Dive into the world of Tiki-intoxication..here`s two drinks for castaways and beachbums..

Slowly but surely we move forward in the good old Grog Log and the next drink is the Castaway. It has unusually few ingredients for a Tiki drink thus showing that not every Tiki drink has to contain 8 or more ingredients.

This drink has three things to mix together – Jamaican rum, pineapple juice and Kahlua. Can it be simpler?

The Castaway is according to Grog Log based on the Jamaican Dust from Durian`s Red Hand Restaurant, NYC.

Its not this cloingly sweet tropical concoction but well-balanced and very tasty indeed. The ingredients goes very well together and the recipe allows you to play with dark rums and coffee, nut or cocoa liqueurs.



3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice

0.75 oz Kahlua

1.5 oz gold Jamaican rum ( i used Lemon Hart Jamaican)

Shake well with ice cubes. Strain into a 10 ounce pilsener glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with maraschino cherry and pineapple wedge stuck on the rim of glass.

I`m not gonna make the twist any more complicated either but just switching the ordinary Kahlua for Kahlua Coffee Cream, use dark Jamaican instead of gold and add some demerara rum to the mix as well. The Jamaican rum of choice here is Smith & Cross, a rum i love very much!



3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice

0.5 Kahlua Coffee Cream

1 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican rum

1 oz El Dorado 12

Float Lemon Hart 151

Shake everything together with ice and strain into a tiki mug or glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with pineapple leaves and cherry.

It turned out very nice..i like coffee flavor in tiki drinks that has pineapple juice in them, it just fits in so well adding that spicy extra which at the same time mellows the drink.

Perfect beach drinks…or something to make you dream away the winter cuddling up in the sofa switching it for a tropical summer cuz after all that´s what tiki is all about – escapism and fun!


  1. If you want to try a drink where pineapple juice and Kahlua really play wonderfully well together, search out Tiare’s “Mayahuel” elsewhere on this site. It is the reason My mezcal stock is chronically low!

  2. I had a Castaway just the other day. It is surprisingly good considering how simple it is. The Kahlua and Pineapple juice are a very interesting combination. The two make for almost a creamy flavor. It makes for a good after dinner drink.

  3. Tony, mole bitters and banana nectar sounds very interesting! i`ll have to give it a try, but for the banana nectar i suppose you use very little to avoid too much sweetness?

    I`m very careful when it comes to banana in cocktails..

  4. I have played with the castaway not too long ago.

    It’s a pretty interesting drink, but I think could use some upgrades in terms of complexity.

    Xocolatl Mole bitters worked very well. A little banana nectar brought a lot to the table too.

    Maybe is I had some more complex rums on hand at the time my results might have been different.

    Also, simplicity is beauty in many cases.

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