This time A Mountain of Crushed Ice is on a space trip with the second tiki cocktail from the Grog Log and its dark twist.

Here´s one yummy species of a tiki cocktail, its called Astro Aku Aku and is preferably served in a Moai Mug. (Easter Island Mug) unfortunately i don´t have any..so i`ll serve it in a snifter instead. On the other hand i really like when i can see the color of the drink but a stately tiki mug also gives a very special feeling because of its appearance, its like it demands more respect especially if the mug is tall or have a fierce expression.

The moai mug uses the power of silence and has an air of mystic – the expression of the face of the moai makes you wonder what thoughts and powers are inside. OK, its just a mug but still…at least the drink served has the power of making you drunk.

So therefore, enjoy all booze in moderation, especially certain strong tikidrinks – because tikidrinks are seductive…if you think you can just gulp them down like milk your`e wrong.

So where does this drink`s name come from? according to the book its the space age. More on that in the Grog Log. Astro Aku Aku is based on the restaurant Hawaii Kai`s version of the well known “Suffering Bastard” which was invented in Shepheard`s Hotel in Cairo, Egypt cirka 1950.



1.5 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz papaya nectar
0.5 oz apricot nectar
0.75 oz sugar syrup
0.5 oz falernum
dash Angostura bitters
1 oz 151 demerara rum
1.5 oz gold Puerto Rican rum

Blend everything with ½ cup crushed ice. Pour into 16 oz easter Island mug filled with ice cubes or large snifter with ice cubes.

Nothing is said about garnish but there´s a drawing in the book showing a snifter and a mint sprig. As i was out of mint i used a lime peel instead.

There`s much  fruitness in this drink but it`s balanced by the spiciness of the Angostura bitters and the depth of the demerara rum. Its a lot of lime here but the demerara backs it up, oh demerara rum… – always a good strong backbone…if the demerara wasn`t here i would say this drink is a tad girly. But with some other brand of nectars it would most likely taste different, but as always – if possible get fresh. Its tasty though.

So now i`m supposed to make a twist of this? i like the idea of using papaya nectar and i really don`t fully understand why i haven`t used it in my drinks much more as papaya is my favorite fruit together with lime. What i can get here is either fresh papaya or nectar in a small glass bottle. But this time of the year the fresh papaya is really expensive and the stuff in the tiny little bottle is good so i went for that. The apricot nectar i changed for apricot brandy instead and then i switched the rums.

Angostura bitters is as we know good for everything – but having many bitters its always fun to experiment and to go with papaya and lime and the rest of ingredients i finally found the spicy flavour i was after in Bitter Truths own decanter bitters.

As for switching the rums i felt like doing something different but i wanted definetily to keep the 151 demerara. Whosoever has the wonderful but so sadly dissappearing Lemon Hart 151 its the obvious choice here. I have a bottle of it but its on the other side of the Atlantic and thus out of reach for my shaker…so i used another overproof demerara instead (Outvlugt 1990 full proof old demerara rum) and to pair with it i decided to try St James 12 year old, it can be subbed with St James hors`age. I had no clue how this twist of this drink would end up tasting and that`s the fun!

So let the mixing begin:



1.5 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz papaya nectar
¼  oz apricot brandy
0.5  oz raw sugar syrup
1-2t  molasses
0.5 oz falernum
dash Bitter Truth`s Own Decanter Bitters
1.5 oz 151 demerara rum
1.5 oz St James 12 year old rhum agricole or hors d`age

Blend everything with ½ cup crushed ice. Pour into a fancy glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a few lime leaves if you can find.

At first sip it was way too tart so i upgraded from 1/4 oz sugar syrup to 1/2 and a little bit more molasses too and then the drink was fine. This one is much more boozy in taste, its definetily a drink for rum lovers.

The name – as its a space age theme – is referring to one of the biggest conundrums in modern astronomy which is the fact that over 90% of the Universe is invisible. This mysterious missing stuff is known as ‘dark matter’. At the same time the name also refers to the dark matters in this drink, the dark molasses and rums.

This was only the second drink..i have a feeling that when i`m done mixing the Grog Log i will be well educated in the realm of tiki drinks. Making twists of drinks is not only fun its also very good practise in balancing flavours.

6 Replies to “MIXING THROUGH GROG LOG 2 – Astro Aku Aku”

  1. S&R – so true! “unusual flavor since apricot and papaya juice are not everyday drink ingredients even in the Tiki Universe”

    gyr8or – yes i`ve made my own Falernum, mine was not that sweet but more of lime in it. It was long ago i made it though, for the moment i use Trader Tiki´s Dark Falernum which is good. But i will eventually make another batch again sometimes, haven´t decided on what recipe yet.

  2. Taire, do you make your own Falernum? Just Curious. I made a batch, nearly a year ago, that I’ve been using. It’s good, VERY SWEET, but only used in small amounts.

    Falls Church, VA

  3. Continuing to play catchup on the Grog Log Mix-Along, and checking in late with Astro Aku Aku in hand.

    Despite being a drink recipe I’ve stared down in Grog Log for a long time, this is one of the 25% of so of drinks in the book that I had not yet mixed up. Usually that’s because of my inability to procure a critical ingredient — LH 151 in this case. Even after being clued in a year or so ago by one of the wise posters at TikiCentral that Gosling’s 151 was at least a serviceable (if imperfect) substitute for LH in many drinks, I’ve avoided trying it in drinks that require a full ounce or more of this mythical rum that continues to elude me.

    So. . . my Aku Aku is hobbled somewhat by the Goslings 151 standing in for the Lemon Hart. Nevertheless, it’s got some high-octane yumminess going on that isn’t at all bad. I used a home-made falernum that has come off as a tad ginger-heavy in some other drinks, but here it helps to balance out the assertiveness of the papaya and (especially) apricot nectars. I’m actually pretty amazed that even at a mere 0.5 oz, the apricot fights its way into the mix to be one of the central flavors coming through in this one. That’s not a bad thing, just an unusual flavor since apricot and papaya juice are not everyday drink ingredients even in the Tiki Universe.

    I’m oing to have to revisit this one, as it does have an interesting interplay of flavors. Also, I now have opened cans of papaya and apricot nectar on the fridge that I need to use up in the next couple of days!

  4. I made the Powers of the dark matter..drink last night and used Clèment VSOP for rum and it was so tasty! i didn`t have falernum or those bitters either so i used my Angostura. Next time i`m gonna try the other one.

    Where do you get that drink book? Amazon com i suppose?


  5. The best thing with tiki drinks is that they are good whether its cold or hot, they are good always.

  6. Both of these looks so yummy, i`m gonna try both.Its great that you mix the drinks from Grog Log and take pics of them, don`t stop!

    FYI Germany has some bad bad cold temps now, i need these drinks!

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