International Cachaca Day

Cachaca – made from distilled cane juice is one of my favorite spirits (after rum 🙂 then again, this is rum`s cousin and its time to celebrate the International Cachaca Day!

International Cachaça Day was started by Sociedade Brasileira da Cachaça, a Brasilian government organization. It was created to commemorate June 12th, 1744: the day when Portugal, then the colonial authority in Brasil, outlawed the production and selling of cachaça.

Cachaca is most commonly used in the all popular caipirinha but also the batida is a refreshing drink and very common too.

Batidas (pronounced ba-chi-da) means “shaken” or “milkshake.” in Portugese. Its cachaca cocktails made with fruit juice or pureed fruit, usually with sugar added. Milk or sweetened condensed milk are also commonly used.

How thick you want it its really up to you, just add more juice if it gets too slushy.

Mango Cardamom Batida

In blender:

2 oz cachaca

3-4 slices of mango

0.5 oz fresh lime juice

Dash cardamom bitters (or use other bitters – then call it just mango batida)

1 oz sweet condensed milk

1 cup crushed ice

Garnish mango slices and mint

Strawberry  Mint Batida

In blender:

2 oz cachaca

3-4 strawberries

0.5 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz sweet condensed milk

2-3 mint leaves

1 cup crushed ice

Garnish fresh mint

So mix up your caipirinhas and batidas and everything else Cachaca.


2 oz cachaca
1 oz fresh blood orange juice
0.5 oz orgeat
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
3 slices fresh ginger
Ginger ale to top

Muddle the ginger slices with lime juice and orgeat in shaker. Add cachaca. Shake over ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Top with a splash Ginger Ale.

Garnish blood orange wedges and mint.



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  1. Thanks for your comments! cachaca is really a nice spirit to mix with and especially as it goes so well with different fruits its the perfect summer spirit – but also in the winter i like it of course.

  2. I had my first Cachaca drink at Sushi Samba, NY. The Freedom Caipirnha was served in celebration of International Cachaca Day. I believe it was made with Leblon. Very delicious!

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