TDN Mount Gay was a success!

I wonder if we didn`t break the record yesterday in attendance and probably cocktails too, but people were coming and going so i lost track of how many we were all together. I don`t know how long they continued after i left but when i left the room was still full.

Part of the mixo crew were also doing this TDN live from Vessel with their fine bartenders mixing up our drinks. The whole thing was also live broadcasted by the mixoloseum videocam.

The prize for the best original cocktail of the evening will be provided by Mount Gay. And it’s a bottle of Mount Gay 1703…

Voting is now up at the mixoloseum blog.


According to Chester Browne, Mount Gay’s head mixologist, the Mount Gay Distilleries was first called Mount Gilboa. After the death of Sir John Gay Alleyne, the company was renamed to honour this caretaker of the plantation. Hence it is now called Mount Gay.

When it comes to the new bottle for Mount Gay XO Chester says: “The product in the bottle is perfect, it is difficult to improve on perfection. We had a King in a shack, we just placed him in a palace”

So its just a new bottle, not a new or changed product. To me the old bottle was sort of “cozy” but didn`t reveal what a premium product it actually held, the new bottle is more of a statement of a premium rum reflecting its class.


Chet Baker by Jamie Boderau.


TDN attendance at Vessel.

Luckily all the drinks are on twitter so its easy to go back to get any recipe you like if you feel like mixing up any of the great cocktails that were made. There´s everything from “Kahiki Swell” – ” to “Bridgetown Sling”.

The names of the drinks at the TDN are sometimes as inventive as their content and the fun thing is that the later it gets in the night the wilder the drinks and sometimes the discussions..Unfortunately i was very tired after work yesterday so i only made a few drinks but they were nice all of them. I might make a few more today;-)

I had as usual as everybody else a bunch of drinks and here is one:



2 oz MGXO

0.5 oz Cointreau

1 tsp vanilla syrup

sprinkle of fresh lime

2 oz fresh blood orange juice.

Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with a grilled blood orange slice in the glass.

Mount Gay XO and orange goes very well together, that`s for sure. Maybe i should have added some orange bitters as well?

3 Replies to “MOUNT GAY XO TDN !”

  1. John, grilled fruits in summer drinks is deliscious! try also to make a mojito with muddled grilled lime sometimes..

    Sebastian, after following that link to Systembolaget i got a bit that all of El Dorado that is sold in Sweden? ONE El Dorado? and on special order as well. That one is the 5 year old dark, amazing that they don´t even write that in the shop!

    But i think i might be able to have some more info on the subject in a few weeks as a El Dorado rep is going to check out for me which El Dorados are sold, will be sold or are planned to be sold in Sweden in the near future.

    I buy my El Dorados from Germany, you should check out the German EBay.


  2. I recently came across this blog and liked it a lot! I figured it was written by an american, because of the measurements etc. but you’re telling me you’re swedish? Suprising but very convenient, since I (after reading your post) looked up el dorado on the swedish alcohol monopoly and it doesn’t say anything about what rum they are actually selling. SÃ¥ vilken av el dorados rom är det som de säljer här?

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