Tiki Month 2017 – Doug`s Volcano

How time flies! we`re already in mid february and the Tiki Month is halfway through….

So, almost running late I just had to make a drink! and what could be more fitting than making a drink inspired by Doug Winship`s home made indoor volcano? if you didn´t know, Doug is the man behind the Tiki Month which appears every year in february on the Pegu blog (and by inspired bloggers around the blogosphere)

Next year Doug will celebrate his 10 year Anniversary with the Tiki Month! did 9 years pass already?? how did that happen? scary….I went to check his Tiki Month posts in his archives starting typing in february 2009 which is when it started. So many memories! that was the time when the Mixoloseum was going strong and we had the first”Mixohouse” in New Orleans. Feels like it was 100 years ago…

And then I found this post…..it´s called “How Tiki Month Began” – where he tells the story of how it started…it took me back to the golden days of tiki blogging….such nostalgia! incredible! it was a different feeling those days, it was a feeling of discovery, adventure and brotherhood among bloggers (and yes we even had our own organisation called the Cocktails and Spirits Online Writers Group with the likes such as Kaiserpenguin, Cocktailnerd and Dr Bamboo… The CSWOG was the 25 most prolific cocktail blogs at the time, come together doing events, both on and offline. Our signature drink was a communal style JWray overproof spiked Chartreuse swizzle served in flower vases.

I had no IDEA how much Doug looked up to us early tiki bloggers! and from having no tiki drink experience whatsoever to decide to go a whole month doing ONLY tiki is an amazing task to take up – and look at him now, almost ten years of tiki month blogging, and the research he have made and put together is incredible….go and read this post and all the others on his blog, Tiki Month 2017 in full swing! I have to give kudos to Doug for keeping it up for so long and I hope it won`t close down anytime soon.

There`s a video of Doug`s volcano, Mount Pegu – I posted it at last year`s Tiki Month, you can watch it here. I have admired his volcano for a long time, ever since he built it and I believe it must be pretty fun to have your own indoor volcano with erupting smoke and all, making your home tiki bar come alive!

For this drink I have put together rum, hibiscus grenadine, Cherry Heering, fresh lime, grapefruit and passion fruit. It was kind of too fruity and weak to me in flavor when I first made it but after adding Lost Spirits 61% Navy style rum the drink was kickin`and there came some depth of flavor.

If you can`t find that rum pick a rum that has a good punch both in flavor and proof. It´s a volcano after all, it´s supposed to be erupting…

Doug`s Volcano

1,5 oz grapefruit juice

1.5 oz passionfruit juice

0.75 oz fresh lime juice

0.25 oz Cherry Heering

0.75 oz hibiscus grenadine

1.5 oz Plantation 3 Stars Rum

1.5 oz Lost Spirits 61% Navy Style Rum

0.5 oz overproof rum (I used Meermaid)

Garnish – Dried hibiscus powder, two long lemon peels cut to look like lava streams, a pineapple leaf. Add some lime juice on the outside of a snifter and sprinkle hibiscus powder on it. You can make it yourself by crushing dried hibiscus flowers in a mortar.

Blend the ingredients in a blender at high speed for 5 seconds with 4 oz crushed ice and pour into a snifter, add more crushed ice to fill and the two lemon peels. Sprinkle some of the hibiscus powder on top of the ice and add 2 straws.

Now sit back and let that volcano take care of you…

Happy Tiki Month! next year we celebrate 10 years!!

Mount Pegu

8 Replies to “Tiki Month 2017 – Doug`s Volcano”

  1. But now I know why you couldn`t find it, the overproof version was a limited edition trial. They are almost done with the new bottles, so the overproof will be available regularly very soon.

  2. No, I haven’t contacted them. Like I said, I managed to snatch a bottle. I just happened to notice that the two German shops that offered the rum don’t list it anymore.

  3. Ynos, have you tried to contact them to check where or if it´s available? on the website you can write to them – http://www.meermaid-rum.de/bulletin

    It would be a shame if such a unique rum would not be available anymore.

    The best to sub the LS navy is another good navy rum.


  4. The Meermaid OP is indeed a very unique spiced rum, because it’s very fruity. I can’t think of any other rum like it. But it looks like it’s not availavble anymore. Luckily, I got hold of a bottle a couple of months ago. I even have homemade hibiscus grenadine but I lack the LS Navy Style Rum. Any suggestions on how to sub it? Thanks.

  5. Eric, Meermaid overproof is an infused rum with a fruity, slightly herbal and spicy flavor. It`s only sold in Europe. I made a review of it here if you want to check itout – http://www.amountainofcrushedice.com/?p=23927

    To sub it I´d use Plantation or other non white overproof but also, why not just try it with the JWray you got? it could turn out nice! not the same flavor as the one in the recipe of course, especially since JWray overproof has it`sown very distinct flavor, but it could be good! it could also turn out better, who knows?

  6. Is meermaid rum white rum? I want to make Dougs Volvano but I don’t want to veer too far from the original recipe. I have Wray & Nephew over proof rum.

  7. Heh!
    “Meermaid”. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s perfect. The big new piece of Tiki decor this year is a 4 foot mermaid statue….

    Thanks, Tiare

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