SWIZZLES part 3 – 151 Swizzle

To continue my swizzle series…here`s the 151 Swizzle – and this is one hell of a tasty drink! it`s very simple too – and the combination of ingredients is brilliant. This drink was served by Tony Ramos at Don the Beachcomber`s in Hollywood in the 1960s.

Using 1.5 oz of the heavy Lemon Hart 151 demerara rum this drink is very distinct with a power of its own. Demerara rum is my favorite rum, it has the same pungent flavor as pot still Jamaican but is a bit smoky with a flavor that is unmatched.

The 151 Swizzle is also what is going to be made by 151 bartenders who will perform the very first unique swizzle ritual named 151 SWIZZLE-BE HERE NOW which i wrote about in my first pre-Tales post for TOTC 2011.

That means that all 151 bartenders will swizzle together at the same time in the same place with 151 original swizzle sticks from Guyana making the 151 Swizzle!  and guess who´s gonna imbibe them?

Well, i`ll hopefully be one…together with the rest of the folks attending this seminar lead by Stanislav Vadrna. It`s a veritable 151 Swizzle party! and on top of that held in my favorite place on earth – my beloved New Orleans.

There might still be tickets left..check on the TOTC blog.

Now back to the 151 Swizzle, it`s tasty and it´s strong and has that extra touch of spiciness from freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon stick, depth from the Lemon Hart 151 rum, a touch of anis from Pernod (or Herbsaint) and a balanced sweet-tartness from sugarcane syrup and fresh lime -  it´s handsdown one of the best swizzles out there.

Here´s the recipe (from Remixed) to make it at home:


0.5 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz sugarcane syrup ( I use Petit Canne – because it has a special flavor)

1.5 oz Lemon Hart 151 (or El Dorado)

Dash Angostura bitters

6 drops Pernod ( i used Herbsaint)

8 oz crushed ice

Freshly ground nutmeg

Put everything except nutmeg in blender and blend for 5 sec. Pour unstrained into a tall glass with flaired top if possible to give more room for the freshly grated nutmeg on top. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Of course you can swizzle instead of blending, it´s a swizzle after all.. swizzle or blend and If you blend make sure to not blend for more than 5 sec unless you want it slushy..

And since this one is very strong even though the melting ice dilutes the heavy rum in it i think it´s good with just one unless you pace it, drink some water and let enough time pass in between drinks.

And that is said by one who likes strong rum drinks.

Happy swizzling!

SWIZZLES part 2 – Chartreuse Swizzle with Caramelized Demerara Sugar

Like i said before – the green Chartreuse is the elixir of pure pleasure! a little of it and its like magic drops transforms an average drink into a potion of dreams..

We keep swizzlin`…and the next swizzle i`m gonna make is my favorite and many other´s favorite too – – the famous Chartreuse Swizzle – i was even asked to include it in my swizzle series by my good blogger pal and friend Craig Hermann over at  Colonel Tiki

I´ve had it on my blog before and it has been on other blogs too but this swizzle is sooo damned good that you can`t make too many. The interplay of flavors and herbal notes is wonderful and i wonder if this one isn´t addictive..

But note one thing – the original recipe doesn`t contain any rum, that`s something that has been added by various people to pimp it up and with good results me thinks..

I´m also gonna try that thing i read about with the lime wedge – you sprinkle sugar over a lime wedge, pour bit of Chartreuse over it, light it and let the sugar caramelize. Cool a bit, then squeeze and drop the lime into the glass – with one half sticking up as garnish a bit above the extra top layer of crushed ice.

This will hopefully add a layer of caramelized dark sugar to the drink..hm not a bad idea, let´s see if it works.

CHARTREUSE SWIZZLE – With Caramelized Demerara Sugar

1 oz Green Chartreuse
1 oz Smith & Cross Jamaican rum
1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
0.75 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Falernum (i used Trader Tiki`s Dark Falernum)
2 dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters ( a few dashes  on top of the ice too)
Caramelized demerara sugar-lime

Start making the caramelized sugared lime first and put aside to cool. See instructions above.

Add ingredients to a large glass full of crushed ice. Swizzle to mix, lavishly garnish with mint, squeeze a bit and drop in the caramelized sugared lime and add straw – in the mint.

Well, first of all – chartreuse doesn`t burn so well so i took just a little bit of Lemon Hart 151, very little since i don´t really wanna burn it, it´s precious. But a half teaspoon is ok, for once – i won´t do this very often. Actually – it´s more of a fun experiment. So one half teaspoon of each is what i used.

After burning the sugar and lime i wasn´t content, i wanted a more burnt flavor and the lime to also look a bit burnt so i decided to grill it.

The end result is a bit of a spicy Chartreuse Swizzle and it´s tasty of course. But if the spiciness comes from the grilled sugared lime or the aromatic bitters i cannot say, it`s probably both.

This is a drink i can drink plenty of and it´s fun to play around with it – it´s that kinda drink.

SWIZZLES! part one

Swizzles and rum belongs together and since this blog is largely about rum and rum based drinks and tiki drinks i think it`s time to make a little series on swizzles, making a few of the good swizzles out there along with a few twists.

Its something very satisfying with the sound of the swizzling of crushed ice and good booze, it makes you thirsty…and since you know you soon gonna imbibe a very cold tasty drink its like awaiting a reward when you hear that sound. Its a similar thing with the sound of shaking but but this sounds more – cold and refreshing.

And then the swizzling – it´s also a show to watch, a fun show, a show that whets your appetite and thirsty taste buds when you hear that sound and see how the glass gets frosted..I`m getting thirsty by just writing this and cannot wait to get that swizzle done..

The swizzling technique was probably invented in the Caribbean and a wooden stick called bois lèlè made from the swizzle stick tree (Quararibea turbinata) was/is used.

These trees grows in such a way that you can cut natural swizzle sticks from them and cut to create a long handle. The end of the stick has tiny “branches” or prongs that goes out in a star shaped direction. That`s why this tree is called the swizzle stick tree.


El Dorado swizzle stick and Bois Lélé from Martinique.I`m showing these just as an example to show that the real swizzle sticks are far away from those little  plastic swizzle sticks you get when ordering drinks, those are more like “garnish”. The best sub is a  bar spoon which works just fine!

Pour the ingredients in a glass with shaved or very finely cracked ice and swizzle — you rapidly twirl the stick between your palms moving it up and down in the glass until the glass frosts.

Now the Martinique wooden swizzle stick is not readily available though, but Cocktail Kingdom carries them online. Also you can use other swizzle sticks or a barspoon.

The swizzle isn´t as much a recipe, it´s rather a technique but traditionally it´s a mix of rum, falernum, lime, and sugar or simple syrup. But there`s more things that can go in a swizzle like other spirits, liqueurs, mint or other herbs and liqueurs.

The swizzlee is very much like a rum punch – but the difference is that it`s swizzled instead of shaken and gets that frost on the glass as a result and that`s what defines a swizzle.

To make a good swizzle you need to start with large cold ice chunks and crush them, don`t use any soft fast melting ice here. Then you need fresh ingredients and quality spirits and liqueurs. The rule is the same as always – fresh ingredients.

Then you need to practice the swizzling technique because it takes a little training to get the swizzles perfected. But don`t worry, it`s not difficult and if you need to practice a bit – you get more excuses for imbibing swizzles right?

Swizzling is fun! and imbibing swizzles is more fun!

So let`s begin the swizzling with the famous Queens Park Swizzle which was created in Trinidad and which contains my favorite rum from Guyana – demerara.



3 oz demerara rum
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
3 heavy dashes angostura bitters
fresh mint

Add all ingredients into a tall glass. Also add the spent lime shell – like you do when you shake up a Mai Tai – then you get the oils from the peel into the drink which makes it more aromatic.

Then fill up with crushed ice and and start swizzle until the glass frosts over. Add a sprig of fresh mint for garnish and place it on top of the drink like a queens crown and add a straw.

Now – fill up with some more crushed ice. And finally – add a few extra dashes of the Angostura bitters on top of the drink, this also adds some extra red color  Now it looks real tasty – enjoy!

Nobody can say this drink tastes bad…its an excellent drink and so refreshing. But if you know me you´ll also know that i like to play around with ingredients and flavors and make twists of drinks and so i tried a variation and used creole bitters instead of angostura and it gave the drink a different aromatic twist

I also reformulated the rum ratio to 2 oz and added 1 oz of aged cachaca.



2 oz demerara rum
1 oz aged cachaca (i used Abelha Gold)
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz simple syrup
2 dashes creole bitters
fresh mint – or even better – chocolate mint

Makes for an ok swizzle i think but i do prefer the aromatics from the Queen´s Park better, and i like to add lots of angostura bitters in it.

Shall we swizzle some more or is this enough? some say two at the most..and as i`m doing a series on swizzles i think i need to have a few swizzles left for the next couple posts..

But go ahead and swizzle up another Creole swizzle or Queens Park!



SWIZZLES GALORE! That´s what this post is all about.

“TDN: The Swizzle Pouring high-proof rum over the bed of crushed ice brings me joy and happiness. But what about gin and Chartreuse? Or vermouth and Peychaud bitters? This coming Thursday we’ll be making more swizzles than you can twirl a stick at. And as voted on by the participants, the best cocktail of the evening will win a bottle of Lemon Hart 151. The ice crushing begins at 7pm EST”

So the swizzle TDN was announced -  and this topic i really liked a lot as i do like swizzles, they both incorporate my beloved crushed ice and really make up some tasty drinks. And never before have i had so many swizzles during on and the same night and many were tasty.

All the swizzlish recipes can be sampled at twitter: http://twitter.com/mixoloseum

The first swizzle that came up, sent in by CraigH over at Colonel Tiki was no joke, the recipe is as follows:



0 .5 each Lemonhart 151 and Goslings 151,
Cruzan 151 (or Bacardi or Jwray)
0 .5 lime and 0 .5 grapefruit juices
0 .5 honey mix/syrup
Dash bitters
Dash allspice dram

Add to well crushed ice and swizzle till you can’t swizzle no more.

That sturdy rum swizzle to get the TDN take off (and “kill” us in the process) was followed by another very interesting recipe by Angus Winchester, a beautifully subtly spicy creation – the Thai Stick:



1.5oz Appleton extra
0.5oz licor 43
0.25oz ginger syrup
0.25oz simple syrup
05oz lime juice

Swizzled in double old fashioned glass with loads of crushed ice and then rub the rim with a kaffir lime leaf

I really like the touch with the kaffir lime leaf rubbed on the rim. As kaffir lime leaves are so strongly flavoured, this is just the right amount of flavour to use. Unfortunately i have saved those i have left from Anita over at Married with Dinner in my freezer for later use in cooking  so first defrosting them for rubbing isn´t be the same thing as using a fresh leaf, but i decided to use it still to get at least some kaffir lime flavour on the glass.

Rick from Kaiserpenguin.com made 2 glorious Cheater`s and Applejack swizzles, both very flavourful which together with other amazing swizzles i`m sure will be featured over at Kaiserpenguin with the usual amazing photos and breathtaking garnishes:



1oz LH151
1oz Jwray
1oz Grapefruit juice
3/4oz cinnamon syrup
Top with ginger beer, float 1/2oz blackstrap



2oz applejack
1/2oz Domain de Canton
1/4oz Fernet Branca
3/4oz vanilla syrup syrup
1oz lemon juice

Swizzle with crushed ice, garnish with vanilla. I also dusted a little vanilla powder on top of the ice.

Another swizzle i found refreshing was one of Rumdoods swizzles – the”Wives of Windsor swizzle” it was simple and refreshing, here it is:



2 oz London dry gin
0.5 oz falernum
1 oz grapefruit juice
0.5 simple. syrup

Swizzle in a double-old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with mint. This one is fresh and light, a nice change with some gin and citrus, and the Falernum is just right in this drink.

From DJ HawaiianShirt we got the Black Flag Swizzle, another rummy creation using molasses which adds depth, body and a very nice flavour that pairs perfectly with dark and gold rums:



0.75 oz dark rum (the drier the better)
0.75 gold rum (heavier body the better)
0.5 oz lime juice
2 tsp molasses
1 dash grenadine

Swizzle with lots of crushed ice in tall glass and garnish with fresh mint.

And finally three of my own swizzles:



1 oz cachaca
1 oz campari
0.5 lime
¼ oz simple
1.5 oz pineapple juice

Crushed ice, swizzle. Garnish speared pineapple cube with mint and a cherry.



1.5 oz Appleton Extra
0.5 oz Lemon Hart 151
0.5 oz simple syrup
Sprinkle of fresh lime
Top with grapefruit juice

Add lots of crushed ice, swizzle and float a little fernet, top with more crushed ice. Garnish mint and lime slices.



2 oz gin
Sprinkle of fresh lime
0.5 oz lemoncello
Fresh mint teared
Fill up with crushed ice, top with bitter lemon soda, swizze. Garnish lime.

That`s it folks! a range of swizzles to make us all happy! don`t forget to join again the next thursday, april 30 for the sponsored TDN Beefeater 24!



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