Easter Sour with colored egg ice balls

Easter is around the corner…so let´s toast with a sour that is chilled with colored egg ice balls…

I tried Camper´s fabulous ice egg experiment or how to make colored egg ice balls – yeah i still wanna be a kid sometimes! and booze bloggers are always into some nerdy stuff or another.

It´s very easy to make these ice egg balls, you just fill small balloons with colored water and freeze. You need to hang them up in the freezer to get the round shape. Also it´s a good idea to rinse the balloons first before you fill them with the colored water.

I used purple, gold, green, yellow, blue and red food colors for this, the colors are in powder form and i used about a half tsp per balloon.

Then when you take them out – after 2-3 hrs – rinse them again quickly in cold water before you use them so you get rid of any balloon-powder if there´s any. And nope – it doesn´t change the flavor of the drink either.

If you drink way too slow the only thing that can happen is that the color will change the drinks color, it didn´t happen to me so i´m not sure but i guess it does.

For the Easter i wanted a sour so i made a twist of the Eastern Sour and switched bourbon for rum, lemon for lime, and added a little bit of orange, honey and St Germain plus an egg white and called it Easter Sour and served it in a tall glass so i could put 4 colored ice eggs in it.


0.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice

0.5 oz fresh orange juice

0.75 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz st Germain

1 oz white rum (use a good one, like Banks 5 Island for example)

1 oz rhum agricole vieux ( i used Clemènt VSOP)

0.25 oz liquid honey mixed with 0.25 oz sugarcane syrup

1 egg white

Shake the hell outta all this so that the egg white emulsifies well and serve in a tall glass filled with colored ice eggs and garnish with 2 pineapple leaves and orange slice.

The drink turned out nice enough with some fresh sour notes and the rhum agricole did also shine through with it´s grassy notes. Maybe a green Chartreuse would be better than St Germain as accent flavor to stand up against the rhum agricole but i need to try that.

In any case, this is a refreshing drink.



Happy Easter!

10 Replies to “Easter Sour with colored egg ice balls”

  1. I want a pile of golden eggs daddy, I want a pile of golden eggs NOW!! ; j I’m going to make an ice cone soon, or at least practice, before it gets hot.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jack! clear ice eggs sounds cool and is more useable when it´s not easter:-) or imagine a pile of golden eggs!

  3. I like big ice-cubes anyway, and am going to not only try this, but do it from time to time with clear ice. But I dig the colored egg idea. I always get a kick out your ideas when visiting your mountain. Thanks.

  4. Thanks to you Camper, i had followed your ice-experiments for a long time. This one was funny!

    Andrea, it´s so easy to make!

  5. What a fantastic idea with the ice eggs – a must try for the coming days.

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