This oil disaster is a nightmare that is slowly unfolding and nobody knows how the final outcome is going to be. But one thing is sure, the most beautiful wetlands in the world is about to be destroyed in front of our eyes and how its going to end up with the seafood industry and more i don`t even wanna think about.

The wetlands has been eroding piece by piece since long by man-made erosion causing the wetlands (which also are natural protective barriers against storm surges) about the size of a football plane to disappear every half hour. And added to that we now have this river of oil that just keeps gushing out in the gulf.

I don`t even like the word “oil-spill” which makes it sound small, while in reality its big enough to be seen from space.

There´s a new analysis from seafloor video indicating that nearly 70,000 barrels are gushing out every day – which is “the equivalent of one Exxon Valdez tanker every four days.” And where it is or where its going – nobody really knows. You can read about that here.

To lend a helping hand with the clean-up of the oil mess you can donate here.

A little is better than nothing, and many “a little” will become big.

Here´s a beautiful song -  “La grace du Ciel” performed by Southwest Louisiana singing group, Les Amies Louisianaises and some very beautiful photography.


  1. You are right. “Spill” sounds like a fixed, finite amount of crude entering the environment. This is a persistent gusher putting 200K+ gallons into the system per day — at a minimum. That is the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez every 10-12 days.

    The only possible bright spot might be to convince at least some folks that offshore drilling needs to be more tightly regulated and ultimately done away with.

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