Ever heard about Tiki Lovers rum?

I first heard about this rum at the UK Rumfest but i never got a chance to try it out..Luckily now instead it found its way to me and you don´t need to ask me twice if i wanna try out two new rums especially designed for tiki drinks.

The lables looks very much alright, very exotic and very tiki – but does the rum itself  live up to what the labels suggest? and what are the rums in the bottles?

Time to find out:


The folks behind this rum are the Bitter Truth under the label Tiki Lovers and there´s a white rum and a dark rum. The white rum is made from pot stilled Jamaican rum that is aged 3-5 years, charcoal filtered and blended with column still rum from Trinidad.

The result is very good, it`has a nose that is a mix of floral, fruit and sugarcane and then i detect some subtle notes of the same flavor that you find in JWray overproof but this one is so subtle, maybe more like a slight hint of RumFire which is like a light JWray if that makes any sense. I´m quite intrigued..

The flavor is like the nose but stronger, sweet, floral, smooth with a slightly sharp edge, very pleasant and it does have character, it won´t disappear in a mixed drink.That is one thing they have got just right, both rums stand up against all those mixers beautifully.

The white rum is not like a little brother to RumFire though – don´t get me wrong – this is a rum of it`s own. This is so interesting – a white rum that is smooth and nice yet with character with those subtle hints of the flavors you find in JWray and RumFire but with it´s own personality.

It´s a good rum for Tiki drinks that´s for sure! the white rum is 42% alcohol or ABV 84. At the back of the labels are recipes and i`m gonna make one of them with the dark rum.

But let´s move on to the other bottle.


The dark rum is much stronger, it´s 57% or ABV 114. My first thought was – is this made to be like the style of Smith and Cross?

It`s also Jamaican pot still rum but this one is blended with Barbados rum as well with a final touch of column still rum from Trinidad and Guyana – so that alone tells me this must be good…an especially with a higher proof too. Well, all i can say is that i`m NOT dissapointed, instead i`m very impressed.

The nose has woody character with burnt sugarcane and dried tropical fruits. The flavor is strong, full bodied and spicy. There`s a slight alcohol burn but not unpleasant and since it´s an overproof rum it has to have an alcohol burn.

It´s spicier than Smith and Cross but much smoother, not as funky since Smith & Cross is unfiltered pot still which i find great for mixing but not for sipping while this rum actually is sippable too even though it´s overproof. I`m not planning to sit and sip it though, this is made for mixing – specifically tropical/exotic/tiki drinks.

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum won gold medal recently at the 2011 German Rum Festival as the best overproof rum and i heard some very famous rum experts loved it – well i also love it now after i tried it!

I come to the conclusion that i want to have them both in my bar at all times – yes really. I think i have two winners here!

The first drink i made was a boozy Planters Punch with the two rums and homemade hibiscus grenadine. Tiki Lovers Planter´s of course.-)


1 oz Tiki Lovers White Rum

1 oz Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1 oz sugarcane syrup

Dash Angostura bitters

1/4-1/2 oz hibiscus grenadine (use homemade or B.G Reynolds) adjust the ratio to your own preference since various grenadines tastes different. A rule of thumb is too much will ruin a drink.

Shake with ice and strain into a zombie glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple leaf, speared pineapple chunk and cherry.

The hibiscus grenadine really adds a tropical tang to this drink perfectly in harmony with the lemon juice and the high proof spicy dark rum adds punch while the white rum plays nicely in the background with the bitters.

A simpler more straight forward taste description – this is a damned good and strong tropical drink with two perfect rums in the glass! get your asses to the kitchen or bar and start mixing!

The next drink is made with the white rum:


2 oz Tiki Lovers white Rum

1 oz grapefruit juice

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 oz falernum

4 dashes angostura bitters

Shake with ice and strain into a tiki mug or glass  filled with crushed ice and garnish with mint and lime.

I found this drink a bit too sour so i added an extra 0.5 oz demerara syrup. Not sure if the Bitter End is a real tiki drink or not but it doesn`t matter, these rums suits any tropical style drinks.

Then i made the one at the back of the dark rum label, the Waikiki Punch.There´s many more drinks i really wanna try with these two rums which i cannot find space for in this blog post, will do later.

Really there´s a whole parade of tiki drinks that would most likely be awesome with these rums.


50 ml Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

10 ml Pimento Dram

10 ml Orgeat

20 ml fresh lime juice

60 ml passionfruit juice

Shake with ice and strain into a tiki mug (or glass) filled with crushed ice

This drink just goes down as easily as the Mai Tai…this dark rum blends WELL! oh my YUMMY!

Gotta try the Daiquiri too:


1 oz Tiki Lovers White Rum

1 oz Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

0.75 0z fresh lime juice

0.5-0.75 oz sugarcane syrup, adjust to your taste

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe.

This is a dark boozy daiquiri…suits those who like the flavor of strong rum.

Conclusion: Here´s two excellent tiki and exotic/tropical drink rums! full of flavor and strong enough to stand up against the mixers you use in especially tiki drinks. That these rums are designed for this type of drinks is evident.

As soon as you can lay your hands on the Tiki Lovers rum you should.

You can get them here.


Sugarcane bar


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7 Replies to “TIKI LOVERS RUM”

  1. Tried the TIKI LOVERS PLANTERS (with selfmade Hibiscus-Grenadine) and it´s very tasty 😉

    But Tiare, did you forget Angostura Bitters in your receipe?

  2. They are different but actually does have some slight similar notes, but Banks 5 islands is much more delicate, Tiki Lovers is much more robust.I went and did a taste comparison after i read this. Unf i`m out of JWray and do not have RumFire yet but when i tried Tiki Lovers white those two rums is what popped up in my mind but TL white does only have very slightly similar taste notes of these two.

    It´s also this way that when you first taste a rum you get some ideas but when you taste it again maybe a few days later those ideas may change a bit.

    I`d say that Banks 5 island is awesome with Ting or a light daiquiri while TL white would be good with that too but also is better in tiki style tropical drinks with many other ingredients.

    After all, that´s what TL rum is designed for!

  3. Wow. I hope they get U.S. distribution soon. Those sound like fantastic rums.

    How does the white rum compare to Banks 5 Island? They sound similar, but the Banks might be a bit funkier given the inclusion of Batavia Arrack.

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