Best of A Mountain of Crushed Ice is coming…

Aloha! some of you dear readers might have noticed how slow this blog has become since many months, it moves at the speed of a drunken snail or turtle… but there´s a reason for that – there´s a book in the Works! “Best of A Mountain of Crushed Ice” is a book about tiki drinks with the best from this website in updated versions along with new recipes and some “mixed potions” by friendly tiki bartenders and enthusiasts from around the world.

The book is for everyone who loves tropical exotic tiki drinks and the little “tutorials” aims at those who are new to tiki drinks, both consumers and bartenders but the book as a whole is for all tiki drink lovers . So that`s what`s up… and when will the book be ready? I`m not sure of an exact date, there´s a ton of work to be done, and i`m doing most of it myself, researching, writing, making drinks, styling, photography, editing photos etc plus learning about how to write a book because I have never written a book before.

Trying to write posts for this website at the same time as writing the book, plus working with other things, taking care of my domestic life and work turns out a little bit too much for this laid back flip-flop kinda lady so please bear with me when this website is taking a little temporary “half”-break. That said, I might pop in a blog post every now and then… and when the book is ready it will be announced right here.

So why writing a book? well, the blog is celebrating it`s 10th Anniversary this year! that`s ten years of collected recipes, rambles, experiments and knowledge, some better, some worse, some outright crazy… as is the nature of many cocktail blogs. But over time it can be difficult to find some of the best posts even though there`s an archive, but how often do people really bother digging in the yearly archives? blog posts and the drinks in them have a tendency to over time become forgotten. So I think putting the best from it in a book is not a bad idea, plus when I no longer is here this blog will not be either but then the book will be! So now you know why it`s moving so slow here for the moment.

In the meantime, here´s a little teaser picture collage…

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  1. Update: the book is still being edited in the USA, so bear with me a little bit more! this takes time! but the end result will be very nice, and now when so many other tiki drink books came out lately, there`s enough reading candy for a while! we need something new later on too…

  2. Hi Seymon! the book is for the moment being edited in the US and then it will go through a final editing by another source, so some more time it will be… after that it need to go through the evaluation process where all technical details (pictures, page, borders sizes etc etc) will be evaluated and if necessary need to be adjusted etc, so then again some more time might be required, so an exact date I cannot tell you at this stage. But in any case, I will write here on the blog when I know. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  3. Dear Tiare, I hope your book project proceeds well! Are there any news regarding this topic you would like to share with us? Especially when it comes to the publishing date? Best wishes, Semyon

  4. Hi Kyle, thanks for your interest! I`m still on the last part part of the book (indexing etc) and then it needs to be edited by an editor before sent in, and for now, for some time, I have been forced to slow down on my computer use due to pain in my right arm because I have both my ordinary job, this blog and the book done on the computer….. I don`t think it will be ready for the holidays, more likely towards the spring. When it`s ready I will announce it here on this website and on the Facebook Page,

  5. Any updates on when the book will be out? I need to do some holiday shopping for friends . . . .

  6. These are really great, great news! I can’t wait for your book to arrive in the stores. Hopefully, it will be available in Germany, too! Good luck and greetings, Semyon

  7. Thank you Andy! and blank pages it sure won`t be….this book is an eclectic tropical extravaganza bursting with colors 🙂

  8. Great news! I’d buy one even if it was just a book of blank pages as a way to pay you back for all the great inspiration over the years. I’m sure it will be very successful.

  9. Hi Alex, thanks for your interest! I don`t know but I believe it will be available on or some other online page. When the book is ready and I know I will update that info here on this blog.



  10. Yay!!! Looking forward to buying my copy!! Congrats on this Tiare! When do we get to see you in the states again?

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