Mixology Monday XLVI – All About Absinthe!


Time flies so fast that i did forget about the date and realized today that its time again for Mixology Monday…and how can i not participate when the topic is absinthe?

Its Sonja over at “Thinking of Drinking” who is hosting and she says this:

The topic for February is Absinthe. That much maligned, misunderstood, mistreated spirit, suddenly plentiful again in the US and other parts of the world. Absinthe played a role, whether large or small, in a variety of great cocktails from the 1800’s and early 1900’s – the Sazerac, Absinthe Suissesse, Corpse Reviver No. 2… I’m getting thirsty.

So let’s celebrate absinthe’s history, and it’s future, with all manner of cocktails using absinthe.

Here’s how to participate:

* Find or concoct a recipe using absinthe as an ingredient.
* Make the drink and write about it. Include the recipe, ideally a photo, and something about how you liked (or didn’t like, or tweaked, or…) the drink.

There´s one drink with absinthe that i really like a lot apart from the Sazerac which i`m addicted to, and that`s the Absinthe Suissesse. Its smooth like silk! so fluffy..and good for breakfast. Its actually a classic New Orleans breakfast cocktail originally made with Herbsaint and none could be better and more soothing than this one.

But for this MxMo i wanted to make a twist of something and that something is of course the Suissesse. I really prefer the original recipe but now i`m gonna go astray a bit and change the drops of orange flower water for some Mozart Dry chocolate spirit.

Then i turned down the orgeat from 0.5 oz to 1/4 and used 1 oz milk and 1 oz heavy cream instead of 2 ounces of the cream. I used one whole egg instead of an egg white, i think the whole egg adds more yumminess and roundness to this cocktail. Finally i garnished the glass with a rim of cocoa powder to accent the Mozart Dry.

Mozart Dry is not a chocolate liqueur, its a chocolate spirit and its not on the sweet side, rather dry and very pleasant to mix with or on its own.



1-1/2 to 2 ounces absinthe (to taste)
1/4 ounce orgeat (I used trader Tiki`s thick orgeat)
1 whole egg
0.5 oz Mozart Dry
1 oz  milk
1 oz heavy cream
1/2 cup crushed or cubed ice

Either you shake with crushed ice or you blend with ice cubes, i did blend this one.

I also did rim the glass with some cocoa powder to accent the Mozart and make a garnish. I think Mozart Dry did very well in this cocktail, so well that i`m gonna use it more times in my Suissesses.

Happy monday everyone and thanks Sonja for hosting! this drink is exactly what i needed today after coming back home from work turned into an icecube as that`s how cold it is here now. The Suissesse warmed me up!

7 Replies to “Mixology Monday XLVI – All About Absinthe!”

  1. I definitely will do, I look forward to trying the Tabula Rasa also, it sounds great. Thanks Tiare!

  2. Please tell me what you think whenever you`ll be able to use Mozart Dry, and i don`t mean just with this cocktail but as a spirit and in other cocktails too. I myself think its awesome, its one of my favorite things to use when you want to make something truly deliscious. And by all means do try Tabula Rasa. A fantastic cocktail, both me and jay have written about it in our reviews of Mozart Dry:



  3. Hi Tiare, I haven’t found it in the US, but will try it your way. And I’ll touch base with Florian too! Cheers and thanks.

  4. Jay, Mozart and absinthe goes so well together! I was actually at first going to make an apricot Suissesse and then i saw the Mozart bottle on the shelf staring at me like sayin` take me! and i just knew it was right..

    Sonja, i think it will be sold in the US soon if its not already.Otherwise i would sub with a smaller amount of a chocolate liqueur and reduce the orgeat in order to get a not so sweet drink. It wouldn`t be the same as Mozart is a dry chocolate spirit made with very dark cocoa but it would hopefully still make for a tasty drink.

  5. Tiare, this sounds fantastic. I don’t think I can get that Mozart around here, but I am going to try! If not, I’ll have to have a Suissesse again soon… yum.

  6. This sounds like a great use of the Mozart Tiare, I imagine it goes nicely with the absinthe. Will definitely be giving it a try!

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