J WRAY & TING ! and a Pineapple Delight…


There are a few things that just seems to be made for each other, like JW&N Jamaican overproof rum and the likewise Jamaican grapefruit beverage called TING! Just pour some ice, fresh lime juice and Ting in a glass and top with JWray…i mean can it get much better?

Ting was first created by Guinness of Jamaica, later acquired by D & G (Desnoes & Geddes) brewers of Red Stripe Beer. It contains a small amount of sediment consisting of grapefruit juice pulp. A relative newcomer to the citrus clan, the Jamaican grapefruit was originally believed to be a spontaneous sport of the pomelo.

James MacFayden, in his Flora of Jamaica in 1837  separated the Jamaican grapefruit from the pomelo, giving the Jamaican grapefruit the botanical name, Citrus paradisi Macf. About 1948, citrus specialists began to suggest that the Jamaican grapefruit was not a sport of the pomelo but an accidental hybrid between the pomelo and the orange.

The botanical name has been altered to reflect this view, and the Jamaican grapefruit is now generally accepted as Citrus X paradisi. The Jamaican grapefruit was first described in 1750 by Griffith Hughes who called the Jamaican grapefruit the “forbidden Jamaican grapefruit” of Barbados.

In Hortus Jamaicensis, it mentions the “Jamaican grapefruit” as a variety of the shaddock, (old name of the “pomelo” (Citrus maxima – which the now defunct “Forbidden fruits liqueur” was made of ) but not as large; and as forbidden Jamaican grapefruit – a variety of the shaddock – but the Jamaican grapefruit is much smaller, having a thin, tough, smooth, pale yellow rind.

Another wonderful drink that contains both Ting and JWray is a drink that i call Pineapple Delight. Its my take of the Mango-Pineapple Float. Its fresh muddled pineapple, honey cream mix , fresh lime juice, orgeat, JW&N overproof rum, dash of grapefruit bitters and rhum agricole topped with Ting.


1 cored pineapple. In mixing glass add:

A few large chunks of pineapple – muddled

2 juiced limes

1 barspoon orgeat

1.5 oz Rhum Agricole Blanc 100 proof

2 tblsp fresh honey cream-mix* with a splash JWray overproof rum

Dash of grapefruit bitters

Shake hard and fast, strain and serve in the pineapple with crushed ice Top with Ting. Garnish with 2 pineapple leaves and a piece of pineapple. Believe me..this drink is worth the effort..


Equal parts Sugar, butter and liquid honey

Add to pot, heat and stir until it gets creamy. You want a smooth creamy sauce. Keep a bit above room temp. The problem with honey cream mix is the milk solids from the butter that forms when the mix gets chilled. It may help to use clarified butter or to dry shake first (without ice) before shake over ice.

After discussing with friends who cannot find the JWray rum i also made another version using Lemon Hart 151 Demerara instead of the JWray. Tasty too.

Nothing made with Ting can go wrong – Ting is the universal cocktail redeemer!

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  1. Wray & Nephew is one of those that I purposefully drink slowly, savoring it to make its times special occasions. Thanks Tiare for aiming me to the other post. It’s always fun and helpful to read your posts. Enjoy.

  2. CulinaryDelights – I hope you can get Ting! i can only get it from time to time so when i can i stock up.

    Shirow66 – That spout is there to prevent accidentally overpouring of that overproof rum, i suppose..just shake the bottle a bit when you pour and it will pour much faster.

    jackvacton – Thanks! btw i wrote another post on Ting as well in case you haven`t read it its here – http://www.amountainofcrushedice.com/?p=5485

  3. Mmm…I’m sipping on a Wray & Ting, after just coming back from a Jamaican restaurant. I miss the island so much. But this is my first taste of just Wray & Nephew with Ting. I like Ting so much straight from the bottle, and I’m a big fan of Wray & Neph. As you said in your post, the two simply sounded like they were meant for each other. And now that I’m tasting the proof, I can’t disagree.

  4. I just got my first bottle of JWray overproof. I screw off the cap, and there’s some strange pour spout underneath that I’ve never seen before. How do I use this thing? If I just try to pour from the bottle, nothing but small drops come out. Please help me out!

  5. […] As you may have surmised by this point, Tiare is the Queen of JWray and Ting. Think of this as your grown-up rum and coke. Here is her post on JWray and Ting. […]

  6. No it cannot get any better!This is making me so homesick
    Thanks for the post.

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