To all of you (and everyone else) who have followed my blog this year, a merry christmas and happy holidays!

Last x-mas I made a post about our Swedish tradition which is to drink a mulled wine we call glogg. This year i`m gonna use glogg again since I saw a new variety which sparked my interest as its using chile and cocoa. I`m gonna use the glogg as a cocktail ingredient instead of the traditional way of drinking it warm with raisins and almonds and use it in these drinks. As living in the land of Glogg i need to try new varietes each year, you can also make your own, there are tons of recipes out there, search for Glögg or Glogg.

But coffee is also incorporated in these drinks, its so good when its stone cold outside.



1 tblsp raw dark sugar (or use syrup)
1 tbsp Castries
1.5 oz dark rum ( i used a demerara)
½ cup hot espresso
1 cup milk, whipped
1 canela stick
pinch of dark cocoa powder

Pour in a glass rum, castries and sugar, stir. Add hot espresso, stir again. Heat up and whip the milk and pour over. Dust the top of the foam with dark cocoa powder. Garnish with a canela stick. (Mexican cinnamon)



1 lime cut in 8 pieces with ends cut off
1 oz dark rum
1.5 tbsp raw golden brown sugar
5-6 mint leaves and a sprig
1 cup crushed ice
.75 oz espresso
splash chile and cocoa glogg

Prepare the espresso first and cool to roomtemp. Muddle lime, sugar, mint and rum in a double old fashioned glass. Add half the crushed ice. Add the espresso and glogg, add more crushed ice to fill. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Not a traditional x-mas drink at all but i like the idea of using espresso in the mojito and wanted to try it paired with the glogg which added the x-mas touch to it. To sub chile-cocoa glogg if you don`t want to make your own glogg maybe a syrup with chili and cocoa incorporated into a warm fullbodied red wine and then cooled would do? and maybe adding some more spices to it would be good.

May peace be with you all.