This clear tequila is very smooth and bottled immediately following distillation and has a pleasant balanced aroma combining spicy black pepper and hints of agave. Its taste perfectly balances a mixture of sweetness and acidity, complemented by black pepper notes on the palate. Its a tequila to easily be friends with, it invites you to easily mix.

It has no burn and the taste is very clean with said blackpepper notes adding a subtle freshness, this is well suited for drinking neat in a cold shot and that`s how its promoted.

As the Cuervo silver doesn`t have any additive flavors from barrels or fruits its a very basic clean tequila flavor with that note of fresh blackpepper and agave thus lending itself well as a base spirit for mixed cocktails. Uncomplicated, clean tasting, it deserves a place on the shelf as an everyday tequila. Its a pity its not sold in my country, but maybe one day it will as the gold is sold here, so who knows?

In1758  José Antonio Montaño y Cuervo was given a property in tequila by the spanish king and about 40 years later Don Jose Guadalupe Cuervo  received permission to start producing tequila. Don Cuervo took his thousands of acres and created a plantation for cultivating maguey.

Cuervo is today the world’s leading Tequila producer, and the Cuervo descendants still operate the plantation and the distilleries.



The original Margarita doesn`t contain any additional syrup as the orange liqueur is sweet but i have a bit of a sweet tooth and so i added 1/4 oz agave syrup. I have twisted it a bit and added a cactus juice to it. This juice is produced in Sweden so non Swedes can mix fresh green-applejuice, cactus-juice and fresh lime juice with sugar to get a similar juice.

When it comes to the salt rim a good idea is to rim half and leave the other so there´s a choice. I personally like the salt rim so here for this post i have used it as its me gonna drink it, i think the salt enchances the flavor in this drink.

Omitting the orange liqueur and use only agave syrup also makes a nice variety of the Margarita.

2  oz tequila – Cuervo Especial Silver
1  oz cointreau
1  oz fresh lime juice
¼ oz agave syrup
Top with Heba cactus juice
Shake ingredients over ice, strain and pour into ice filled margarita glass rimmed in salt.



1 oz tequila – Cuervo Especial Silver
1 oz tequila – Cuervo Gold
1  oz cointreau
1  oz fresh lime juice
¼ oz agave syrup
fine raw sugar

The procedure is the same as with the Margarita.

But i didn´t use salt this time, instead i used raw sugar which i think is tasty too.



Very simple, very basic and very tasty due to the smoothness and the agave and pepper notes.

Serve ice cold in a shot glass.


Yes! I`m actually gonna make a blue drink here as well!

As some of you know my secrit “guilty pleasure” (MxMo – Two at the Most) is blue drinks..and green..I think the blue goes well with tequila so here is a blue drink which is very simple to make:



1.5 oz tequila – Cuervo Especial Silver
0.5 oz blue curacao
0.5 oz fresh lime juice
¼   oz agave syrup
Club Soda to top

Pour into a highball and wizzle with crushed ice and then place a cherry at the bottom.Top with soda.

Fill up with more crushed ice and garnish with lime.


Here is a more festive drink and this summer-like cocktail mixes tequila, lime, honey, Aperol, hibiscus Grenadine and fresh pink Grapefruit – which i find pairs well with the blackpepper notes.


2 oz tequila – Cuervo Especial Silver
0.5 fresh lime
0.5 honeymix (1.1 honey and water)
1 oz fresh pink grapefruit juice
1 oz Aperol
Small splash hibiscus grenadine
A little Club soda to top

Shake all ingredients except Club Soda. Pour into a glass filled with cracked ice. Garnish with a speared rose and 4 thin lime wedges. It can of course be garnished much simpler, maybe just a lime slice, i just add all this crazy garnish because i think its fun.

Now when the spring is slowly arriving more and more fresh fruits will show up at the markets and soon we will be able here to buy that fresh, sturdy and incredibly fragrant mint from Morocco which makes the whole bus smell mint on my way home, oh i can`t wait.



  1. This is smooth in the shot glass and great for margaritas. I have been trying to locate the best combination of taste and price, and this is the winner in my opinion. I have experimented with Cabo Wabo reposado, Patron, Casa Noble Tequila Crystal and El Ultimo Tequila reposado.

    I would rank them:

    1. Jose Cuervo Especial Silver
    2. El Ultimo Agave reposado
    3. Cabo Wabo reposado
    4. Casa Noble Tequila Crystal
    5. Patron

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! This was AMAZINGGGGGGGG thanks for all the hints with the coctails, I have tried all and my taste buds are in heaven lol…Thanks again Melanie

  3. OMG!!!!!this tequila is the best, smoothest! I actually enjoyed it more than Patron.

  4. Thanks for the comments;-) i like this tequila because its uncomplicated and simple and reasonably priced. On the other hand i don´t have very much to compare with here.


  5. I like this tequila too but it seems to be a tequila you either like or not, my friends are about 50-50 like or not like;-)
    Or maybe you just need to grow with it?

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