NEW ORLEANS FOOD – Do you love Seafood and Poboy`s?

Charbroiled oysters at big Al`s

Prior to Tales of the Cocktail i just wanna post a little about this wonderful city which has such amazing food. Of course the food here isn´t only seafood and poboys, there´s tons of different things, but I´ve mainly been eating fried seafood here since i came back – since that`s what i like the most and also cannot get where i live unless i make it myself.

And as you know, it always tastes better in place and what i make at home may be tasty but it doesn´t even come close to what you get here. One reason is the fresh produce, gulf shrimps for example has more and different flavor than any other shrimps i´ve had anywhere, same with the oysters.

They sure got flavor down here!

Not been here for more than a couple days but lawd what an amount of great food i already have had. OK i won`t be able to post about that many places in this post, so i´ll most likely post more later on. But maybe this post can help to point out a few good places to go for those of you coming in for the Tales in about a week from now. i know you wanna eat! (not only drink..)

The first place i wanna point out is Jaques-Imos. I wrote about Jaques-Imos last year and it was the first place to go when i came back last friday. You find it in uptown on 8324 Oak Street right beside the Maple Leaf bar (which i also recommend and where Rebirth brassband plays on tuesdays)

The menu is as ecclectic as the place itself and reservations are only taken for parties of five or more up to 30 days in advance. All other parties will be first come, first served. That means – since it´s so popular you might have to wait for a table, we waited 2 hours almost, but it´s well worth the wait believe me. And while you wait you go to the Maple Leaf of course and have beer;-)

Lump crab meat stuffed shrimp at Jaques-Imos

Alligator cheesecake

We ordered a big mix of all kinda things and shared the sides which one of them was the unforgettable alligator cheesecake – make sure to get that one. I also had lump crab meat stuffed shrimp, fried oyster salad and BBQ shrimp…

As you can see i`m a seafood lover and have no problem in ordering two different shrimp dishes at the same time paired with crawfish and crab…but there´s more than seafood here of course. When you been to Jaques-Imos you`ll think that you never ever will be able to be hungry again!

Another place i want to recommend is Palace Cafe on 605 Canal Street, between Chartres and Royal Streets. If you wanna get something REAL good, go here! Their BBQ shrimp is “to die for”.  I also had lump crabmeat cheesecake with fried crab claws on top with a New Orleans style barbecue sauce, spiked with Abita beer and served Creole toasted French bread.

BBQ shrimp at Palace Cafe

This lump crabmeat cheesecake is baked in a pecan crust with a wild mushroom sauté and Creole meunière sauce and topped with 3 fried crab claws. Butter sauteed crawfish at left.

Then i had butter sauteed crawfish, turtle soup and finally a bananas foster. To that i drank Abita andygator – but there´s cocktails if you want – why not try Peter’s Planters Punch with New Orleans Amber Rum, fresh lemon & orange juice and housemade cardamom syrup? I´m gonna do that the next time which will be soon.

Bananas Foster at Palace Cafe

If you get a chance to get out of New Orleans and happen to love seafood i recommend big Al`s Seafood in Houma, about an hour drive or so from NO.

Here is seafood heaven! I had fried softshell crab (fried to perfection) fried shrimps, crawfish, hush puppies, charbroiled oysters, sweet potato fries..all served with various dipping sauces and of course washed down with ice cold abita beer. YUM YUMMY and YUM! Ah…those crunchy crab legs…

Fried softshell crab and sweet potato fries at Big Al`s.

Then we have the Poboy´s…anyone who have been here knows what that is and there´s many places to get them and i won´t try to go into where´you get the best sandwiches since i haven´t tried all places yet. But here´s two places, yes only two…i wanna recommend for now – if you wanna find out more about where to go, just google “best poboy” – you´ll get a few hints…i have also saved a real good one to have its own post – soon to come.

So one is Gene’s on St. Claude & Elysian Fields, (1040 Elysian Fields Ave) their hot sausage Poboy is wicked, and then we got Johnnie´s on 511 Saint Louis Street in the french quarter. They are everywhere and they are tasty and they are the best dressed sandwiches on the planet.

And they all share one thing, they got that bread…Leidenheimer…it has has a crunchy crust with a very light center. And they should preferably be dressed. (That is with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles etc)

So make sure you get yourself  Poboy`s and try many different ones! shrimp, hot sausage, alligator, oyster, catfish, softshell crab, french fries,  roastbeef…you won´t be hungry.

Well, that was a little about some of the food here, more to come…


This months Mixology Monday is themed Beer Cocktails and is hosted by Cocktail Virgin Slut- thank you for hosting such a nice theme!

Yes i like the Beer Cocktail theme and since the world´s best beer (in my opinion) is in Nola where i am now what would suit me better than doing something with it for this MxMo?

It`s not very often i drink beer cocktails and if i do it´s most likely in the summer since they really are very refreshing.

This is what Fred says:

Beer has played a historical role in mixed drinks for centuries.  […] Bartenders are drawn to beer for a variety of reasons including the glorious malt and roast notes from the grain, the bitter and sometimes floral elements from the hops, the interesting sour or fruity notes from the yeast, and the crispness and bubbles from the carbonation. Beer is not just for pint glasses, so let us honor beer of all styles as a drink ingredient.

The instructions are simple: make a drink that includes beer as an ingredient (on its own, or manipulated as you see fit. Then, sit back with your beer/booze hybrid, and read the results as they come in. Sounds very good to me!

My beer cocktail of choice is the famous Michelada which i will do Nola style.

I had my first Michelada with Kaiserpenguin in New York and at first sip i thought it tasted a bit odd but then i really liked it, especially with the yummy Mexican food we had. It´s very refreshing on a hot day believe it or not with all these spices.


Ice cold abita beer of your choice
coarse salt and creole spice (for the rim)
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
1-2 dashes Louisiana or Crystal hotsauce
1-2 dashes shrimp and oyster sauce
1-2 dashes worchestshire sauce
1-3 dashes peychauds bitters on top
Chilled large beer glass or goblet
For garnish, lime and lemon peels or spent lime shell

Salt the rim of the glass by wetting the edge with some of the lime juice then dipping it into a plate with salt and creole spice.

Fill half the glass with ice and pour in the lime juice, Louisiana hotsauce, shrimp and oyster sauce and worchestshire sauce. Mix with a spoon then slowly pour in the beer. Add the lime and lemon into the glass and add a dash or two of peychauds bitters on top and serve immediately.

Like i said…this is refreshing on a hot day!

Happy Monday!


It´s soon time for Tales of the Cocktail again! so let´s see what gonna happen this year. I hope i will be able to keep up with all that´s going on during Tales which is a LOT and at the same time enjoy everything New Orleans has to offer which also is A LOT!

If anyone wanna check out some good Tales survival tips for first-timers – go read here and all the pre-Tales posts presenting the top of the iceberg of what`s going to happen you can read at the Tales blog.

I can really recommend anyone who likes cocktails to visit the Tales of the Cocktail! it´s like a Mardi Gras for booze nerds…but also it´s so much more than that – it´s also New Orleans! a city like no other… with a rich and deep and resilient culture…that celebrates life and the moment. Music, food, colors and textures.

I`m leaving now, i might post something about New Orleans before the Tales, in any case i`m planning to participate in the next week`s MxMo but apart from that – see you at the Tales!

Let´s get dat pawty stawted..

SWIZZLES part 4 – Swordfighter Swizzle

So what do you do on a hot evening when you´re thirsty? well, if you don´t know what to mix you start digging around in either your cocktail books or on the web.

So digging around trying to find something cool to mix up on a hot evening like this i stumbled over the Swordfighter Swizzle, made by Paul Clarke and Jeff  Berry back in 2007. The drink is a wonder of yumminess per excellence and well worth digging up again i think.

This drink evolved from another drink that was created for a spirited dinner at Tales of the Cocktail and was later on when the Tales was finished changed a bit with some expert help from the Bum and renamed by Paul and used for that months Mixology Monday. On the blog you can also read how the drink got its name. The result is mouth watering and here is the recipe:


In a tall, 10-ounce glass, lightly muddle 6-8 fresh mint leaves, swabbing the sides of the glass with the oil.


1 ounce Cruzan Light rum
1 ounce Demerara rum
1 ounce fresh lime juice
1/4 ounce rich demerara syrup (2 parts demerara sugar dissolved in 1 part water)
1/2 ounce Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb
1/4 teaspoon Herbsaint

Fill glass with crushed ice; swizzle with bar spoon until sides of glass are coated in frost. Pack glass with more crushed ice. Then add several dashes of this:

2-3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
1-2 dashes Angostura bitters

Smack a mint sprig to release the fragrance, and put in the glass along with a slice of fresh peach skewered on a cocktail sword. Insert a short straw near the mint.

Well i didn´t have i used only mint but i think the dashes of angostura and peychaud´s does very well for both flavor and garnish.

It IS as good as it looks like…believe me. Go try it!