Green Cactus Margarita – Recipe here.

There is but one word for this lively libation – freshness!


The roots of this cocktail can probably be traced all the way to Jalisco, Mezico – right to the blue agave plant. It appeared in the States around late 1940`s. It was published as the drink of the month in the dec 1953 issue of Esquire magazine:

“Drink of the Month”

“She`s from Mexico, Senores, and her name is the Margarita Cocktail – and she is lovely to look at, exciting and provocative”

“1 ounce tequila, dash of triple sec, juice of 1/2 lime or lemon”

“Pour over crushed ice, stir. Rub the rim of a stem glass with rind of lemon or lime., spin in salt, pour and sip”

There are even earlier publications which describes cocktails using these ingredients in various proportions also with other names and there are many stories in circulation as to who invented the Margarita.

A Margarita is really a Sidecar with tequila and lime instead of brandy and lemon. The basics of making a classic Margarita is simplicity and a true classis Margarita is just 3 ingredients – tequila, lime and orange liqueur. I tend to prefer the ratio 2:1:1 (tequila, cointreau, lime)

If you like it sweeter despite the sweetness from the orange liqueur, add some simple or agave syrup. The orange liqueur that i would recommend is Cointreau.The tequila type to use is the silver/blanco or reposado but not anejo. Finally i strongly recommend that you use fresh lime juice and simple syrup instead of a commercial sweet&sour mix.

The Margarita is one of those cocktails that has been severely bastardised (along with the Daiquiri and the Mai Tai) – often slushy, and made from commercial mixers. Luckily though is that the real Margarita isn`t all gone or forgotten. I`m not against variations as long as they doesn`t become vulgar. A nice variation is to use the more tart key lime juice and with them Grand Marnier which is sweeter than Cointreau.

When it comes to rimming the glass with kosher salt, its a good idea to rim half the glass if you don`t know if the person who is going to imbibe it likes a salted rim.

I`m going to make a Margarita variation that adds a splash of jamaica – hibiscus tisane which is made with dried hibiscus flowers that are boiled and steeped in water, then sweetened with sugar or syrup. It has a tart/sweet very refreshing and tropical flavor that i think goes very well with tequila and fruits like lime. And finished off with a float of smoke – mezcal.



1.5  oz tequila
1  oz cointreau
1  oz fresh lime juice
¼ oz agave syrup
jamaica to top
0.5 oz mezcal

Shake ingredients (except jamaica and mezcal) over ice, strain and pour into ice filled margarita glass rimmed with salt.
Top with a splash jamaica and float 0.5 oz good mezcal

Garnish a lime wedge.


5 dl water to 2 handful of dried hibiscus flowers
9 cl agave syrup
Boil for 5 minutes
Cool for 2 hrs

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  1. A Sour is a class of mixed drinks containing a base liquor ( in this case tequila), lemon or lime juice, and a sweetener (triple sec, simple syrup, grenadine . . .).

    A Daisy is a sour made with shaved (or crushed ice–blended?)– basically.

    Daisy’s, as drinks date back to the Late 1800’s.

    When you translate Daisy into Spanish the word is ‘Magarita'(or Maya).


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