Tales of the Cocktail 2009 – 2015

Here´s all my posts about the Tales of the Cocktail starting from 2009 until  2015, newest posts are on top.

TOTC 2015


Here are the links to all my posts from Tales 2015, the latest post is on top.

TOTC 2015 – Events, Competitions and Tastings!

TOTC 2015 – Jamaica`s Influence on Cocktail Culture and Flor de Cana Tasting!

TOTC 2015 - CACHACA – Around Brazil in 40.000 Alembics

TOTC 2015 - Tapping Rum`s Past for Rum`s Future and Clairin Rums of Rural Haiti

TOTC 2015 - RUM – A Taste of 10 Rare Single Casks

TOTC 2015 - Tales of the Cocktail Announces Spirited Awards Winners

TOTC 2015: Congratulations to the Top 4 Spirited Awards Nominees!!!

TOTC 2015 : The Annual Bar Fight Club at the 2015 Tales of the Cocktail Announces its Seven Finalists

TOTC 2014

TOTC 2014 logo

Cane and Table Pop Up Pool Party 2

This years dip sauce number one, Crystal sauce and fresh lime juice in baked bell pepper for grilled shrimp skewers…served at the Cane and Table Pop Up Pool Party at the Hotel Monteleone.

TOTC 2014 – Dynamic Duos, Tastings, Food and Fun!

TOTC 2014 – Tastings – Plantation Pineapple Rum, Appleton Rum Brunch and Bulleit New Fashioned!

TOTC 2014 – The Tastings! Limited Edition & Vintage Rums and The House of Angostura!

TOTC 2014 – Which Rum, What Cocktail and Why? and Floridita – Cradle of the Daiquiri

TOTC 2014 – Winners of the Spirited Awards!

TOTC 2014 – A peek at some of the seminars

TOTC 2014 – Top 4 Finalists for the Spirited Awards

TOTC 2014 – Top 10 Finalists for the 2014 Spirit Awards

TOTC 2013

pine sem set up

TOTC 2013: The Tastings! part 2 – Rums, Bitters, Jade Liqueurs and Combier

TOTC 2013 – The Tastings! Bloody Mary, Bayou Rum, Bulleit Mint Juleps and Ole Smoky Moonshine!

TOTC 2013 – Rise of the Zombie and European Rums

TOTC 2013 – Pineapple! a Symbol of Hospitality!

Pre – Post – Here comes Bayou Rum

Pre – Post – Tales of the Cocktail 2013!

milagro baida 3

Milagro Pool Party…yes there´s many pool parties at the Tales…:-)

TOTC 2012

This years Tales of the Cocktail celebrates it`s 10 year anniversary and here`s all the links to Tales of the Cocktail 2012 including pre-posts and also posts about New Orleans. Newest posts are on top so if you wanna read these in the right order start from the bottom..

totc badges 2

Tales 2012 – Food, drinks and other things in New Orleans

Tales 2012 – Recap of Tastings and Events

Tales 2012 seminar – Exploring the Bar World Myths

Tales 2012 seminar – The World´s World Class Spirit – RUM!

Tales 2012 seminar – Bottle Alley – Drinking the Panama Canal

Tales 2012 seminar – Curacao – The ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor

Tales 2012 seminar – Tiki Host to the Stars Stephen Crane 

PRE -POST - Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Curacao – The ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor

PRE -POST - Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Bottle Alley – Drinking The Panama Canal

PRE -POST - Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Tiki Host to the Stars Stephen Crane


Blackwell Rum Reggae Pool Party on the Monteleone Rooftop 

TOTC 2011

New Orleans Food part 2 –Some serious Gourmet Poboy`s and Oysters

New Orleans Food part 1 – Do you love Seafood and Poboys?

Tales of the Cocktail 2011 – Wrap up

Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Part Four – Before Man the Plant (agave spirits)

Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Part Three – Mai Tai – A Paternity Test & Vanilla Vanilla Baby!

Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Part Two – Swizzling Around the World

Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Part One – Toast, Rum and Negroni

Tales of the Cocktail and New Orleans 2011 – Intro post

TOTC 2011 Pre-Tales Post – Who’s Your Daddy? A Mai Tai Paternity Test

TOTC 2011 Pre-Tales Post – 6 Rums You Will Probably Never taste Again

TOTC 2011 Pre-Tales Post – Swizzling Around the World, Here and Now

The worlds biggest Negroni at the Negroni party at the Royal Sonesta.

TOTC 2010

Goodbye Tales and Thank you Nola for being so awesome! 

Tales of the Cocktail 2010

Glacier Ice ball Carvings and Chartreuse Swizzles in the Mixo House 

Music, Food, Cocktails and architecture

In the City of Jazz 

New Orleans and Tales of the Cocktail 2010

Tiki Now! The New Breed of Tiki Bar (Pre post)

The Julep Story from 1488 tp present (pre post)

Hotel Grunewald, Roosevelt and Fairmont – Over 100 Years of Cocktail History (pre post)


Cocktails at Bulleit Bourbon´s Dinner at Antoine`s

TOTC 2009

Blogging Tales of the Cocktail 2009

Arriving in New Orleans

Day two and three – Drinkwrite 2009

Tales of the Cocktail Day 1-4

Things i`ve learnt at the Tales

Tales of the Cocktail: Citrus and Mexican Spirits



Cocktail by Alan Walther, at the Aperol Dinner at Iris.

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