Swig – Your Smartphone Guide to Craft Spirits



Here´s a handy little app to discover new spirits and of course new rums! I tried it and think it`s a quite handy little tool plus you get to interact with your fellow booze enthusiasts around the globe.

Here`s what:

For the most part, people`s usual spirit knowledge revolves around the mainstream brands, and with the wide assortment of craft liquors produced today, they’re definitely missing out. There’s for example more spiced rum varieties beyond Captain Morgan. As The Spirit Business document, “Along with bourbon and gin, craft rum is quickly becoming a firm favorite among spirits connoisseurs as distillers continue to drive experimentation and push premiumization in the category.”

Finding good craft rum may seem pretty difficult at first if you don’t have much experience in the area, unaware of any distillers or simply don’t know where to look, but with a smartphone or tablet in hand, you’ll be a connaisseur in no time. Thanks to advanced technologies and increased internet capabilities, mobile devices are now our go-to resource for many of our daily problems, thus an app like Swig would be beneficial for those with a curiosity or growing interest in spirit distillers and cocktails.

Touted as the Facebook for all drinkers, CNET describes the app as the ultimate bar and meeting place catering to drinkers with different tastes. With analysts anticipating the one billion global smartphone users in 2013, a statistic that was shared by the corporation running the mobile gaming hub Pocket Fruity, this figure is predicted to double by 2016, and with Swig, the app virtually connects you to a whole online community’s worth of expertise in craft spirits directly from your smartphone. From bartenders to sommeliers, there are plenty of people on the app that can teach you about the subject.

Some of the features of this Facebook/Instagram-like app include discovering beverages crafted by friends, bartenders and other community members, and an option to follow friends to learn about new producers, drinks, and bars. Swig is also packed with tasting notes, fun facts and videos for over 500,000 alcoholic beverages to educate you about some of the newest cocktail creations.

Swig is available on both Google Play and the App Store.