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CACHACA – Around Brazil in 40.000 Alembics

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Tales 2012 – Food, drinks and other things in New Orleans

Even though the Tales of the Cocktail is the main focus for most Tales visitors it just appropriately happens to be that the event is held in the place where the cocktail was born which is the world´s funniest city – or at least i think so….

There´s no shortage of things to do […]

Tales 2012 – A Recap of Tastings and Events

As everyone who have been to the Tales of the Cocktail knows, it´s not just a ton of seminars it´s also tastings, parties and events of all kinds…and there´s so much happening that it´s impossible to do it all, you will always miss out on things but on the other hand you´ll also do […]

Tales 2012 – The World´s World Class Spirit – RUM!

Rum is my favorite spirit and this seminar took us through the history of rum in general and also it´s role in the tiki bars and how it is made – and they also let us taste 14 different rums and among them were some real gems.

Tracing Rum’s pedigree from the earliest […]

Tales 2012 – Bottle Alley – Drinking The Panama Canal

This seminar took us through the history of drinking at the Panama Canal during the time the canal was built – something i didn´t know anything about – until David Wondrich and Jeff Berry with their usual engaging way of great story-telling took us there.

The scandalous, murderous, delicious history of Panamanian alcohology. From […]

Tales 2012 – Tiki Host to the Stars Stephen Crane

When i went to this seminar i didn´t know that very much about Stephen Crane but Martin Cate did enlighten us and he did it very well including serving a Tiki Bowl with long straws garnished with fresh colorful pansies.

Much has been written about the two founding fathers of the tiki drink craze […]

New Orleans and Tales of the Cocktail 2012

Time to change pace and content on this blog for a while…so i`m taking a break from my normal cocktail posts…

I`m now in New Orleans again and will cover the Tales plus you may expect everything and anything New Orleans during the upcoming month depending on time permitting…so keep an eye for the […]

Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Curacao – The ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor

This years Tales of the Cocktail celebrates it`s 10 year anniversary and that is a promise of even more frenzy as usual so gear up if you`re planning to go!

Among the sessions i`m planning to attend is “Curacao – the ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor”

“From the Bare Bellybutton Liqueur […]

Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Bottle Alley – Drinking The Panama Canal

Panamanian alcohology…let that word sink in for a while…

Doesn`t that sound like something you´d just wanna dive right into? i know i want to….and i will! – Here`s a seminar for devoted cocktail lovers – Drinking The Panama Canal!

The scandalous, murderous, delicious history of Panamanian alcohology. From 1502 to 1945, the Isthmus […]