Cruzana is the 17th of the drinks in Grog Log and the name does of course come from the rum that the recipe calls for, Cruzan Gold rum.

It also says “or use Barbados rum” – and since i have no Cruzan but do have a rum from Barbados (Plantation) i`m using that instead. So maybe it should be called Barbadiana..

When it comes to maraschino cherries i prefer to use real cherries and let them soak in maraschino liqueur, brandy or mezcal – rather than using the commercial cherries which are stripped of all flavor and dyed bright red. (or green or black) the dyed ones does look good in drinks but they aren´t tastier! I only use them when there`s no fresh cherries to get and my jar is finished.

This drink was created by the Cruzan rum company in cirka 1960s.



2 oz grapefruit juice

0.75 oz syrup from maraschino cocktail cherry jar

2 oz Cruzan gold rum or Barbados rum

Shake with ice cubes and pour into collins glass.

Tastes nice but it´s nothing special..

In my twist of this drink i decided to punch up the strength a bit, i happen to like strong rum drinks, so i also added a float of Lemon Hart 151 and used Pusser`s red label and some coffee liqueur and hazelnut orgeat instead of maraschino syrup from the jar.

Now this entirely changes flavor profile of the drink of course. I took away the maraschino cherry syrup mainly because i believe mine is a tad too old, it`s fully usable but have lost its spark.

Freshness of ALL ingredients is important! apart from aged alcohol..to an extent..but even that becomes not so good after too long a time. So when you open your bottle of rum you better drink it..

In this drink, the pineapple juice gotta be a good one, either fresh or a good quality juice, NOT from the can! a bad pineapple juice will ruin this drink.


2 oz unsweetened pineapple juice

2 oz Pusser`s rum

0.5 oz fresh lime

0.25 oz coffee liqueur

0.5 oz Trader Tiki`s hazelnut orgeat

Float Lemon Hart 151

Shake and strain into a snifter filled with crushed ice, garnish with mint and flower ( i used a spider lily)

I like the addition of coffee and nuts in this drink plus some more potent rums.

Tastes like a tiki drink….looks like a tiki drink and i love me some tropical tiki libations! what more can i say?

Next drinks up from the Grog Log will be two lovely daiquiris..

Sugarcane bar


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7 Replies to “MIXING THROUGH GROG LOG 17 – Cruzana”

  1. @Rowen – or try soaking a few fresh cherries with something yummy, like mezcal. You won´t get that very red color on them but they will taste good.

    S&R – I believe Frangelico will be a good try! and thanks for your comment!

    Alessandro – coffee and pineapple is a classic falvor combo in the tiki drink world, they just go SO well together, you gotta try it out.

  2. You are right about the Cruzana as published in Grog Log being nothing special. I think I mixed it up once when I first got my copy of the book.

    Now, your reboot of the drink, on the other hand, looks awesome. I just finished off my 84 proof Pussers, so I may have to dip into the reserve bottle of 95.5 proof to give this one a go. And I just have homemade orgeat with no hazelnut in it so I will probably cheat and use a bit of Frangelico to get the hazelnut in there. Frangelico and Kahlua work well together so I don’t think the substitution will scuttle the drink.

  3. I get naturally dyed, preservative-free maraschino cherries via mail order for when I want that effect, but fruit they are not. 😉 The dark Luxardo ones are something altogether different, but not cheap.

    I’m out of Trader Tiki orgeat so maybe it’s time for the hazelnut.

  4. H151 makes everything better! and it`s stocked in the Us again yes!

    Dagreb, coffee and pineapple really are made for each other!

  5. The second one definitely sounds better. When I looked at the first recipe, my initial thought was “that’s not nearly enough rum!”. And LH151 makes everything better (even looks like it’s being stocked in the US again).

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