A Tour to the Donner-Peltier Distillery

DP sign

On the last day, after Tales, we went on a distillery tour to the Donner-Peltier Distillery in Thibodaux and that was just the right thing to do because it turned out a fabulous day!

Starting at the Palace Cafè with drinks and then into the bus and off we went towards the sugarcane fields in Thibodeaux. On the bus the mood was happy and Rum Punches with Rougaroux rums were served 🙂 I have reviewed the Rougaroux Fullmoon dark, blackstrap rum before on this blog and that rum is one of my favorite rums and it has found it`s way into many of my tiki drinks!

Now to see where this fabulous rum is made as well as the other products they are making like the white overproof rum, the Sugarshine as well as their 13 Pennies rum, LA1 Whiskey and Oryza gin and vodka.

The distillery is a little gem way out in Thibodaux….and we were welcomed with a real nice lunch with spicy tasty cajun food and then cocktails with their products and a brief overview of what they are doing. Then after the lunch and cocktails we walked into the distillery to learn how their products are made.

The name “Rougaroux” (Roo ga roo) comes from a Louisiana tale about the Rougaroux which is a mysterious creature lurking in the sugarcane fields and swamps, emerging only during a full moon to exact justice on the wicked… its curse lasting 101 days….and therefore the Sugarshine rum is 101 proof 🙂

The legend of the Rougaroux is based on that the sugarcane fileds are quite a dangerous place for kids to play in, they can get lost or bitten by snakes or other dangerous creatures and so the legend was made to keep them away from playing there.

But the kids got scared by the Rougaroux so they couldn`t sleep….and so then the legend of the 13 Pennies was born….(which also is the name of their praline rum)

The legend has it that if you place 13 pennies outside your door on the ground you`ll confuse the Rougaroux because he can only count to 12….and when he comes and sees the 13 pennies he starts to count and when he gets to 13 he has to start all over again so he is busy counting all night and when the sun starts to rise he has to leave and go back to his lair….


13 pennies outside the door…..

The Rougaroux rums are made from local sugarcane and are distilled in both pot and column stills and there´s 3 rums, the Fullmoon Dark which is a blackstrap rum, made from a white rum that has been aged in white oak barrels and which to me tastes like something in between Cruzan blackstrap and El dorado 12, with the addition of dark sugary and fuel notes, it´s a very special rum! then the white Sugarshine rum which is a overproof “moonshine”rum also with a funky nose.

The 13 Pennies is a nice praline flavored rum, not so strong, more sweet and nutty, but it doesn`t have that much of praline in the flavor though, more just a sort of nuttiness.

The Rougaroux Fullmoon Dark Rum is aged on white oak with no extracts, caramel or artificial ingredients added. This rum is my favorite product of their range and it´s absolutely amazing in tiki drinks! but the Sugarshine rum is not to forget….it´s also a rum full of boldness and punch!

Then they make a whiskey, LA1, the Oryza vodka and a gin, and the Oryza vodka recenly was dubbed the “One of the best vodka in the US” by the “Fifty Best” –  the vodka is one of two in the nation that is distilled from rice.

They also have a littel gift shop on the premises and I bought a bottle of El Guapo Bitters, flavor – “Crawfish Boil”….there´s a “Gumbo” Bitters too, very punchy and a more gentle “Polynesian Kiss”. These bitters are unique to Louisiana.

As a gift we could chose between the Rougaroux Full Moon Dark or the Sugarshine rums and since I already have the dark I picked the white Sugarshine rum, espect a review of it later. This tour was educational and fun and it was an excellent day!

Here´s a picture parade from the tour:

DP drinks

We started out at the Palace Cafè with morning Bloody Mary`s, followed by Rum Punches on the bus heading to Thibodaux.

DP bar, cajun food

To continue with cocktails in the bar in the gift shop and a lunch with many different spicy cajun sausages, boudin and other tasty things.

DP Barrels and stills

Then further into the distillery to see the stills, barrels etc and learn about how their products are made.

DP Barrels

Rum barrels.


This raw sugar smelled and tasted heavenly….

DP sugarcane field sugar blackstrap

Sugarcane fields and black strap molasses, used to make the flavorful Rougaroux rums.

DP Distillery collage

If you get a chance, try to visit this distillery!


El Guapu Crawfish Boil Bitters


And to take home, I picked this one, the potent Sugarshine rum!

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