SWIZZLES part 2 – Chartreuse Swizzle with Caramelized Demerara Sugar

Like i said before – the green Chartreuse is the elixir of pure pleasure! a little of it and its like magic drops transforms an average drink into a potion of dreams..

We keep swizzlin`…and the next swizzle i`m gonna make is my favorite and many other´s favorite too – – the famous Chartreuse Swizzle – i was even asked to include it in my swizzle series by my good blogger pal and friend Craig Hermann over at  Colonel Tiki

I´ve had it on my blog before and it has been on other blogs too but this swizzle is sooo damned good that you can`t make too many. The interplay of flavors and herbal notes is wonderful and i wonder if this one isn´t addictive..

But note one thing – the original recipe doesn`t contain any rum, that`s something that has been added by various people to pimp it up and with good results me thinks..

I´m also gonna try that thing i read about with the lime wedge – you sprinkle sugar over a lime wedge, pour bit of Chartreuse over it, light it and let the sugar caramelize. Cool a bit, then squeeze and drop the lime into the glass – with one half sticking up as garnish a bit above the extra top layer of crushed ice.

This will hopefully add a layer of caramelized dark sugar to the drink..hm not a bad idea, let´s see if it works.

CHARTREUSE SWIZZLE – With Caramelized Demerara Sugar

1 oz Green Chartreuse
1 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
0.75 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Falernum (i used Trader Tiki`s Dark Falernum)
2 dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters ( a few dashes  on top of the ice too)
Caramelized demerara sugar-lime

Start making the caramelized sugared lime first and put aside to cool. See instructions above.

Add ingredients to a large glass full of crushed ice. Swizzle to mix, lavishly garnish with mint, squeeze a bit and drop in the caramelized sugared lime and add straw – in the mint.

Well, first of all – chartreuse doesn`t burn so well so i took just a little bit of Lemon Hart 151, very little since i don´t really wanna burn it, it´s precious. But a half teaspoon is ok, for once – i won´t do this very often. Actually – it´s more of a fun experiment. So one half teaspoon of each is what i used.

After burning the sugar and lime i wasn´t content, i wanted a more burnt flavor and the lime to also look a bit burnt so i decided to grill it.

The end result is a bit of a spicy Chartreuse Swizzle and it´s tasty of course. But if the spiciness comes from the grilled sugared lime or the aromatic bitters i cannot say, it`s probably both.

This is a drink i can drink plenty of and it´s fun to play around with it – it´s that kinda drink.

12 Replies to “SWIZZLES part 2 – Chartreuse Swizzle with Caramelized Demerara Sugar”

  1. John – true dat! i`m sure you came up with something really really tasty.

    Stewart . thanks! and believe me – the chartreuse swizzle is heaven in a glass…this one in this post is just a riff on the original one which is a wonderful drink.

  2. Love this recipe and the blog. We have been really liking Last Word cocktails with Chartreuse, so I am stoked to try out a swizzle using it as well.

  3. I’ll come up with a new name for it since my version is not at all a swizzle so to use that would be misleading. The working title of my concoction is the ‘Chartreuse Tiki-tini’, but I may go more lyrical once I have spent another night playing with her and finalizing the proportions. Cocktail creation really is like art. It is hard to know when to stop and say “done” as you will always find something that you want to tweak and try.

  4. That`s the one you did talk about in da mixo chst room! no pineapple juice and mint, Appleton 12, green chartreuse and orgeat right? you should re-name it to something else since it`s a new drink;-)

  5. Tried it! Loved it! I immediately have ideas on how I’d like to modify it to my taste though. Can’t wait to try my final riff with the VEP!

  6. Damon – yes it is;-)

    Jordan, i`ve never tried to make the dark falernum, gotta ask Blair for the recipe..i like it very much!

    John – just give in..just do it..;-)

    Cocktailgeek – thanks for pointing that out, i didn`t see it, i did correct it now!

    Happy drinking!

  7. Actually, the original recipe doesn’t have Angostura bitters in it. No bitters at all, in fact.

    Chartreuse Swizzle
    1.5 oz. Green Chartreuse
    1 oz. pineapple juice
    .75 oz. lime juice
    .5 oz. falernum
    Garnish with mint sprig and fresh nutmeg.

    Marco Dionysos

  8. This sounds delicious! I will have to play around with it soon. I love everything Chartreuse… and tiki… and Falernum… and Demerara … This is just dangerous!

  9. That dark falernum recipe that Trader Tiki made is fantastic. I’ve burned through most of a bottle of LH151 making it and don’t regret a drop. By the same token, I’ve also found that making falernum syrup (no booze) with the same ingredients can also work rather well.

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