Elias and me in front of the beautiful bar

Tiki Room is the only Tikibar in Stockholm and its often my bar to go since a couple years back but i wasn`t there from the beginning. This bar dates back to year 2002 but it really started as a Tiki club concept already in 1995. Before that the Tiki pop culture was an unknown thing in Sweden.

So it started as a little club in 1995, and became more or less a mobile Tiki bar where much exotica was played changing locations around the city until Tiki Room finally was installed in the basement of Mellow Bar and Restaurant in 2002.

Much of the interior comes from Oceanic Arts in California. The menu is hand painted and the drinks are a mix of old Don the Beachcomber`s , Trader Vic´s, Beachbum Berry´s and their own original drinks.

The interior decorations are real and so are the drinks – as it should be – you won´t get a fake Mai Tai here.

The reason why i like this bar is much because it feels like “home” being there, its a place to relax and have a good drink, and it s a good idea to get there early when the bartenders still have time to chat with you, it can get pretty crowded later in the evening.

Yes, they really do the Mai Tai right, but there`s of course more than the Mai Tai – and here`s a cocktail that is refreshing and tasty, created by Elias Malmberg.



1.5 oz Bourbon
0.75 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz pineapple juice
0.25 oz rock candy syrup, or make a rich simple, 2:1
0.75 oz Vanilla infused Rooibos Tea syrup

Shake and strain into a highball with ice (i choosed crushed) and garnsih with fruits and mint.

Roibos Vaniila Infused Tea Syrup

8 tsp dry Rooibos tea
1.75 cup Hot water
2 vanilla beans

Sugar to fill a i litre bottle and add 2 split vanilla beans. Let sit for a little while, shake to dissolve the sugar more evenly and  taste your way.

Thee´s a lot of sweetness in this drink but the one oz of fresh lemon juice balances it out very well.

Since i now got this Rooibos vanilla tea syrup to play with i decided to make a twist of Aroha Tea Punch, only because i wanted to taste this syrup with rum as well – so i went for an aged rhum agricole and Smith & Cross.

Then i remembered the hibiscus tincture i have on my shelf…haven´t used it for a while since its not exactly one of those things you use too often…but when you do – its a killer!

I totally hold Martin Cate (Smuggler`s Cove) responsable for me having a hibiscus tincture on my shelf – he used it in one of the drinks at the Tiki themed spirited dinner last year at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans at GW Fins (oh what a restaurant) in the Menehune Gonzalesz cocktail and that inspired me to make some and try it out.

Its ridiculously esay to make – take an ounce of dried hibiscus flowers nd steep in about 5 ounces of alcohol (vodka or overproof white rum) for a couple of days, then strain and bottle.

What you do with it? you add for example a few dashes on top of the ice….makes the drink look like a drink fit for Lestat – well..assuming the tincture was blood of course…luckily its not.

But we are not in the vampire movies now, this is Tiki so let`s swizzle!



1.5 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
0.5 oz aged rhum agricole (Clemént Vieux)
0.25 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz pineapple juice
0.25 oz sugarcane syrup
0.75 oz Vanilla infused Rooibos Tea syrup

Add ingredients (except hibiscus tincture) in a tall glass or tiki mug half filled with crushed ice and swizzle until the glass gets frosty, add more crushed ice to fill and add a few drops of hibiscus tincture on top of the ice and garnish with fresh mint and a speared pineapple chunk and brandied cherry.


Every Tiki bar needs a blow fish…

You find Tiki Room at Mellow / Tiki Rom · Birkagatan 10 · Stockholm · Tel +46 (0)8-33 15 55