When a classic cocktail is made right, it’s a marvel of balance of good flavours and it’s the same with tiki drinks. Everybody who has held a tall tiki mug or glass with a well crafted drink in it knows what I mean.

If there’s one thing I would want to repeat over and again whether its classic or tiki or other drinks it’s the use of fresh and good quality ingredients, it cannot be said enough many times. It starts right there.

Another aspect i like with the tikidrink mixing is that they allow such bountyful garnish – and here you really can play – and sometimes i like to make crazy garnishes too and with these drinks its perfect. Not that every tikidrink must or should be crowned with endless amounts of tropical garnish but the point is – with these drinks you can.

Also to serve the drink in a fruit or coconut thus making the vessel a garnish in itself is such a nice way to enjoy them. As they are tropical and everything tropical is colourful it just comes so natural with lush garnish too.

I`m going to serve this Boo Loo in a pineapple.


A few small chunks of fresh pineapple

2.5 oz unsweetened pineapple juice

1.5 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz honey

1.5 oz club soda

1.5 oz gold Puerto Rican Rum

0.75 oz dark Jamaican Rum

0.75 oz 151 demerara rum

1.5 oz Demerara rum

Heat honey until liquid and mix with juices and fruit in a blender. Stir in rums and soda. Pour into 36 ounce snifter filled with crushed ice, or serve in a hollowed out pineapple.

To prepare the pineapple you may use a pineapple corer which is a plastic device, quite handy. Or you cut off the top and hollow out the pineapple center with a knife. Then fill up with crushed ice and pour in the drink.

The top can be replaced if you wish, just put a long straw in and sip slowly.

Now as for these rums, i don`t have any gold PR rum and instead i use other golden rum such as Appleton VX. Demerara 151 is hard to find unless you have either an old bottle of Lemon Hart 151 left or can buy demeraras sold from Europe which are very expensive but also very good.

LH 151 is really hard to replace..and its a shame its not marketed anymore, really, its tragic. If you can`t get any of the fullproof demeraras from Europe i guess your best bet is to mix El Dorado 15 with El Dorado highproof or something similar.

If anyone has any good ideas here, please you are welcome to comment.

Now Boo Looo needs a twist and i love turtles so this one is called Honu Honu – the word Honu is Hawaiian for “turtle” and is most often applied to the green sea turtle.


A few small chunks of fresh pineapple, muddled so it gets juicy too

1 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz honey

0.5 oz vanilla orgeat (mix equal parts vanilla syrup and orgeat or make orgeat with vanilla from scratch or add vailla beans to orgeat and heat and steep)

1  oz rhum agricole vieux

1 oz rhum agricole blanc

Top with Club Soda

Float JWray

Heat honey until liquid and mix with orgeat, juices and fruit in a blender. Stir in rums  except JWray and top with soda. Pour into a tall glass filled with crushed ice, or serve in a hollowed out pineapple and a decent float JWray.

The JWray float is what gives this drink its “kick”.

6 Replies to “MIXING THROUGH GROG LOG 8 – Boo Loo”

  1. AceExplorer – thanks for pointing that out! indeed there was a typo…and it´s fixed now!:-)

  2. Is it just me or did 1.5 oz of regular Demerara rum (not the 151 Demerara) accidentally get dropped from the Boo Loo recipe above? This article’s recipe only contains 3 oz of rums and I think the traditional recipe has a total of 4.5 oz of rums in it. Any one else notice this? Agree or disagree?

  3. Thankfully there seems to be an awful lot of LH151 bottles floating around Portland liquor stores. It really is hard to imagine what will happen to tiki-dom if it disappears forever. Hopefully everyone will get their heads out of their collective behinds and work out a way to get it distributed again.

  4. S&R Let me know how it went with the drinks…

    Thank you Steph;-) but its far away from as good as i would like it, but i`ll do.

  5. I love, Love, LOVE me a Boo Loo! Think I’ll pick up a pineapple on the way home today. Gpoing to give the Honu Honu a try as well — and if I have them both in the same evening, watch out! 🙂

    My imperfect substitution for an overproof Demerera remains Goslings 151 with maybe a little float of ED 12 or ED 15.

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