It took me to go all the way to New Orleans to be able to lay my hands on one of the Old New Orleans Rums..and the one i picked was the Cajun Spice, that`s the one i was most curious about. Unfortunately i  missed the distillery tour bec i was too far away stuck at Coop`s with a mountain of lovely jamblaya in front of me and there was no way to make it in time unless i had runned fast in the over 104 degree (+40C)  heat with all my swag bags…(an act i wouldn`t be able to perform even for a million i can tell) But anyway, eventually i got me a bottle of the Cajun Spice.

The ONO rum bottles are beautiful and on the back of the label there´s an image that is made by the founder of the Celebration Distillation, artist James Michalopoulos featuring architectural paintings of New Orleans which really does have some incredibly beautiful houses to marvel at.

The Cajun Spice is a blend of rums with cayenne and cinnamon, hints of nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. But before i go on telling you how i find this rum i just want to say something about its history.

On the backstreets of New Orleans – that`s where this rum was born – created by a band of artists and musicians who started a small production in their kitchen – and after doing lots of trial and errors and distilling for two years they ended up making a rum that today is quite famous – and made with Louisiana sugarcane.

They made their own combined column and pot still which enabled them to create a more flavourful rum and they still use that still because it`s unique and produces a unique product that is all their own.

In 1995 the Celebration Distillation bought an ancient cotton warehouse on Frenchmen Street. And in 1999, they made what is known as Old New Orleans Crystal which was their first white rum and after that the Amber Rum was made and from it came the Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum. They now also have made a 10 year old rum which is only available at the distillery.

So how is this rum? the nose is very interesting, at first whiff i feel the sugarcane, caramel Рsomehow i get to think about french cr̩me brul̬e..then i start to detect the spices, i feel cinnamon and clove Рand then i feel the vanilla..

The first sip is very much spice, and now the cayenne speaks, followed by the clove while the sugarcane sweetness is lingering in my mouth. I`m not sure if i detect a slight hint of both cinnamon and nutmeg but maybe that´s it. Its a very pleasant rum and because of the spiciness and the kinds of spices used i think its very much suited in rum-blends for tiki drinks. The spices are just right and the balance is good. This is yummy stuff! Good for sipping, good for mixing too, especially for mixing i would say.

I used it already in a tiki drink and i think it proves good with demerara rum, at least to my palate and to my joy also to others. This shows how versatile this rum is and that`s a very important feature. Very unfortunately this rum is not sold outside of the States.

I have also discovered that equal parts ONO Cajun Spice and El Dorado 12 yo in a sipping glass is heaven on your palate…


2 oz Old New Orleans Cajun Spice Rum
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 cube brown sugar
2 orange peels
1 orange slice, 1 maraschino cherry

Start squeezing the oil from a piece of orange peel and then put into an old fashioned glass. Add sugar and bitters and some of the ONO Cajun Spiced rum plus an ice ice cube and then stir until the ice starts to melt and the sugar is dissolving.

Add another ice cube and the more rum and keep stirring and continue in this way until the sugar is fullty dissolved. At last spray the drink`s surface with some more orange peel oil and drop into the drink with a maraschino cherry – and a slice of orange too if you wish.

Thank you Ian for teaching me your way of slowly but surely doing the Rum Old fashioned!


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  1. Order straight from the distillery. I have ordered twice now and have had no problem receiving out of state. They ship on Thursdays and the employees there have been very helpful.

  2. Lucky you, you at least live near it;-)its an astonishing rum for sure. Have you tried it with El Dorado 12? 50/50 of each and no ice, its heaven in a glass.

  3. Lucky me! I have just discovered this rum for myself. I’ve been reading rum reviews and the guys at rumreviews.com rated this very high, actually the highest on their spiced rum list. I work out of Louisiana and have found so far that I can only buy this in and very near the city of New Orleans. US$26 will buy you a bottle of this locally. Online it can be found at drinkupny.com for US$31. I find this rum astonishing on the rocks or mixed with a splash of Vernors’ “the original ginger soda”. The Vernors’ really makes the ginger and clove flavors pop. Luckily I drove to work this time and I will be picking up several bottles of this gem on my way home. I will also be trying the 3 year old amber rum too.

    Drinks! Dan

  4. Hah! now you`ll definetily have a lot of experimentation to do since Rick also starts to stomp through Remixed;-) but you`ll most likely get a break prior to, during and also after the Tales of the Cocktail when we go down to Nola to blog that event and everything else.

    You are so lucky to get the S&C, but i hope to find a bottle in Nola.I believe it to be a VERY good rum.

  5. If the Rum Gods continue to smile on me, I’ll have a bottle of Smith and Cross some time this week, so the experimentation will definitely continue.

  6. Yeah, its a nice rum isn`t it? its one of my favorites. I LOVE to pair it 50/50 with a demerara, like for instance El Dorado 12 and sip that, its heaven in a glass.I actually don`t like it as the only rum in a Mai Tai, but paired with something, like a dem rum or Pusser´s or Appleton Extra, some flavorful dark rum anyway.

    Maybe Smith&Cross would pair well with it, i haven´t tried S&C yet but as its a flavorful jamaican i can imagine it pairing well with ONO cajun spice.

  7. Late to the party as usual, but I have a bottle of ONO Cajun Spice in hand thanks to a workmate/NEW BEST FRIEND who just returned from New Orleans.

    There’s a really neat fruity-spicy-funkiness in the nose on this one. I’m thinking there is some evidence of the pot still in the nose. Sipping reveals a wild tasting rum. apple, spice, vanilla, nutmeg, pepper. . . Rumdood was right when he said this reminded him of a Christmas mulled cider.

    Thought I’d try the ONO in a mai tai or two. Paired with Matusalem Gran Reserva, the spice and sweetness of the ONO just manages to peek through, resulting in a crisp and light rendition. Thought I’d pair it with the Scarlet Ibis next, but a preliminary 50/50 sipper sample of these two rums revealed that I might do better flying solo with an ONO Cajun Spice mai tai. That is the drink I’m currently enjoying, and it is a nice twist on a classic drink.

    Looking forward to playing around some more with this really interesting rum.

  8. I`ve heard only good about this rum but never tried it yet, i`ll try to hunt it down from some online shop.

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