Its Tales time again people and for those who aren´t attending i`m going to try to keep what`s happening up to date as some of you have requested, at least as much as i can do as its impossible to be everywhere at the same time, and no less – finding time to blog..

And here`s a link to what happened last year and now – the story soon continues.

Most everyone that attend the Tales for the first time – will realize that nothing could have prepared you for the whirlwind that Tales is – it is intense. Ok…as intense as you make it – but there`s really a lot of things to do – more than you think – and before you know it you`re sucked up in a whirlwind of activities that never stops – until Tales is over – and then you need a week to “recover”.

And there`s work to do! listening, taking notes, tasting, comparing, writing, photographing.. and then keep the Mixobar going..and the cooking too..keep Rick and Gabe on the right track..

But i`m gonna avoid too much of the action this year (can you do that?) and attend those seminars i`m really interested in and not as many as possible, get a bit more organized even though i`m not a very organized person..

There´s sessions all day long and plenty of parties every night and if you wanna see the city – and you should! – well then there´s no shortage of things to do either. In Nola – by far – you`ll find the best food and music in the world – and a living culture that is truly unique and different from anything else on this planet.

And then what Tales really is all about – to me at least  – is meeting all the people – both my friends in the city and friends among the cocktail folks that fly in from around the world – and among them the csowgmy feckin`crazy cocktail blogger pals…who i`m gonna live with in the Mixohouse. Let`s see now how the Mixohouse will do this year…

Last year when we lived in that beautiful little house on Rampart st it worked out just fine apart from minor incidents like being awoken by jackass bartenders with bat-like muddlers in the middle of the night. Oh well…i just hope someone doesn`t bring in a vuvuzela…but i heard some rumours…enough said.  Its gonna be a great time, i know it. And with a snow ball place right outside the house and Frenchmen a block away it cannot fail.

Now unto something more serious..

The horrible oil disaster puts things into another perspective that i wasn`t prepared for – and who was? PLEASE do what you can do to help the Gulf. This may or may not also be the last time we get to eat those wonderful gulf oysters which now are fast disappearing due to the closing of the oyster banks – which tragically has forced businesses to close and restaurants to take oysters off their menu. i`m going to eat as much as i can, hopefully there are still some gulf oysters to find..

Charbroiled gulf oysters is the single best thing i ever have eaten in my entire life, i can tell you that much.

I`m also positive that the rest of the tasty seafood served in the city`s restaurants is fine to eat and nothing to be afraid of. As for now as there`s still areas that are not yet closed for fishing on the west side. Enjoy it while you can and while its there and by eating it you also support business in need.

There`s also gonna be bar-towels on sale by the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural preservation Society at the TOTC site (in Monteleone`s gift shop) and 100% of the sales goes directly to the oyster chuckers who have been laid off . If you gonna be there this year, buy one.


I can`t deny that the oil disaster puts a shadow on my party mood but i ain`t gonna let BP kill it, they have done more than enough damage to the people, animals and environment in the Gulf area (and soon beyond).  If i keep writing about BP i`m just gonna get really upset so i stop.

Anyhow, we are “little people” but we have big mouths and so keep protesting is the only thing to do!

I`m very anxious to leave and go down because i have missed Nola for too long…and i wanna meet y`all again! and those of you who i met last year who will not be there ll miss every single one of you!

Tales is just around the corner – july 21-25. But i`m leaving soon – so next time you hear from me i blog from New Orleans.


Just the right food… to pair with all those cocktails. Here`s fried softshell crab, french fries and Gin Bloody Mary.

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