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Helena Tiare Olsen is a rum,  exotic/Tiki cocktail enthusiast living in Stockholm, Sweden who has made rum, Tiki and the tropics a lifestyle. She is known the world-over as the writer of Award-Winning Rum, Tiki and Cocktail blog “A Mountain of Crushed Ice“. Helena Tiare is well respected among her fellow RumXPs for her excellent photos of her cocktails and professional writing and reviews of great rums, (and other spirits) with a special focus on the legendary rums of the Demerara region of Guyana. Her life philosophy is “On a Demerara rum journey one rum at a time.”
She writes about and (oaccasionally) judge rums and cocktail competitions around the world, and have also contributed with writing in bar magazines such as “Fine Drinking” (Baba au Rum, Athens) and the Rum Gazette. Her blog won the award “Rum Blog of the Year” at the Golden Rum Barrel Awards at the UK Rumfest in London in 2013. She has also served as Brand Ambassador for Rational Spirits, a Charleson, South Carolina based Rum Producer. She is a member of the International Rum Expert Panel.
Nowadays she have slowed down the pace since she was diagnosed in 2018 with a few medical conditions, although she still haven`t let go of the rum yet, maybe never will… For the moment when she have spare time she is writing a book containing her takes on the great classic Tiki cocktails as well as her own originals paired with her thoughts on the art of the Polynesian pop and its fabulous well crafted exotic cocktails. And some more.

One of this life`s great pleasures is to taste new rums, and new rums always finds their way into the glasses of the true appreciators…

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  1. Mahalo Tim for your kind words! it`s people like you that keep me going along with the passion for all things rum and Tiki!


  2. Hello. I just wanted to take a second to express my appreciation for all the great work you put into making your site so damned informative AND entertaining. I am a relative newcomer to your writing so of course I have to PUSH myself away and actually work, but it’s great knowing it will be there when I have more free time.
    That’s it.
    Just thank you and keep that tiki torch hot,
    Tim Spears

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