MIXING THROUGH GROG LOG 5 – Beachcomber´s Punch

The next drink from Grog Log is also a Beachcomber concoction named Beachcomber´s Punch. At first sight the recipe looks pleasant and uncomplicated and that`s exactly how i find this tiki drink. It contains my favorite rum which is demerara and just little pernod as well to give some dimension to this concoction.

Don the Beachcomber created this one circa 1937 according to Grog Log. The Angostura/Pernod combo was the Beachcomber`s “secret” ingredient when he used dark rum as the base. But it should be mentioned that back then he used Herbsaint. Now when the original Herbsaint is re-created i would choose it if i could. I`ll definetily try to get me a bottle later.

This is a sort of foolproof classic Beachcomber tiki drink, its very easy to make.

So here we go:



0.5 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz grapefruit juice (yellow)

0.5 oz apricot brandy

0.5 oz simple syrup

Dash Angostura bitters

1/8 tsp pernod

1.5 oz demerara rum

All this to blend with 6 ounces of crushed ice and no more than 5 sec. That`s important unless you are a fan of slushy drinks.. Pour into a 10 ounce pilsener glass. Add more crushed ice to fill and garnish with a sprig of mint. I also added an orchid,

Simple enough – and tasty. Contrary to how i found the previous cocktail this one is tasty and kind to you. Actually it should have had a kick of something, a float of high proof demerara maybe? its a bit too kind..

It does require a twist that is different enough so we can have some fun.

I decided first to switch the apricot brandy for Cherry Heering and take down the ratio to 1/4 oz as too much Cherry Heering isn`t desired. Then i switched the Pernod for a few dashes of Peychauds and finally i added that float of high proof demerara i was talking about..Now we be jazzin`…

A lack of better imagination from a tired brain in the middle of a friday night i just came up with this name, so it will have to do.



0.5 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz grapefruit juice (yellow)

1/4 oz Cherry Heering

1/4 oz simple syrup

1/4 Trader Tiki`s vanilla syrup (or other)

2-3 dashes Peychaud`s bitters

1.5 oz demerara rum

0.5 oz float overproof demerara rum

All this to blend with 6 ounces of crushed ice and no more than 5 sec. Then i garnished with one of those red nice swizzle sticks that came with Trader Tiki`s all syrups and a sprig of mint.

This one i like much more, it has more punch and i like Cherry Heering as long as its not allowed to overpower the drink. The little touch of Trader Tiki`s yummy vanilla syrup was also pleasant. If you can`t get Trader Tiki`s yummy vanilla its easy to make your own. But i can tell you that Trader Tiki`s vanilla has a lot of flavor, and that is flavor that is all natural.

Don`t think that i`m just trying to promote a friend now, he has no problems doing that all by himself but i really do like his syrups and they are very professionally made and has that little extra something that many other syrups lack.

Next drink up from Grog Log in a while will be something called Blackbeard`s Ghost, soon to come.

This series called Mixing through Grog Log is inspired by my fellow boozeblogger Erik`s “Stomping through the Savoy” over at Underhill Lounge.

Sugarcane bar


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3 Replies to “MIXING THROUGH GROG LOG 5 – Beachcomber´s Punch”

  1. I think you did the right thing to stick with the demerara, Gosling`s a good rum but i think the demerara is better here. And you are right about maraska, it just isn`t the same thing. On the other hand it could maybe make an interesting experiment to use some kind of good full flavored cherry juice – maybe reduced? and just a little dash maraska? This drink didn´t have any strong pronounced cherry flavor, just a little of it.



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  3. I just mixed up a Beachcomber’s Punch to Grog Log specs and am enjoying it as I type. Used El Dorado 5 year this time around, but a look at some previous tasting notes indicate the last time around I used ED Original Dark. The 5 year is hands-down the better rum, but like you I found this drink a little thin so I did add a 1/2-oz float of ED dark and that punched it up a bit. Lemon Hart 151 is sadly unavailable in my neck of the woods and I have to use Gosling’s 151 as an imperfect substitute, but I decided to stick with the demerara dark here.

    I have a bottle of Marie Brizard Apry on special order from my spirits shop that hasn’t arrived yet, so I had to make due with DeKuyper apricot brandy which always comes off as a little lacking. Still, this is a decent enough drink that it will get mixed up here now and again. No Cherry Heering on hand or the Tiki Queen would be next on the roster. Doubtful subbing Maraska would yield acceptable results, so I’ll have to save that one for another session.

    Oops! My cat has just gone and stole my mint garnish, so now two of us are enjoying this drink!


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