When i first heard about this rum I got really excited, it took long though before i finally got the chance to try it myself and in the meantime i heard only good about it so expectations were high.

The 3 year old cask aged came to be when the DDL were asked if they could produce an aged white rum as opposed to their unaged white.

I  can safely say that this ED rum places itself among the better white rums. The nose has hints of sugarcane and vanilla, its very inviting.  It`s a rum of sweet complexity, raining notes of vanilla, chocolate, toasted coconut, cane sugar and buttery caramel. This rum is a bit sweet but not bad, flavourful, and aromatic.

It sips easy and it mixes well in cocktails that does not have too much other ingredients to kill the delicate flavor. Maybe it could have a bit more bite so it would stand up better against mixers in rum cocktails so the rum is dominating ingredient. This one is just a tad too delicate and therefore needs to be mixed in such cocktails as a classic daiquiri for example. In a tiki drink i`m afraid it would almost disappear.

But its a good rum and it has been aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks and then double-filtered through charcoal and distilled by Demerara Distillers Ltd – Guyana.

The Chicago Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) have in their latest release of the 2009 International Review of Spirits awarded this El Dorado product a Gold Medal (and Best Buy) with a rating of 93 points bringing it to the top in the White rums category with the 4 Year Old Flor de Cana and Rhum Clement Premiere Canne Rum.

In the last century, the remaining Guyanese distilleries were consolidated by Demerara Distillers Limited on the site of the Diamond Plantation, and today operates as the sole rum producer in Guyana. With a production capacity of more than 26M liters of pure alcohol annually, DDL sell bulk rum to a number of international blenders and bottlers and bottles rum under their own El Dorado and other labels.

Today, DDL operates a number of stills used to make their typical light and heavy type rums. DDL also operates the last remaining wooden stills in the Caribbean.


This is their EHP wooden coffey still in all its  awesome glory.

The old wooden coffey still is the last operating still of its kind in the world today and is made of rectangular frames stacked on top of each other with metal perforated trays in between. The rectifier has cooling coils passing through some of the sections.These wooden stills are made of local hard wood. I really want to go and visit the DDL to see these old stills and also their heritage center.

As for how they maintain these old stills they do it by changing the wood in a very clever way. They do of course not change all the wood at the same time – that would ruin the unique flavour as the wood soaks up some of what is being distilled in it as well as giving flavours & complexity to what is being distilled.

So instead they change it in small sections so there´s always some old and some new wood mixed in the still. On average each section is changed every 15-20 years and once they finish all the sections they just start again at the other end. There are in operation 4 column Savalle stills, 2 wooden pots, 1 wooden coffey and 2 metal columns. ( as far as i know)

Here (below) you can see the double wooden pot still. El Dorado 12 contains predominantly copper coffey still rum from Diamond blended with this double wooden pot still at Port Mourant and also marques from the Enmore wooden Coffey which you see above in the big picture.

The 15 year old (my fav rum) contains equally double wooden pot from Port Mourant and metal coffey from Diamond, blended with single wooden pot still (Versailles) and marques from the Enmore wooden coffey still.

Its a lot of stills..!


The double wooden pot still.


El Dorado VSG pot still.

I´m a bit of a geek when it comes to these unique stills. I really need to go and visit the DDL distillery some day, i hope it can be possible.

And there´s another El Dorado on the horizon…an 8 year old, stay tuned.

For full disclosure picture courtesy and sample was provided by DDL – Read more on El Dorado rums here.


  1. Oddly, here in the States ED3 is only about $15/750 mL. Quite the steal, especially when you consider the quality. I’m kind of surprised that ED hasn’t bumped up the price, given that “premium” white rums like Oronoco and 10 Cane seem to be selling just fine at $30/750 mL.

    I just got a bottle today. The daiquiri I made was delightful and I’m looking forward to using ED3 in more cocktails.

  2. Chip – these stills are really beautiful!

    Mike,its outstanding and i actually prefer to sip this one even if it is mixable too, but as i wrote i find it a little bit delicate so one needs to mix carefully i think.

    Max, yes i agree;-) go get it.

    Shirow, its a lucky thing wwe can at least get these rums from the Whiskyexchange for example, but cheap it aint.

  3. I can only agree with Tiare, this is probably the best white rum out there, certainly the best I’ve tasted, although I haven’t tasted that many.
    I have only 1/3 of a bottle left, and I don’t know if I can get hold of another. 🙁

  4. I must get myself a bottle of this! very interesting reading about the stills, the picture of the wooden coffey is really nice.

  5. EL D3 has become my go-to white
    rum. Makes a great cocktail and even a pretty nice sipper. It’s
    right up there with Diplomatico Rum Blanco in my opinion.

  6. Very nice, I love the picture of the old wooden coffey still.

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