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April 2015
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Jet Pilot Challenge 2015!

Jet Pilot Challenge

Last weekend was the Fogcutter Challenge…..and this weekend we continued the boozy activity with the Jet Pilot Challenge! you were supposed to make a Jet Pilot or a variation of it and post up the picture on Instagram with the hashtag #jetpilotchallenge2015 and best picture wins a prize! you don`t even must make a drink yourself you can take a picture of a Jet Pilot in a bar too.

Follow @el_nova_1 on Instagram for updates and check the #jetpilotchallenge2015 for more boozylicious pics! there will most likely be more Jet Pilots posted there as I write and post this as well as the next challenge coming up being announced.

The Jet Pilot was one of the most copied drinks during the hey days of the tiki era, and the drink had many names – the drink was known as the Ace Pilot, Space Pilot and Astronaut…and at the Mai-Kai, it became the Jet Pilot created by Mai-Kai’s original mixologist, Mariano Licudine who before coming to Mai Kai to design their original tropical drink menu, worked for Donn Beach who btw was a decorated World War II veteran.

The Jet Pilot is a strong, spicy, rummy and intense drink which dates back to the Mai-Kai’s original 1956 menu and is based on Don the Beachcomber’s Test Pilot cirka 1941.

Jet Pilot Recipe


Jet Pilot Recipe SC

And Stephen Crane`s Jet Pilot from Jeff Berry`s “a must have…” – Total Tiki App!

And like I did in my last post about the Fogcutter Challenge, i`m posting up a few of the pics that were submitted, and let me tell you I had a lot of fun with this! not only do you get to imbibe some superlicious tiki drinks, you also learn something about each drink since you (hopefully) make a couple of different ones and so by doing that you try different rum combos and recipe tweaks and learn a lot about how flavors comes together.

It takes a lot of practise to get the tiki drinks right and things like this, different tiki drink challenges inspires you too experiment and learn….it`s fun and educational.

Also by looking at pictures and reading recipes of tiki drinks you learn something about what a tiki drink is and how it looks like, that for example, it´s not about adding as many ingredients as possible in a big mess where all the various flavors clash with each other or melt together into an undefined mess instead of being harmoniously layered…..

Tiki drinks are tropical and the roots of tiki drinks are in the Caribbean….that`s where most of the rums came from and some of the mixers, like the falernum and pimento dram, even though a lot of the tiki inspiration came from the South Seas.

So let`s get tropical….!

Jet Pilot El Nova coll

Jet Pilot coll 0

Jet Pilot coll 1

Jet Pilot coll 2

Jet Pilot coll 3

Jet Pilot coll 5



And here are my three versions, they are all made from the same recipe the Stephen Crane version but they just contain different rum combos starting out the Jet Pilot night with a double drink in a huge goblet because I was thirsty….

Lost Pilot

Lost Pilot – made with Lost Spirits 151 Cuban Inspired and Polynesian Rums and Rum Nation Jamaica 8 year plus Wood`s 100 for the demerara flavor. Both the Lost Spirits and Wood`s are strong rums while the Rum Nation Jamaica 8 mellows the strong flavors out and keep them balanced adding “sweetness” to the drink, but not sweetness as in sugar sweetness….more like making it nice.

The next up were two drinks, yes both for me… :-) and I called them the Co-Pilots…they had slightly different rum combos in them. I decided to make two drinks (and yeah…after imbibing a strong double, don`t judge…) because I have these two ubercool pair (called The Royal Pair) of tiki mugs made by Wayne Hoareau, owner of Wild Thing Creations in Australia, maker of awesome tiki mugs and I wanted to feature this sweet pair together.

One has Rum Nation 8 and Coruba overproof, touch of Wood`s 100 demerara and then Rhum Barbancourt and that rum combo was nice, kinda mellow and not as strong as the double and maybe that was a good thing? because….

– The next had a strong wicked rum combo full of flavors, mostly in the blackstrap route….yes I´m there again…It had Blackwell Jamaican Rum, Rougaroux Fullmoon dark, Wood`s 100 and Cruzan Blackstrap float – and a generous one, like not measured, just poured….

CoPilots 2

The Co-Pilots!

The last drink I made was….the PINEAPPLE Pilot!! flying pineapples all around!! with the cooolest pineapple Tiki mug on the planet!! made by Scott Taylor!! the pineapple was brimming full with Blackwell Rum, Lost Spirits 151 Cuban rum and Gunroom Navy Rum!

Tasty rum combo as well, the Blackwell rum and the GunRoom navy rum paired well together and the strength and slight fruity pineapple notes came from the ever so smooth but oh so deadly Lost Spirits 151 Cuban….

Pineapple Pilot 2

The Pineapple Pilot

So why not join in on the fun next weekend or whenever the next tiki drink challenge happens? head over to Instagram and follow @el_nova_1

The Fogcutter Challenge 2015!


This weekend there has been a Fogcutter challenge on Instagram where you could participate by making Fogcutters and variations of it and it was not a recipe contest even though the drinks should be based on the original recipes with great variations allowed….but one didn´t even necessarily have to make a drink either, it could be a drink from a bar as well, but it was a picture contest! and there is a prize!

And just to have fun and get an excuse (if such thing is needed….?) to drink some rummy tiki drinks :-) 106 posts were made…

The whole thing was invented by El Nova last weekend when it was the Navy Grog Challenge, it was created because Jason Alexander (Tacoma Cabana – they actually serve no less than 7 different Mai Tai variations!) had an awesome Navy Grog recipe and El Nova thought it would be fun to make a Navy Grog challenge and post it up on Instagram to see how people display their drinks.

Then he asked Jason and a few other people to help promote it on Instagram. And then I found out from seeing a blog post on the Navy Grog Challenge made by Oriol over at Three of Strong and decided to join in to the fun!

Navy Grog

My Navy Grog made with Jeff Berry`s Navy Grog Cone Kit which can be purchased at Cocktail Kingdom!

Now I came in too late for the Navy Grog even though I even posted up a pic of one of my Navy Grogs, and so then I decided to jump into the Fogcutter Challenge.

There were a lot different takes on this classic tiki cocktail, with everything from an Oyster Cutter garnished with a real oyster (!) to Jason Alexander`s triple flaming Scullcutter to a fantastic looking Cobra cutter in a black tiki mug made by Rob Hawes (Maui Tiki Tours ) containing Lost Spirits Polynesian rum, Oriol`s (ThreeofStrong) awesome looking Fogrummer to a Frankencutter and the classic New Orleans Bali Hai Foggcutter.

There was no shortage of imagination!

Fogcutter recipe collage 3

Pics of recipes taken from Jeff Berry`s Total Tiki App, courtesy Jeff Berry! you can purchase the app (Iphone and Ipad) in the Appstore! to me, it´s a must-have, I use it all the time, so handy…..The Total Tiki is a unique recipe database of almost 250 great exotic drinks and Tiki cocktails. read more about it on Jeff`s own blog.

They really got me into a Fogcutter experimenting mode….so I made four different varietes, all in a rummy style because I was in a rum-mood….isn`t it fun how booze nerds can come together online and do something like this? it reminds me of the old Thursday Drink Nights, the so called TDNs which we did back in around 2008-09, the best drink and photo wins a good prize….and along the way we have a lot of fun!

I don´t know what the prize is or who will win it because that is not yet revealed but I know one thing, this is all for the fun of it! and along the way you get a lot of inspiration and you get to imbibe a couple of nice tiki drinks too, so what`s there not to love?


Foggcutter recipe Bali Hai and Viking collage

Here`s a picture parade of a few of my screen shots of some of the drinks and further down are my own versions with recipes. I also post up pictures of the recipes on which all these drinks in the Fogcutter Challenge were based so you can make your own variations, it´s a really tasty drink I think, just one thing, the Fogcutter is pretty tart so if you like it a bit less tart, (I do) use a bit less of lemon or lime and up the orgeat a bit….

Here is a feast for the eyes! but there were many more than these…..you can find them if you use hashtag #fogcutterchallenge2015 on Instagram! there you will also see which Fogcutter picture will be the winner!

Arent they just lovely? these are a fantastic collection of Fogcutter variations!

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 collage 1

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 collage 2

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 collage 4

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 collage 3

Fogcuttercollage 5

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 Cobracutter collage

Fogcutter Challenge 2015 Bloodcutter collage

Fogcutter challenge 2015 Oyster cutter collage

Are y`all thirsty? …. I sure get thirsty by looking at these pics of amazing drinks and then finally also here are the ones i made, they differ from the original recipes in that they all contain only rums, yes I was in a total rum mode :-) they are based on the 1940s Fogcutter but the ratios of citrus and orgeat are a bit different.

And for some reason I decided to venture away from the traditional tall glass and use another….but I used Rob`s awesome tall woodgrain tiki mug for one of the drinks.

They are also quite similar both in taste and look, in that they are all variations on the same theme…with hm….quite similar rum selections as well, yeah that´s how it turned out! I think was in a blackstrap mode that night…and remember this was a night of experimentation….

Jungle Cutter #1

Jungle Cutter

1 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh orange juice

0.75 oz orgeat

2-3 dashes Bitter Truth Havana Bitters (or Angostura)

2 oz Rhum Barbancourt 8

1 oz Rougaroux Fullmoon dark Rum

Float of Cruzan Blackstrap rum

Garnish anything tropical and exotic!

Shake with ice cubes and pour unstrained into a glass (tall or fancy) or tikimug! filled with some more fresh ice cubes.

Jungle Cutter #2 (almost identical to #1, the biggest difference is that #2 has a very generous float of Cruzan Blackstrap, which I think turned out tastier)

Jungle Cutter #2

1 oz fresh lime juice

2 oz fresh orange juice

0.5 oz orgeat

2 oz Rhum Barbancourt 8

1 oz Rougaroux Fullmoon dark Rum

0.5 oz Lost Spirits 151 Cuban

Generous decadent float of Cruzan Blackstrap rum

Garnish anything tropical and exotic!

Shake with ice cubes and pour unstrained into a glass (tall or fancy) or tikimug! filled with some more fresh ice cubes.

Yummy and rummy….



1 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh orange juice

0.5 oz orgeat

2 oz Doorly`s XO

1 oz old style smoky Barbados rum (i used the Confrérie du Rhum`s Barbados Cuvee #1, not available unf…the rum is made by the West Indies Distillery)

1 oz Rougaroux Fullmoon dark Rum

Float of Cruzan Blackstrap rum

Shake and donate to a tall tiki mug filled with fresh ice cubes, garnish mint and orchid. Tiki mug made by Rob Hawes (Maui Tiki Tours )

Blackstrap Cutter

Blackstrap Cutter

1 oz fresh lime juice

2 oz fresh orange juice

0.5 oz orgeat

1 oz Real McCoy 12 year old Rum

2 oz Rougaroux Fullmoon dark Rum

Generous float of Cruzan Blackstrap rum

Shake and donate to a tall tiki mug filled with fresh ice cubes, garnish with tropical leaf and orchids.

And that was it! the ones of the four I made which I liked the most are the Jungle Cutter #2 and the Blackstrap Cutter, I must love blackstrap rum…

Finally big mahalo to El Nova and Jason Alexander and the others who made the 2015 Fogcutter Challenge! y`all should follow and keep an eye on @el_nova_1 on Instagram because as long as people do it there will be more challenges coming up……

Rum and Tiki is fun!

2015 RumXP Tasting Competition Awards Announced!


The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel convenes once a year to evaluate a wide range of cane spirits from all over the globe. RumXP judges are experienced evaluators of rum spirits from many countries, offering expert guidance in their selections of outstanding rum products.

Their web site is: RumXP.com

The RumXP International Rum Expert Tasting Panel is pleased to announce results of the 2015 RumXP International Tasting Competition held at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival from April 14 to 16, 2015.

Twelve members of the International Rum Expert Panel and five guest judges participated in six tasting sessions of 14 categories with 127 of the finest rums from around the world presented for evaluation this year.

The RumXPs were sequestered in their tasting room for three days of blind tasting trials. The rums were grouped and judged in categories according to their style.

2015 RumXP judges include Dirk Becker of Germany, Javier Herrera of Spain, Leonardo Pinto of Italy, Bernhard Schäfer of Germany, Forrest Cokely of California, Tatu Kaarlas of Australia, “Bahama Bob” Leonard of Key West, Paul Senft of Georgia, Juan del Busto of Miami, John Gibbons of Sweden, Rene van Hoven of Holland and Ingvar Thomsen of Denmark.

Guest Judges include Marie King of California, Johnny Drejer of Denmark, Suzanne Long of California, Mark Theron of St. Kitts and Nevis, and Alexander Brittel of Miami.

2015 RumXP Best in Class and Gold Medal winners include:

RumXPGold2015 (1)

White Rum
Best in Class Gold: Skotlander White
Gold Awards went to: Blue Chair Bay White, Carta Vieja Silver, Brugal White Extra Dry

Premium White Rum
Best in Class Gold: Fwaygo White
Gold Awards went to: Plantation 3 Star, Nine Leaves Clear, Skotlander Rum III

Gold Rum
Best in Class Gold: Bacardi Gold
Gold Awards went to: Brugal Anejo, Ron Carta Vieja Gold, Don Barrilito 2 star

Aged Rum
Best in Class Gold: Plantation Original Dark
Gold Awards went to: Ron del Barrilito 3 star, Pusser’s British Navy, Bundaberg Small Batch 4

Premium Aged Rum
Best in Class Gold: Cartavio XO
Gold Awards went to: Plantation 20th Anniversary, Mezan XO, Brugal 1888

Aged Rum 5-8 Years
Best in Class Gold: Cartavio 5
Gold Awards went to: Plantation Barbados 5, Bacardi 8, Real McCoy 5

Aged Rum 12-15 years
Best in Class Gold: Pusser’s 15
Gold Awards went to: Yolo 10, Don Q Gran Anejo, Real McCoy 12

Aged Rum 18-25 years
Best in Class Gold: Opthimus 25
Gold Awards went to: Opthimus 21, Opthimus 18, Carta Vieja 18

Aged Rum – Special Cask
Best in Class Gold: Plantation Jamaica 2001
Gold Awards went to: Plantation Guyana 2005, Opthimus Malt Tomatin Whiskey Barrels 25 yr, Opthimus Oporto Barrels 25

Spiced Rum
Best in Class Gold: Siesta Key Spiced Limited Edition
Gold Awards went to: Siesta Key Distillers Reserve, Siesta Key Spiced, Blue Chair Bay Coconut Spiced, Bayou Spiced, Blue Water Caribbean Gold Premium Spiced

Flavored Rum
Best in Class Gold: Plantation Pineapple
Gold Awards went to: Bayou Satsuma, Blue Chair Bay Banana, Caray Cafe

Overproof Rum
Best in Class Gold: Plantation Overproof Original Dark
Gold Awards went to: Don Q 151, Lost Spirits Colonial American Inspired Rum, Wicked Dolphin Strawberry RumShine 100 Proof, Stroh 80

Rhum Agricole Blanc
Best in Class Gold: Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole 55%
Gold Awards went to: — Trois Rivieres Cuvee Speciale 40%, Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole 40%, Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole 50%

Rhum Agricole Vieux
Best in Class Gold: Trois Rivieres Rhum Vieux VSOP
Gold Awards went to: Trois Rivieres Rhum Ambre 40%, La Mauny Rhum Vieux X.O. 40%, Trois Rivieres Rhum Vieux Martinique 12yr

Consumer Rum Jury



For 2015, a new edition of the competition was introduced: The Consumer Rum Jury was comprised of 20 enthusiastic rum collectors and experienced consumers, offering the perspective of the active and engaged rum buyer in their evaluations.

Best in Class Gold: Ron Cartavio XO


Gold Awards went to: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Opthimus Ron Artesanal Solera 25 Anos, Siesta Key Distillers Reserve Solera Spiced Rum

Congrats to all winners!

Doorly`s XO – A Wonderful Classic Rum from Barbados!

Doorly`s XO bottle

Not new….but quite resently released in this country anyway – the wonderful Doorly`s XO….

Doorly`s XO is produced by R. L. Seale & Co. Ltd and distilled at the Four Square Distillery in Barbados which are located on the site of an old plantation dating back to the early 1600s and they are the makers of a whole range of famous rums such as RL Seale, Doorly`s, Rum Sixty Six, Old Brigand and John Taylor’s Velvet Falernum as well as creating rums for other brands for example Real McCoy and all the rums at St Nicholas Abbey except for their newest five year old expression.

Reginald Leon Seale (R.L.Seale) founded the company in 1926 and Master Distiller Richard Seale is a rum maker in the fourth generation. The Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados is wholly owned by the Seale family and is thus one of the few remaining independent producers in the Caribbean.

The Chairman of the company is Sir David Seale, while the whole site is now managed by his son, Mr.Richard Seale. Set in eight acres and beautifully landscaped, the distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636.


Richard Seale

Green Technology – Energy saving and environmental protection

Foursquare is interesting also because of how they use green technology which is used in their rum making in every single step, for example the carbon dioxide created during fermentation is captured and then sold to a local gas company and everything from the rum making process is taken care of in order to reduce the impact of the environment as much as possibly can be done.

For example, the Foursquare Rum Distillery has been designed not only to be highly energy efficient but environmentally friendly as well and stillages from distillation are reduced in volume by evaporation process up to one seventh of the initial volume.

Multiple effect evaporation is applied to reduce the steam consumption. Condensate recovered from evaporation is a transparent and clear liquid which may be recycled to the molasses dilution or disposed without any problem. Concentrated stillages at 55–60 % solids can then be reused as additive for fertilisers or animal feed.

More than 40 % of the carbondioxide given off during the fermenting process is captured and while other distilleries release this gas to the atmosphere,here it is cleaned, liquefied and stocked in bottles. The CO2 is then sold to soft drinks manufacturers to add fizz to their products.

That`s amazing! I`d love to go there and see the whole distillery and all their processes (not to mention tasting the rums) for myself and one day I hope will be able to do that.

How the rum is produced

Foursquare decanting cask

Not gonna go so deeply into fermentation and distillation processes because then this post would become a book….but here´s a short description on how the rum is produced at Foursquare Distillery:

As is worldwide known, the distillery produces many notable rums including ESA Field, Doorly’s, Old Brigand, Tommy Bahama and the Foursquare Spiced Rum. This rum has won medals at top Wine and Spirits competitions in the USA and Europe and has also been rated as the best-tasting flavoured rum in the world by the prestigious Beverage Tasting Institute Inc.of Chicago.

ESA Field and Old Brigand dominate the domestic market and the distillery submitted 12 different rums to the International Wine & Spirits competition in London in 2010 and returned with 12 medals including three Best in Class.

The Foursquare site itself has a long history in sugar, rum and molasses for over 350 years. To the north of the estate is the old‘ still house’, a building with a designation by the National Trust as a property of Historical and Architectural Interest. It is possibly the oldest building in Barbados we can safely identify as a home to rumproduction in the 17 th century.

Besides the distillery, which is housed in the renovated buildings of the old factory, the property has high historical, educational and architectural values: the sugar machinery museum, where you can see the open – air display of original machinery from the old sugar factory.

Then we have the restored 19 th century sugar factory furnace and the folk museum, where you can visit the fascinating showcase of the island’s heritage in a 17 th century plantation house; the distill house, the oldest building known on the island to produce rum in the past; the old time bottling plant and even a glass fusing studio, where you can see an Italian glass-blowing expert work in her studio. (!)

The distillery as it exists today was commissioned in 1996 by Green Engineering, which was chosen as main contractor of the process design and construction of the production facilities.The factory, R.L.Seale, rum blenders since 1909, at that time decided to stop the purchasing of rum from the other distilleries of the island and to produce themselves the spirit upon which their success as blenders was based.

The operation appeared quite difficult and the old distillers and blenders that would have judged the final product were of course quite sceptical about the new technologies introduced by Green Engineering.

Moreover,the spirit produced would have to be incorporated into the ’innersecrets’ of the established rum recipes without affecting the expectations of the consumers for whom the quality and the flavour, despite the new technologies, should have remained the same (or, better, improved). The goal of joining tradition and modern technology, old recipes and fine spirit quality was successfully achieved.

Foursquare stills collage

The copper pot still (on the left) and the continous stills.

Foursquare controls the entire production cycle: from the selection of the highest quality molasses to the fermentation and distillation,up to the final blending.For a very high quality rum production R.L.Seale has installed a fresh juice extraction line from cane molasses.

Total fermentation time at Foursquare is about 44 hours.This is slower than typical molasses fermentation and leads to better control.The yield is of more than 360 litres of pure alcohol per ton of molasses at 60% of fermentable sugar.
The yeast is imported from South Africa and was selected for the flavour profile of the rum that is produced.

Since fermentation is of critical importance to the realisation of a superior quality rum, R.L.Seale and Green Engineering have a continuous research programme to assure that the best thermo dynamic conditions and the best organic nutrients are used during this stage. In particular, since 2010 a new fully organic recipe has been developed for the yeast, following the idea that organic nutrients have an unmatchable assimilation grade if compared with standard chemical nutrients.

At Foursquare each of the rums is made using a blend of rums from both column and pot distillation methods. The pot still gives the rum greater complexity and depth of flavour.The column still allows the final blend to have a much better balanced aroma and taste.

From the still, the freshly distilled rum is moved to cask. Rum is traditionally matured in barrels from Kentucky made of American white oak that have been formerly used to mature bourbon.This is a synergistic relationship with the Kentucky distillers as Bourbon need new oak while rum is best matured in wood that has a degree of seasoning. Most rum from Foursquare is aged in this way.

However, some of the signature blends coming from the distillery have also been matured in sherry casks of Spanish oak, Madeira casks of American oak and Brandy casks of French oak. Due to the climate in the Caribbean, the rate of maturation is much faster than in Northern climates (tropical ageing) and rum, after five years, will have the same maturity as a spirit aged in Europe for about 10–12 years.

The warm climate in Barbados in particular is ideal for making rum–the humidity moderate and most importantly the temperature is very stable all year long.

Doorly`s XO

Doorly`s XO

The rum in my hands, Doorly`s XO (40% ABV) is a blend of rums that has been aged probably somewhere between 6-10 years (no age statement on the bottle) in American oak barrels and finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

On the label it says:

“From the house of Martin Doorly, has emerged a rum without equal. To produce the unique character of Doorly’s X.O., some of the oldest rums are carefully selected for a special second maturation.

The second maturation is carried out with the oak already seasoned in the aging of the Spanish Oloroso Sherry. The result is a delicate fusing of complex flavours giving rise to a rum of unparalleled excellence.”

The bottle has that old Caribbean feel to it and I like the label with the blue macaw parrot which gives it a tropical and colorful look, something i appreciate! but even though a nice presentation is important and a thing of pleasure and appeal it´s the content in the bottle that really matters…

And let me tell you – the content in this bottle is a joy to behold and imbibe…

Color and nose: The color of the rum is a lively rich amber and the nose is fruity with prunes, toffee, apricot, banana and orange peel. I get whiffs of tropical fruit…it`s a pleasant exquisite nose – I can sit and just smell this nose again and again. I didn`t take this time to do this before and I`m happy I did now.

In the mouth: Vibrant…..vibrant and fruity. Caramel and tropical fruit mingles together with hints of orange and apricot marmalade, dried dates, golden raisin and just a dust of wood…it´s balanced and refined, elegant with hints of spicy oakiness.

Final thoughts: You get a lot of very good rum for the money! it´s a great sipper but also a great mixer so it´s versatile, a great all-round rum of excellent quality. If you buy a bottle of this you won`t be sorry :-) and oh….it makes a very tasty classic Daiquiri and equally tasty Mai Tai!

But here´s another drink with it, something i mixed up with pineapple, coconut and spice in mind, threw in a little Coconaut, a dash of Painkiller, a hint of coffee and a squeeze of lime:

Coconaut Punch

Coconaut Punch

1.0 oz Coconut Cream
0.5 oz Lime Juice
1.0 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
Just a squeeze fresh orange juice
0.25 oz coffee liqueur
Dash angostura bitters
2.0 oz Doorly`s XO
Grated nutmeg and cinnamon on top

Shake with ice and strain into a tall glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with 2 orange wedges and a short cinnamon stick.

A mild slightly spicy summer tiki cocktail to enjoy in the sunset….everything i do isn`t overproof…. :-)

Next drink is also a tiki cocktail, it´s a twist of the “Tribute to The Mai-Kai’s Hidden Pearl” by The Atomic Grog.

Dark Pearl

Dark Pearl

0.5 oz fresh lime juice
0.5 oz passion fruit syrup (lilikoi)
1.0 oz guava juice
0.5 oz rich honey-mix (2:1 ratio of honey and water, mixed and chilled)
2 oz Doorly`s XO
3-4 dashes angostura bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a fancy glass and garnish with tropical orchids and mint. Dash the angostura bitters on top.


Foursquare small logo

A Whole Range of Rums at the Upcoming Miami Rumfest!

Miami Rumfest 2015

If you are planning to attend the Miami Rum Renaissance/Rumfest on april 17-19 you are in for a real rum TREAT! There are a lot of great news for this year. Here is a list of rums that will be debuting at the show. Many will be in the US for the FIRST TIME. Others have expressions available, but these are NEW to the brand and will debut at Miami Rum Festival.

AfroHead 7
AfroHead XO
Amrut White
Amrut Two Indies
Amrut Two Indies Old Port
Bayou Satsuma Rum Liquor
Bayou Select Barrel Reserve
Blue Chair Bay Banana
Blue Chair Bay Vanilla
Blue Water Ultra Premium
Blue Water Caribbean Gold
Borgoe 8
Bristol Barbados 2004
Bristol Black Spiced
Bristol Port Morant Demerara 1999
Bristol Reserve Rum of Haiti 2004
Bristol Trinidad Caroni 1996
Caray Reserva Del Artesano
Caray Platinum
Citrus Spice
Citrus Chocolate
Club Caribe Silver
Don Papa 10
DonQ 151
Lost Spirits Prometheus
Mezan Jamaica 2000
Mezan Jamaica XO
Mezan Panama 2004
Monymusk Special Reserve
Mutineers Gold XO Special Reserve
Nine Leaves Clear
Nine Leaves Half American Oak Cask
Nine Leaves Half French Oak Cask
Opthimus 25
Opthimus Artesanal 25
Opthimus Artesanal 21
Opthimus Artesanal 18
Opthimus Artesanal 15
Opthimus Malt Whiskey 25
Opthimus OportO 25
Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy
Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
Pusser’s Spiced
Richland Single Estate Artesan Georgia
Siesta Key Distiller’s Reserve
Siesta Key Toasted Coconut
Siesta Key Spiced Beer Barrel Finish
Skotlander Rum III (Sea Buckthorn)
Skotlander Rum IV (Liquorice)
Skotlander Cask
Skotlander White
St. Nicolas Abbey 10
Stroh 160 Spiced
Travellers 5 Barrel
Westerhall Estate 10 XO
Wicked Dolphin Coconut
Wicked Dolphin Crystal
Wicked Dolphin Florida Spiced
Wicked Dolphin Strawberry RumShine
Yolo Gold 10
Yolo Silver

Read all the details about the Rum Renaissance Festival here

The Lost Spirits Distillery Reveals New Technology….

Lost Spirits Logo

I don`t usually post press releases on my blog, but here is one that might be of interest:

20 years in 6 days – the future of Aged spirits – California distillery unveils PROVEN disruptive new technology.

LOUISVILLE – KY, Lost Spirits LLC – California based Lost Spirits has built a new type of chemical reactor capable of making aged spirits with a near identical chemical signature to 20 year old barrel aged products. The new reactors are compact, portable, and will be deployed to 5 distilleries in a beta-test this summer. Currently, there are several patents pending that cover their approach.

While rapid aging of spirits is not a new idea, the Lost Spirits method is the first to accomplish a near identical chemical signature to a similar product aged conventionally for decades. The project has built on more than 5 years of research and investment to develop the approach that finally succeeded.

“Our compact reactors combine a series of alternative aging approaches, taking the best parts of each and then tuning them using gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy to clone the natural effects of age on a spirit. The end result offers a 98%-99% percent reduction in evaporation losses and a near perfect match to the semi-volatile organic fingerprint of the traditionally aged product. The reactors offer an average 6-day turn around time from fresh white spirit to the shelf, and no chemical additives are involved in the process.”

“The new technology will allow us to reshape the industry. As a consequence, expect prices to fall and quality to rise dramatically.” Said Bryan Davis the inventor of the new technology.

After completing the beta-test cycle, the team anticipates being able to fabricate 50 reactors per year. Empirical evidence to support the claims was published this morning under the science heading at www.lostspirits.net. The results of the project were made public yesterday at the American Distilling Institute Conference, in Louisville KY.

End of Press release

So Bryan took me through a presentation of this and as usual as is with his presentations it required your full concentration and was quite mind blowing…..

And no this is not an april fools joke…despite the date of the day.

I`m not going to try to explain what he`s doing with all these chemical terms, there are others that does that better but in short – (taken from their web site)







Lost Spirits Rum Prometheus bottle

Also they are soon releasing a new rum that is called Prometheus Rum – Promotheus was a Greek mythology figure who stole fire and technology and gave it to the humans and Prometheus stands for “Human Invention” – quite a fitting name right?

According to Bryan the rum is 45% ABV something they haven`t released before since all of their rums have been high proof rums but there might be a higher proof single cask expression made of this rum as well. The Prometheus rum has a nose of barbequed caramel and it´s related to the Bounty Hunter rum (the Colonial Inspired) but with more taste notes of caramel and it´s also slightly sweeter. The espresso coffee notes from the Bounty Hunter is still there but less pronounced due to the lower proof.

The Prometheus rum will debut at the Miami Rum Renaissance in April 2015.

I`m really looking forward to try it (and especially the single cask if they make it) and then i`m looking forward with great interest to see what happens next…….

Here`s the link to the Lost Spirits Distillery website where you can download a PDF document called “Model One White Paper” to read more.

Will this chemical reactor or”booze time machine”reshape the industry?

LSColonial label 1

Our Rum and Spirits 24 Year Old Guyana Enmore Demerara Rum

Deep from the barrel…


24 year old Demerara rum….

wood….spices….molasses….leather….oh my what flavors!

Here`s a 24 year old rum from Guyana by Our Rum and Spirits which is an independent German bottler that all of a sudden ended up in my hands! you know i love demerara rums very very much! couldn`t wait to take a sip of this….

I had never heard of Our Rum and Spirits until now, they are a German independent bottler since 9 years that had 2 rums in the beginning and now have 30 rums. He opened a restaurant in 2011, Gasthaus im Brühl in the town of Hildesheim where they offer rum and fruit brandy tastings.

After being asked if they had rums to sell they started to sell rum from Guyana since june last year. The first batch was Diamond 2003-2014 which now is sold out. It was 60 bottles of 62.5 % ABV demerara rum. Only 3 bottles remain in the restaurant.

And then in december 2014 a load of 100 bottles of rum from Barbados came (43%) which are 48 euros each plus a barrel of this 24 year old demerara rum (61.2 %) , 178 bottles at 110 euros each. The demerara rum is not colored or cold filtered.

Grab it while you can!

Our-Rum-and-Spirits-24-Year-Old-Guyana-Enmore-Demerara-Rum-cask mark

This rum was first aged in Britain and came to Germany in 2013.

The barrel is marked MEV which stands for Maine Rum Enmore Versailles which tells us that still the rum was produced in was the Versailles still which is a pot still – it once belonged to the Enmore Distillery.

The Versailles still was first moved to the Enmore Distillery, and then was further moved to the Uitvlugt Distillery in 1993 and later again in the beginning of 2000 when Uitvlugt was closed to the Diamond Distillery, where the still is operating today.

The history of the Guyana sugar estates and their stills is a bit complicated….especially since a lot of information is incomplete or lacking, nevertheless…because of that there´s an air of mystique surrounding the demerara rums and it will most likely continue to stay that way.

But in short, during the hey day of sugar production in Guyana there were something in between 200-380 rum distilleries, that was in the 17th century when almost every sugar estate had their own distillery and then they were slowly declining over time into the mid 18th century and until the turn of the century when only 64 were left.

Then in the 70s only 3 remained, and that was Diamond, Enmore and Uitvlugt out of which Diamond Liquors (Diamond Distillery) and Guyana Distillers (Uitvlugt Distillery) were merged into Demerara Distillers Limited, the DDL which today is the only operating distillery left in Guyana and are mostly known for the El Dorado rums but also sell rums in bulk to private bottlers, like Our Rum and Spirits and the 24 year old demerara rum which i`m reviewing now.

Our Rum and Spirits 24 Year Old Guyana Enmore Demerara Rum 2

Now on to the review!

In the nose: it`s a deep barrel nose with wood, tropical fruits, leather, apricot, molasses, burnt sugar, hints of vanilla….

In the mouth: Oh wow….so many flavors! the wood flavor is deep without being so much wood that it totally overpowers everything else which sometimes can happen with very old rums, but deep! and it`s bordering the line. It tastes like “an old pirate ship”! hints of leather, dark molasses, apricot, raisin and plums, tropical fruits, orange peel, it´s thick and rich – it´s a woody flavor explosion….but to me there is something very satisfying with these deep rich flavors of very old rums.

Seeing to that there´s very few bottles of it i`d advise you get one if you can, it`s a good rum and for a demerara rum lover, you need this. Their online shop will be open in about 2 weeks from now, keep an eye open!

www.ourrumandspirits.de (website in the making)

Not gonna make a cocktail with my precious sample! but i bet it would make a killer Mai Tai! maybe when i get my big bottle…


La Confrérie du Rhum Celebrates 2 Years!



La Confrérie du Rhum Celebrates 2 Years on the 28th of march 2015, and for this celebration there´s a new rum made! This rum is La Cuvée Anniversaire Ananas Victoria Sauternes Finish (Single Cask, Label Rouge) in a limited edition of 500 bottles.

This infused rum has as a base white AOC rhum agricole from Martinique and has been aged for 8 months in sauternes casks before being infused with red labelled Victoria pineapples from Rèunion Island.

The red labelled Victoria pineapples are a high quality and rare product, cultivated and chosen under a very selective way. The standards of this variety of pineapples is very high in terms of cultivation and final results.

The 70cl bottle of this Cuvèe (32% abv) are labelled with a white and gold label with the logo of the group on it and this bottling  will be presented and sold exclusively at the shop Christian de Montaguère in Paris, starting at 2 (14h) o`clock sharp! What a rhum arrangè is you can read here and here you can read about Rhums de Cèd, amazing flavored/arranged rums made by Cèdric Brèment.

La Confrérie du Rhum is a Facebook group created in march 2013 and already counts more than 5000 members. Professionals and rumlovers talk and share their common passion about rum and distillates from sugarcane on it.

For the second birthday of this group, the administrators decided to bring out this “Cuvèe Anniversaire” and teamed up with Cédric Brèment, the famous French rhum arrangè producer of Les Ti`arrangès de Cèd.

I was lucky to get a little sample for pre-review and let me tell you this is some really nice stuff! the lush tropical and sunny fragrance of ripe pineapple is the first that hits me when i open the little bottle….

The taste is rich, floral and fruity, sweet and herbal, and the notes of the rhum agricole is in the front while the lush sumptuous and almost decadent pineapple is lingering in the back. It`s total sweet harmony…and it definetily makes me want to own a bottle….lucky are those who can go there and buy one!

Cèdric Brèment is a master of his art!

Cuvèe Anniversaire

The rum will be sold for 36 euros and you read about the event on the Facebook page

We have the honor to see you there to discuss and share our common passion and also you will have a little surprise, namely, a special anniversary cuvée in the presence of its producer, Cedric Brement in person!

No need to book, or pre-order, you’re all just welcome from 14h until closing of the shop.

Christian de Montaguère
20, rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris, France

Saturday march 28 at 2:00pm – 7:00pm

Cheers to the second Anniversary of La Confrérie du Rhum!

La Cofrerie du rhum cuvee anniversaire

Rum Nation Jamaica 8yo Pot Still Rum

Rum Nation jamaica 8 close

From a distillery in st Catherine, Jamaica is this pot still rum hailing but it has also spent time in Rum Nation`s Oloroso sherry casks, so it`s a 8 yo pot still rum with 50% Oloroso sherry finish.

It was distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2015. Aged in ex bourbon barrels in Jamaica for 7 years and one additional year in 1st fill ex sherry Oloroso top quality cask in Piedmont.The rum is 50% ABV or 100 proof and the residential sugar is (g/l):10.

The result is a well balanced and not overly sweet rum with notes of dark raisins, spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Rum Nation is a rum company based in Italy created by Fabio Rossi in 1999. Fabio travels around the Caribbean and Americas to find the best rums he can find and release in limited editions and as of today Rum Nation has a quite wide array of premium rums in their portfolio.

The bottle which I find to ve very nice, has the characteristic stamp on it – the stamp on the bottle is due to Fabio Rosso being an avid stamp collector in younger years and now adding a touch of class to the bottles with the stamps and a nod to the country of origin – which I find lovely.

A very nice touch!

So how does this rum taste? let`s find out….

Rum Nation Jamaica 8 yo Pot Still Rum bottle

Color and nose: The color of the rum is golden amber and it has a very estery fruity nose with hints of spice and light wood. There´s also something i cannot put words on but it´s sort of funky in a good way.

In the mouth: Here´s that punch of Jamaican funk again same as in the nose and with hints of spice like cinnamon and raisin, followed by sultry tropical fruitiness, banana peel, rich, creamy, aromatic, oaky.

It has got some fire which is tamed by refinement, maybe from the Oloroso casks, it´s like a mix of estery Jamaican funk and refined oak washed in tropcial fruits and spices. The result is very sippable, very enjoyable and it sure must make a great daiquiri!

It has a long finish and after taste and it´s not dry but neither is it too sweet.

Rum Nation jamaica 8 tasting

Chocolate pairing: Rum Nation suggest Valrhona Caraibe which is balanced, creamy and velvety which the rum also is so they pair very well together.

I also tried the creamy chocolately Jivara with excellent results :-) Jivara which added some ultra creaminess to the taste experience.


This thing about Rum and chocolate pairing…I could get addicted to it :-)

Jamaican Rum Barrel 

Jamaican Rum Barrel

0.75 oz fresh lime juice

0.75 oz grapefruit juice (yellow)

0.75 oz pineapple juice (unsweetened)

0.75 oz sugarcane syrup

2 oz Rum Nation Jamaican 8 yo Rum

Dash Angostura bitters

Shake with ice and pour into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.

Garnish with a tropical orchid and a rock candy swizzle stick (or other swizzle stick)

Final thoughts – iI can really recommend this rum to anyone, both the rum and the Valhrona chocolates! the rum can be both sipped and mixed without any problems in the world.

Rum Nation has once again launched a great rum!

Rum Nation Jamaica 8 valrhona

La Confrèrie du Rhum Cuvèe #2 – Guadeloupe 1998

La Confrèrie du Rhum Cuvee #2

Next up from La Confrèrie du Rhum! this is a molasses based rum from Guadeloupe! not what i expected……

Maybe you remember my first post with Cuvèe #1 which was a rum from Barbados? not too long ago….they are fast in creating these rums for the La Confrérie members! I can almost not keep pace…haven´t even got to know the first one deep enough yet!

La Confrèrie du Rhum” is a french rum forum on Facebook where everything rum/rhum/ron is discussed and was created by Benoit Bail in early 2013. The members are all rum lovers and professionals from the industry (salesmen, producers, distilleries, bottlers, barmen/women etc) from the rum world.

In this very active group everything about rum is discussed, and pictures, rum reviews, websites and ideas are shared almost round the clock and in the past 18 months the group has grown rapidly.

So on to the rum!

This rum is distilled at the Bellevue au Moule Estate and Distillery on Guadeloupe and owned and run by Mr Hervé Damoiseau.

On the label it says distilled in march 1998 and imported to Germany in sept 2013, and it was extracted from the barrel in nowv 2014 and bottled in january 2015, it`s 42% ABV or 84 proof. There`s 156 bottles being made so it´s a limited edition.

La Confrèrie du Rhum Cuvee #2 label

The bottle bears the typical red vax seal made by Benoit Bail like the first Cuvèe #1.

Color and nose: Deep golden amber, it´s a rich a bit darker hue than just brilliant gold. The nose is light and fruity with a hint of apricot, something i cannot define and wood.

In the mouth: the taste is a total surprise to me, it´s dry and astringent in a very pleasant way with lots of oaky wood, a little bit of tropical fruit, sugarcane, licorice and spice. It`s a very sippable, pleasant rum.

I was so surprised at it´s dryness because the nose did not reveal that at all, the nose was more like promising of a fruity semi sweet rum but nothing like that! here the oak dominates with a very dry finish! it´s definitely a good rum, well worth aquiring if you can…

With 156 bottles and first come first serve for over 5000 members…I better be alert like a cobra and hope to be online the day and time when they let go of this beast!

Thanks to Benoit Bail, Vincent Bidault de Villiers and Jerry Gitany for creating these rums for the members of La Confrèrie du Rhum!

La Confrèrie du Rhum Cuvee #2 sticker