Mixology Monday – New Orleans!

This months Mixology Monday hosted by The Cocktail Chronicles has a great theme for July 2008…New Orleans! Thanks Paul for hosting.

New Orleans.…i have never been there yet but its been on my wish list since about 2004…I just know it´s a place i would just love! and now i really wish i could have been there to attend the Tales of the Cocktail…but maybe next year is my turn?

Its seems to be a fantastic city, full of creativity and vibrant life, good music, fantastic food, the Saints, amazing architecture and of course – The Tales of the Cocktail event –  i so badly wanna go!

And Matthew “Rumdood” Robolds vivid descriptions of the events and of the drink and food menus at the Tiki spirited dinner at GW Fins makes me drool…”outrigger canoes” of crabmeat and jackfruit in grilled endive boats…anyone?

But most important – meeting all the people! That must be fantastic. I and many of my friends, who cannot go this year are now following the Tales of the Cocktails online blogging, the first-ever live session of the Tales. Hats off to you all who are blogging on that event and make it possible for us who cannot be there to stay tuned.

I wanted to make a classic New Orleans cocktail and one Tiki drink by Don the Beachcomber and i have not been able to make up my mind about which one of the two drinks to choose..doesn`t matter how many Mai Tai`s used for help…so i ended up making both. And in any case…two is always better than one right?

The first one is the Ramos Gin fizz which was invented by Henry C Ramos in the 1800s and which is one of the most famous drinks from New Orleans. I love this cocktail, its so smooth, elegant and citrusy. It’s some work but its worth it when you take your first sip of this fluffy silky frothy dream of a cocktail.


2 ounces Gin
1/3 ounce lemon juice
1 ounce cream
3 drops orange flower water
1 egg white
1 teaspoon simple syrup
Soda water

Shake all ingredients except the soda water very vigorously at least for one minute, but the longer the better. Strain into a tall thin glass, and top with soda water.


As a lover of Tiki drinks and as even Tiki drinks qualify for this months topic — as already mentioned, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt aka Don the Beachcomber, came from New Orleans.  So i have also chosen one of his creations for my entry in this months MxMo.

I decided to make the Rum Julep, created by Don the Beachcomber cirka 1940. This drink was served at Don the Beachcombers Cabaret restaurant in 1958.


1/2 oz fresh Lime juice
1/2 oz Orange juice
1/2 oz Honey Mix*
1/2 oz Appleton Extra Jamaican rum
1 1/2 oz Demerara rum
1/4 tsp Grenadine
1/4 tsp Falernum
1/4 tsp Pimento dram*
Dash Angostura Bitters
1/2 cup crushed ice

Put in blender and save the ice for last, blend on high speed for 5 sek, pour into a metal Julep cup, add more crushed ice to fill and garnish with Mint.


One part honey to one part water, heat and mix until the honey is thoroughly dissolved. Cool
and bottle, it keeps in the fridge for about a week.


If you want to make your own:

Grind 1/4 cup of whole pimento berries until you get a consistency of ground coffee.
Place in a saucepan with 1 cup Cruzan white rum. bring to a boil and then immediately remove from the heat. Stir. Pour this “tea” with berries and all into a empty rum bottle.

Fill the bottle about 3/4 to the top with more white rum. Seal and let sit for 2 weeks, shaking occasionally.

After 2 weeks, filter through a cheezecloth to discard solids and then filter again through a metal mesh coffee filter and a third time through bleached paper filters. if its cloudy, filter one more time through the paper.

Make a sugar syrup by placing one cup of water and one pound Demerara sugar in a saucepan.
heat until the sugar is dissolved. Mix equal parts of the sugar syrup with the Pimento infused rum. Bottle, seal and let sit for at least one month.The longer it sits, the mellover and more flavorful it gets.

Dram recipe by Matthew “Kuku Ahu” Thatcher, written in Sippin Safari.

Happy MxMo!

Okole maluna,


J WRAY & TING ! and a Pineapple Delight…


There are a few things that just seems to be made for each other, like JW&N Jamaican overproof rum and the likewise Jamaican grapefruit beverage called TING! Just pour some ice, fresh lime juice and Ting in a glass and top with JWray…i mean can it get much better?

Ting was first created by Guinness of Jamaica, later acquired by D & G (Desnoes & Geddes) brewers of Red Stripe Beer. It contains a small amount of sediment consisting of grapefruit juice pulp. A relative newcomer to the citrus clan, the Jamaican grapefruit was originally believed to be a spontaneous sport of the pomelo.

James MacFayden, in his Flora of Jamaica in 1837  separated the Jamaican grapefruit from the pomelo, giving the Jamaican grapefruit the botanical name, Citrus paradisi Macf. About 1948, citrus specialists began to suggest that the Jamaican grapefruit was not a sport of the pomelo but an accidental hybrid between the pomelo and the orange.

The botanical name has been altered to reflect this view, and the Jamaican grapefruit is now generally accepted as Citrus X paradisi. The Jamaican grapefruit was first described in 1750 by Griffith Hughes who called the Jamaican grapefruit the “forbidden Jamaican grapefruit” of Barbados.

In Hortus Jamaicensis, it mentions the “Jamaican grapefruit” as a variety of the shaddock, (old name of the “pomelo” (Citrus maxima – which the now defunct “Forbidden fruits liqueur” was made of ) but not as large; and as forbidden Jamaican grapefruit – a variety of the shaddock – but the Jamaican grapefruit is much smaller, having a thin, tough, smooth, pale yellow rind.

Another wonderful drink that contains both Ting and JWray is a drink that i call Pineapple Delight. Its my take of the Mango-Pineapple Float. Its fresh muddled pineapple, honey cream mix , fresh lime juice, orgeat, JW&N overproof rum, dash of grapefruit bitters and rhum agricole topped with Ting.


1 cored pineapple. In mixing glass add:

A few large chunks of pineapple – muddled

2 juiced limes

1 barspoon orgeat

1.5 oz Rhum Agricole Blanc 100 proof

2 tblsp fresh honey cream-mix* with a splash JWray overproof rum

Dash of grapefruit bitters

Shake hard and fast, strain and serve in the pineapple with crushed ice Top with Ting. Garnish with 2 pineapple leaves and a piece of pineapple. Believe me..this drink is worth the effort..


Equal parts Sugar, butter and liquid honey

Add to pot, heat and stir until it gets creamy. You want a smooth creamy sauce. Keep a bit above room temp. The problem with honey cream mix is the milk solids from the butter that forms when the mix gets chilled. It may help to use clarified butter or to dry shake first (without ice) before shake over ice.

After discussing with friends who cannot find the JWray rum i also made another version using Lemon Hart 151 Demerara instead of the JWray. Tasty too.

Nothing made with Ting can go wrong – Ting is the universal cocktail redeemer!

Eperimenting with Ice Molding

Reading through the Bums book Sippin`Safari there is one thing that has always been fascinating me and that`s all those gorgeous ice molds in the drinks..they are really from another time..

I wanted to make a drink that looked like that, but didn`t really know how as i had no ice shaver that crushes the ice to a snowlike consistence which makes it easy to mold. But one day i decided to try to make an ice shell as pictured at page 128 and 155.

So i took my old manual ice crusher, crushed a lot of ice and then i took my hand mixer, mixed hard to try to get it as fine as possible as quick as possible.

I placed the crushed/mixed ice in a large and wide glass, spread the ice along the bottom and sides of the glass gently tapped it pushing the ice up, and then finally pushed the whole ice shell up a bit on one side of the glass, secured it and then into the freezer to stay there for 1 hour or until it`s time to pour.

Actually, the ice mold i got didn´t get as fine as in the book..the texture of the ice is not really what i wanted but this have to do for now…

I wanted to use the ice mold for a drink called Mystic Lamp…mainly because of the drinks name…which intrigued my imagination. But the drink tasted so damned good that i spent half the night imbibing Mystic Lamps..It was served at the Kon-Tiki Restaurant 1962.

I also added some of the liquid from the jar of my homemade Maraschino cherries. (can`t resist that) I can really recommend trying out this drink with the addition of a ice mold, its a very special feeling to drink with all this sparkling ice in the glass, its like drinking from a ice grotto.

Plus it really keeps the drink cold long. I`ve been playing with ice shells the whole night…its fun but its tricky too as i don`t have a ice shaver and you must work fast, the ice is melting.

The tricky thing is to get the ice shell to be thin..and not fall apart. I think i failed in getting it to be thin..you can count on more posts about ice molding.

Mystic Lamp

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz orange juice

1 1/2 lychee juice

1 1/2 oz gold Puerto Rican rum ( I used Appleton VX)

3 drops almond extract

Shake well with lots of crushed ice.

At the Tales of The Cocktail events there will be a seminar about drink garnishing called “The Cocktail Garnish From Functional to Fabulous presented by Cherry Heering, KegWorks.com, Oregon Cherry Growers and Wild Hibiscus Syrup. Led by Martin Cate and panelist is Jeff Berry.

Its an overview of the origin and history of the cocktail garnish, from its simplest elegant forms to the elaborate lush tropical garnishes of the Tiki era. And there will also be demonstrations on ice molds..i wish i could be there.

I need to learn more about this interesting and fascinating subject that can be useful for special occasions or for your own and your friends pleasure. I also made 3 more drinks and used different ice molds to go with them.

Cuba Kula

2 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz honey

1 oz orange juice

1 oz dark rum, the recipe in Sippin Safari calls for Myers but i used Coruba 12 yo

1 oz Lemon Hart demerara

1/2 oz Bacardi 151, i used Lemon Hart 151

Dash Angostura bitters6 drops Herbsaint or Pernod ( i used a bit less)

Dissolve the honey in the limejuice and then place it all in a shaker and shake with plenty of ice. To serve this with a ice mold is not part of the original recipe but i like to experiment.

The company to the Cuba Kula was the Lady of Singapore who became the Lady of Rangoon with the addition of some strawberry honey, maraschino juice and a dash of Lemon Hart 151.

Lady of Rangoon

Juice from 1/2 lime

1/2 tsp Cream of coconut

1/2 oz cream 1 oz pineapple juice

1 1/2 oz Coruba 12 rum

1 tsp Grenadine

1 tsp Strawberry honey

1 tsp Maraschino juice (from the jar of homemade Maraschino cherries)

Blend with 4 oz crushed ice.

And the last drink is also from Sippin Safari, its the Guatemala Cooler served at theKon-Tiki Restaurant in Cleveland in 1961. I added a splash of Grenadine to add some color.

Guatemala Cooler

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz unsweetened Pineapple juice

1oz Coco Lopez coconut cream (i used Cream of Coconut)

1 oz Gold Puerto Rican Rum

3/4 oz Gold Jamaican Rum 6 oz crushed ice Blender, add the crushed ice for last.

Blend at high speed for 10 sec.


Penang Afrididi and a Fried Fish!


This drink was served by Don the Beachcomber and there´s also Penang Afrididi #2 which simply cuts the same ingredients by half.

From “Sippin’ Safari” page 95 by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry

  • 1 1/2 oz. Light Puerto Rican Rum
  • 1 1/2 oz. Amber Virgin Islands Rum
  • 1/4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Orange Juice
  • 1/2 oz. Passion Fruit Syrup
  • 1/8 tsp. Pernod or Herbsaint

Put everything into a blender and add six ounces of crushed ice. Blend it at high speed for five seconds.

And i couldn`t resist to add some of the liquid from my jar of homemade Maraschino cherries..and that´s what gave the drink the drink the wonderful shades of red.

So what goes with this tropical Tiki drink? well, i made a fried fish today – i found a red grouper in our Asian store and fried it in my wok with some vegetables, coconut milk and hotpepper. The spicy food goes well with this tropical and refreshing drink.

I first cleaned the fish and then sprinkled it with fresh lime juice, rubbed in some salt and some ginger and leaved it to rest for a while. Then i fried it with some fresh veggies, a habanero hotpepper and coconut milk, sprinkled some fresh lime juice over it and served with basmati pulao rice.

To make the pulao rice, wash the basmati rice and leave in water for 30 min. Then strain and add to a pan with spices ( cardamom, ginger, salt, ground coriander, cumin, turmeric or indian yellow egg yolk powder) fry until the rice has become translucent.

Then i add water (0.5 inch) and put to a rolling boil and leave to boil until you see small “holes” in the rice. Then i turn off the stove and put the lid on and leave to steam finish. when done i take off the lid and put a clean kitchen towel over and leave to set for 10 min.