Its happening fast now, the fall is really storming in with sudden temp drops, strong winds, lots of cold rain mixed with sun, and a sudden color change on the leaves…which did inspire me to make these two fall cocktails.

I`m lucky to have a very beautiful walkway to my work along the shores with trees bending over the water and everytime i walk that way i get inspired by the beauty of the nature which now is changing its colors. That´s indeed a good start of a working day!

And even though i`m a summer person and hate cold temps i do like the fall colors that goes from yellow, orange and red – through all shades of brown and down to deepest purple. And when we now go towards colder temps (at least here) its nice to creap up in the sofa with a cosy blanket and put a touch of awesome to a dark rainy evening with a nice drink.

So here are the cocktails, these will keep you warm. They were submitted in the Bourbon TDN – happy weekend!



3 oz Bourbon
1t fig and bayleaf marmalade
0.5 oz honey
0.5 oz lemon juice
1-2t hibiscus grenadine to brighten up the boozy flavours.

Shake with ice, strain. Serve in a wide glass with large ice cubes and fig garnish.



2 oz Bourbon
0.5oz lemon juice
0.5oz maple syrup
1 oz fresh organic apple juice
1 oz passionfruit juice
¼ oz campari
1t honey

Shake and strain. Serve in rocks glass with large ice cubes. Garnish speared apple-slices.


10 Replies to “FALL COCKTAILS”

  1. To make fig marmalde there must be tons of recipes out there..maybe even for fig and bayleaf marmalade – otherwise i would make the syrup and mix them.

  2. Jon, the bayleaf and fig marmalade is a jar i bought, unf i have forgotten the brand, it was a french brand.

    I guess you can find fig marmalade (look in Eastern stores) and mix it with bay-leaf syrup that you make by boiling slightly cracked fresh if possible, bayleafs in water, then adding sugar to dissolve into desired consistency and cool it, then mix with the marmalade.I have never tried it but its what i would try to do to make it myself.

    Good luck, hope you find a jar..

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos and recipes! If it’s not a bother, do you have a recipe for the fig and bayleaf marmalade required for the Arabesque recipe?

  4. Allen, thanks, i really like to walk along that shoreline everyday on my way to work.

    Julie, – 1/4 oz – sorry i missed to write that, it should have been there. I hope you`ll like the cocktail!



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