinner leaves, also reminding very much of the ginger plant. Its also called Guinea pepper or Melegueta pepper.

GOP`s are found (at least here) in speciality stores and by health or herbal medecine suppliers.To substitute GOP you may use a mixture of pepper and a little ginger.



2oz Martin Miller`s gin
Juice of ½ lime
piece of red chili
0.5oz simple syrup
1 stalk fresh mint

Muddle chili, lime, mint and simple. Add gin, shake and strain and pour into ice filled glass.Top with tonic.Garnish one large red chili and mint or other green leaf.



As a grand finale after much gin in the mixoloseum chat room we were sponsored by Martin Miller´s gin this last thursday and there were many drinks parading. Part of the crew were doing TDN live from Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco.

This was the announcement:

TDN – Martin Miller’s Gin  Thursday Drink Night has had a love affair with gin lately, and I’m pleased to say it’s ending on a sultry note. Martin Miller’s gin is like the triple cream offering on the cheeseboard. You save that last cracker and dot of kumquat-vanilla jam for the final remaining sliver of goopy heaven.

This week, Martin Miller’s gin is that morsel of yum. Join us on TDN  where we’ll be mixing an endless onslaught of original ginny libations.  A contingent of freaky mixologists will be live at Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco, mixing up MM potions live.

There will be a webcam and Camper in the same location. Saying more would be pointless.


As far as i could see from the webcam Bourbon and Branch is a real interesting and nice looking place.

It has an intersting history taking you back to the era of Prohibition when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage was outlawed.Its  an actual speakeasy that operated illegally at this location from 1921 to 1933. During prohibition it was a “cigar shop” – The JJ Russell Cigar Shop -  and operated from 1923-1935 during the height of prohibition at the very same address that today is Bourbon & Branch.

This speakeasy featured five secret exit tunnels which are still there today and the exit tunnels allowed for a quick underground getaway from the basement speakeasy.The most obscure was specifically made for the ladies exit leading a safe passage a whole block away.The speakeasy actually managed to escape the the governments prohibition agents attention for the remainding time of the prohibition.

I find this fascinating, hope to be able to visit some day.


Its really fun to see your own and the other drinks being mixed up live and commented on in addition to the global mixing in the chat room that is TDN.

The prize for the best cocktail of the evening will be voted by a poll at mixoloseum blog and the winner will receive a bottle of Bitter Truth orange bitters courtesy of Mud Puddle Books.

Usually its about 30 cocktails per night that is made when its TDN and of course you cannot try them all, but of all the drinks that were submitted, here are a few of mine plus one whimsical late-night volcano fire drink and one tasty cocktail from cocktailnerd. Many thanks to the bartender Jon Santer for mixing up our drinks at Bourbon & Branch. He was one of the bartenders who was there when B&B opened.

All the drink recipes can be seen at



2  oz Martin Miller´s Gin
0.5 oz seville orange syrup
1 oz Aperol
Bitter lemon soda to top

Shake all ingredients except the soda, strain and pour into a hiball filled with large chunky ice. Garnish with a orange slice and fresh mint (also in the glass)

Very similar to the GOP but with a slighly orangey-bitter flavor of both the seville syrup and Aperol instead.



2 oz Martin Miller´s gin
0.5 oz simple syrup
1 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1-2 thin slices fresh ginger
Dash Bob`s cardamom bitters (or muddle a few green cardamoms with the ginger and syrup)
Prosecco to top

Muddle ginger and simple syrup in shaker. Add gin and grapefruit juice, shake hard and strain into a highball and garnish with a ginger slice or cardamom leaf.

VOLCANO QUEEN  (by Tiare and Rick)


1 oz Martin Miller´s  gin
1 oz rhum agricole blanc
0.5 ox fresh lime
0.5 oz orgeat.

Top with bitter lemon soda or other soda. Float Jwray. Garnish: Pour Jwray in a passionfruit shell, set alight and dust cinnamon on top to get those flames alive and sparkling.

This is an example of the kind of drinks that are most spontaniously invented on the spot during the late TDN hours.

And here is a original concoction from no other than Cocktailnerd – the  King of Word Replacements in the Mixoloseum chat room – the recipe calls for Creme de Framboise which i didn´t have, so i made mine with Creme de Cassis, it was also tasty but i`ll have to re-make it later as i want to mix it the way its supposed to.

LONDON BRIAR (By Cocktailnerd)


2oz Martin Miller’s Gin
0.5oz Creme de Framboise
0.5oz Lime Juice
0.25oz Maraschino liqueur
0.25oz green chartreuse

Shake togehter the whole thing and strain into a ice-filled glass. Enjoy!

Every week cocktail bloggers, bartenders, enthusiasts, experts, and novices get together for a virtual cocktail party mixing drinks in real time, tweaking, rearranging etc until the night is gone and well into the morning. Join us every thursday at the TDN!





I`ve said it before and i say it again – Nothing made with Ting can go wrong – Ting is the universal cocktail redeemer. Its actually more than that – have you ever drunk island sunshine from a bottle?

And for once..its not a soft drink from Italy..this one is from Jamaica.

Since i heard the rumours on FaceBook that they want to stop the import of Ting to the UK i`ve been wondering if that really is going to happen? If it did it would be a national catastrophe for England and also for me as the Ting we can buy here sporadically is imported from there. So if you want to support Ting :

Join the group “No more Ting for Britain. Not if I can bloody help it” on FaceBook.

First time i heard about Ting was many years ago when a few friends came back after a long holiday in Jamaica speaking about Ting in such a way that i really wanted to try it. But it wasn´t until years later i all of a sudden saw a case of Ting in our Indian shop. I didn´t believe my eyes. I bought the whole case.

That proved to be a good move as it took very long until they had it in the shop again and now they have it sporadically so when its there its best to stock up.Ting also proved so popular at home that if i don´t hide the case on a very secret place it would finish in a day.

As it contains fruit pulp, i find it similar to the San Pellegrino sodas – my other favorite soft drinks. And when i cannot find Ting i use San Pellegrino limonata or pompelmo (grapefruit)

Ting also comes in a pink variety, that one contains an addition of lemon juice as well. I haven`t tried it but one of my friends says it tastes quite similar to the regular but that the regular is best. So as a cocktail mixer its perfect, it mixes with most things – anything that goes well with citrus flavours and I think its especially good with gin, tequila, mezcal, cachaca, other rums, Aperol and Campari.

Its special companion though is Jwray overproof rum – they are made for each other and nothing beats ice cold Jwray and Ting – period.

Mixed with lemon flavored vodka its called Ving..and is appr 1 part Smirnoff Citrus Vodka and 2 parts Ting.

And here you get the rest..

* Ring: A mix of Bacardi Limón rum and Ting
* Ging: A mix of Gin and Ting
* Jing (pronounced Ying): A mix of Jägermeister and Ting
* Ming: A mix of Ting and Midori
* Wing: Whiskey and Ting



1.5-2 oz Jwray overproof rum
Sprinkle of fresh lime juice
Top with Ting (about 4oz)
Cracked ice

That´s it! It cannot get any better.

My favorite gin for the moment is Martin Miller´s and so i decided to mix a Gin & Ting – simple and tasty:


2 oz Martin Miller`s gin
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
Dash grapefruit bitters
Top with Ting
Garnish grapefruit rose

Shake and strain into a glass with crushed ice and garnish with a grapefruit rose. Perfect for the summer!

One of my favorite cocktails with Ting apart from the obvious is the Pineapple Delight and a 1000 variations of it – and one variation is to grill the pineapple and throw everything in a blender instead of muddling.



2 fresh pineapple wedges or rings (one for garnish)
2 oz white rhum agricole
0.5 oz caramelized honey-cream-mix
juice from ½ lime
0.5 oz Jwray overproof rum
¼ oz orgeat
Ting to top

Grill 2 fresh pineapple rings, set aside and cool.

Make honey cream mix just before you are going to use it – heat up equal parts unsalted butter, honey and raw sugar until you get a sauce and boil it a bit until the sugar gets slightly caramelized – it turns brown. Let cool to just above room temp.

Pour everything except Ting in a blender – honey cream mix first and ice last and blend for exactly 20 sec. Strain through a fine-mesh-wire-sieve.The procedure is exactly the same as it is with the mix for the Pearl Diver`s Punch (Sippin`Safari p 76)

Pour into a large glass and fill with fresh crushed ice and top with Ting. Garnish with a grilled pineapple wedge and a leaf. If you feel like it you may add a extra float of Jwray too.

Eating the grilled pineapple garnish when the drink is finished is heavenly…Try to make variations of this, use tequila instead of agricole, or mezcal, cachaca..add some fresh mango slices..add homemade vanilla syrup..

And as long as you top it with Ting everything`s gonna be alright.


A lovely pic of the two beauties from SeanMike over at Scofflaw`s Den.

And from Scofflaw´s Den you can also samplethis great drink that was made by Marshall for the ginger MxMo.

Now i`ve spoken about Ting, i never get tired of that actually..but what about the rum that is so perfectly suited to mix with Ting? this is a rum like no other as it has a very different flavour that really stands out and i would like to know what it is that gives it this smoky kerosene-gasolene– like punch.



First i want to say – this is by far the most versatile rum in the world..its good for everything! well…almost. Used with common sense of course, its a strong rum. Apart from mixing with it i use it in falernum and syrups and also in cooking and try sometimes to place a few pineapple chunks in a pan, adding a splash of JWray and bake, then muddle and mix into a cocktail. Thanks Paul for that tip!

It has a very special flavour – i believe you will either like it or not, its a bit like kerosene. Its distilled by  J. Wray & Nephew Limited – Jamaica.

Its an unaged clear molasses based rum and the most popular rum in Jamaica by a large margin – it currently accounts for more than 90% of all rum sold in Jamaica. Its also merely the top-selling high strength rum in the world. The aroma and body of this overproof rum are typical of the overproof Jamaican rums.

Its bottled at 62.8% alcohol by volume. Its distilled in copper pots in small batches to capture the unforgettable flavor that has come to be known as the real spirit of the island. In Jamaica Wray & Nephew is part of the culture, tradition and every day living. I`ve heard that there´s a 131 proof version on the island but i don´t know if this is so, if anyone knows i would appreciate to hear it.

There are 13 sugar cane spirits distilled by J. Wray & Nephew Limited.
Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum
Appleton Estate 250th Anniversary Rum
Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Old Jamaica Rum
Appleton Estate Extra Jamaica Rum
Appleton Estate Master Blender’s Legacy
Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum
Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum
Appleton Special Gold
Appleton Special White
C.J. Wray Dry Rum
Wray & Nephew Coconut Rum
Wray & Nephew White Overproof

So now, how many of you have tried to mix JWray or other spirits with Ting and how do you like it?

Sugarcane bar




TDN – Muddled  Just-picked, ripe strawberries, crushed until their red satin juice stains your muddler. A few slices of ginger, mashed into a stringy lattice of spice. Two basil leaves, delicately pressed into some simple syrup, imbuing it with aromatic delight. A dash of bitters, a jigger of booze, and you have an original cocktail. Join us for this week’s TDN where we’ll be muddling everything from mint to snozzleberries.

What an announsment and oh what a joy! I`m really someone who genuinely enjoys muddling and so a muddling TDN is right up my alley and it doesn´t get less good either by having a great price in the form of a exquisite PUG muddler – the best muddler you can get your hands on.

It was such great fun to attend the muddling TDN (well, it always is) i would not have liked to miss it.

The best thing about the TDN is the fun, lovingly and friendly (and sometimes downright crazy) conversation among some of the best friends out there. Its also not only entertaining and fun, its very creative and educational as well.

Plus – it’s an online cocktail party bringing together cockltail bloggers, bartenders, enthusiasts, experts and novices from around the globe each week to create original cocktails and build on the shared knowledge and relationships in the cocktailian community. Mixing drinks in real time, tweaking, rearranging etc until the night is gone and well into the morning.

Host of the Mixoloseum’s Thursday Drink Night ( is Rick Stutz  – publisher of Kaiser Penguin (

Here are my drinks from the muddling TDN:

(Named by Greg Boehm – Mud Puddle Books)

Muddle 5 sage leaves and ¼ oz vanilla (or simple) syrup
Add 2 oz Old Tom Gin (I used Haymans)
Juice of 1/2 lime
1.5 oz fresh ruby grapefruit juice
Top with a little lemon soda like Schweppes citrus fruits.
Shake and d-strain into ice-filled higihball.
Garnish sage leaves.

Its no use i even try to take a picture of this drink, the awesomest picture and garnsih possible using both sage leaves and the flowers (!) is already made by Rick who graciously let me borrow it for this blog post (its the pic at the top) and please go and read the TDN wrap-up.

There you can also sample the recipe for the winning cocktail Derek -  among others. The Derek was created by SeanMike from Scofflaw’s Den


Muddle one strawberry with 0.5 oz seville orange syrup and basil leaves.
Add 2 oz tequila blanco
1.5 oz ruby grapefruit
Sprinkle of fresh lime
Top with some Schweppes lemon
Float Jwray
Garnish grapefruit rose and basil.


Muddle pineapple and basil.
Add 2 oz white agricole
0.5 oz simple syrup
0.5 oz fresh lime
Top with grapetonic
Float Jwray.



Muddle two hulled medium strawberries in a shaker with 1 oz simple syrup


1.5 oz reposado tequila
0.25 oz Cointreau
0.75 oz of Campari
0.75 oz lime juice
5 quick dashes of Fee’s Old Fashioned Bitters

MEDICI MUDDLE (Samuraibartender aka Chris Stanley from Rookie Libations)

1oz Punt e Mes
1/4oz Bols Genever
3/4oz Aperol
1 thick slice fresh Orange
1 cube Pineapple

Muddle fruit in Genever & Aperol, add remaining & shake w/ ice. Strain into a champs flute & top w/ Prosecco/Cava/dry bubbles.

EVIL CHARTREUSE SWIZZLE (Rick from Kaiserpenguin)

2 cubes pineapple
0.25 oz J. Wray overproof rum
1.25 oz Chartreuse
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz falernum
Muddle pineapple, mint, and J. Wray.

Pack glass with ice, add Chartreuse, lime juice, and falernum. Swizzle while cackling.

BRONZE TIGER (Kaiserpenguin)

Muddle 4 pieces pineapple, 1/2oz lime juice and 1/2oz cream of coconut


1oz white rum
1oz dark rum
1 d Angostura bitters

I so wish i would have been able to try the Derek but without Domaine de Canton its not so easy.

All drinks can be seen at

Join us every thursday at the TDN! and tonight its sponsored by Martin Miller`s Gin.



This months Mixology Monday is all about ginger and is hosted by our own RumDood and he says:

For the MxMo: Ginger, participation is relatively simple.

  • Find or concoct a cocktail recipe that uses ginger in one of its many forms as an ingredient.  This can be muddled ginger, sliced ginger, ginger syrup, ginger beer (commercial or homemade), ginger liqueur, ginger candy, or pieces of a shredded photo of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.
  • Make this recipe, take a picture of it, and then post the recipe, your thoughts about the recipe, and your photo on your blog or at the eGullet Spirits and Cocktails forum.

I think Dood have picked a great theme and no surprise – its very rum-friendly.

Indeed ginger is one of my favorite spices, its one of my essentials and not only for cooking and cocktail mixing and infusions its my no 1 cold remedy as well. You just boil up some chopped ginger root with 1L water and leave overnight to steep, then drink it as tea with milk and honey or just as is.

Using ginger in cocktail mixing – there are almost unlimited options here, you can use the lovely fragrant and biting ginger in so many ways and in so many cocktails. I think ginger pairs exceptionally well with rum but also with cachaca, tequila, mezcal, name it – actually i wonder what ginger wouldn`t pair well with?

As its summer and hot ( least its supposed to be but someone told me the Swedish summer has moved to the US)  i wanted to make something refreshing and oh..this wonderful spicy flavor and aroma is so addictive!

Yesterday i passed by the multi-equipped Indian-Caribbean shop here to see if they have yet gotten any more Ting but they didn´t.. so i picked a can of ginger beer instead and decided to use it for this MxMo post.

Then i also decided to make a cocktail that is  gingery in every way i can make it including using ginger leaves for the garnish and here it is:



1-2 thin slices fresh ginger and 1/4 oz simple syrup – muddle
Add 2 oz dark rum like Appleton extra
Add 0.5 oz JWray overproof
Dash Bob`s ginger bitters
Top with ginger beer

Shake and strain – serve in glass with crushed ice. Garnish slice of ginger and if you have it – a ginger leaf

I really should have made homemade ginger beer but i didn`t have the time – ok i admit…i was lazy -  so i used Old Jamaica ginger beer, more or less the only ginger beer sold here. I find ginger beer to be a lovely cocktail mixer and it goes very well with JWray too.

Well, this cocktail here is all about the ginger really – and rum – and both are friends of mine.