Yes really..the real mint is back, finally.

I have waited since the last vegetable markets closed down in the early fall. Since then i have had to live with those tiny under-light grown thin plants called mint – But its to me not real mint. Oh no..because real mint has much more fragrance. Not a little shy fragrance – it has a bold fragrance.

When i buy the mint from Morocco they sell it in large bunches at the outdoor markets during the summer it smells up the whole bus on the way home.These leaves needs not much spanking if any at all, and they takes up a major space too,well – that´s mint!

Thick and sturdy plants with lots of leaves that has a good texture and brilliant green color, not these tiny little plants, light faint green with a good spacing between the leaves due to poor light.

Oh finally! So i have been waiting! Ok, the greenhouse mint is better than no mint at all, i`m thankful i have some mint during the winter, but i`m happy the real thing is here again and it’s a pity it can´t be frozen successfully. I would have stocked up like i did with all the cherries i steeped in jars with maraschino liqueur and brandy – they have lasted me the whole winter and spring. What a nice feeling, now i don´t have to even look at the supermarket mints until the fall.

Ok, its not that much mint available yet, its still early – just wait until july..but its real mint! and i`m overjoyed.So the fact that the mint is back needs to be celebrated with a drink – a real minty cocktail, a julep – a fig julep – worthy to carry a decent crown of fresh fragrant mint with dignity.

From now on i will always celebrate the MINT DAY here on my blog, not on a set date but the first day after the winter when i find the real mint is back again.

So come on folks, celebrate the mint day with me and make yourself a fig julep or other minty drink!



8-10 torn mint leaves and sprigs for garnish

2 tsp fig marmalade

3 oz Bourbon

Crushed ice

Garnish mint and figs

Muddle fig marmalade and mint in a 10 oz. tall glass.Add crushed ice. Add Bourbon and stir until frost appears on outside of glass. Garnish with mint sprigs and 2 quartered figs.



  1. I have been thinking of doing that myself but haven`t had the time to look for seeds or varietes. I would like to grow grapefruit mint. A friend of mine syas he has a large pot on his balcony already full.

    Mint is lovely!


  2. I grow mint now on my balcony, I have a big pot full, and it easy to grow.Unfortunately I don´t have much space but I would like to try growing different varietes. Nice fig julep!

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