Stylish Cup and Glass Holders!

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A friend of mine brought my attention to these stylish cup and glass holders, which you can use as gifts or bring along to a party and they allow you to carry a bottle or a wine glass or beverage and have hands free for cell phone, etc. while you for example wander a street festival or exhibition hall.

I think these are great gifts!

They are very stylish and comes in many different fabrics, sizes and color combinations. These are hand crafted by Caroline Hallak and are sold online at and they also ship to Europe and worldwide.

Here are some pics I took of them in person, they are pretty nice and cool!

Big bottle bag red

Red rosy and orange bottle bag, perfect for example a bottle of wine or why not rum?

Bottle bag black and pink

Here`s black and old fashioned pink, glass and bottle holder.

Shot glass bags

Little shot glass holders….

Bottle bag gold 5

Gold…for a bottle of champagne maybe?

Shotglass bags and beer bag

Bring that beer with you….

Aren`t these nice?

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