Rum Nation Jamaica 8yo Pot Still Rum

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From a distillery in st Catherine, Jamaica is this pot still rum hailing but it has also spent time in Rum Nation`s Oloroso sherry casks, so it`s a 8 yo pot still rum with 50% Oloroso sherry finish.

It was distilled in 2006 and bottled in 2015. Aged in ex bourbon barrels in Jamaica for 7 years and one additional year in 1st fill ex sherry Oloroso top quality cask in Piedmont.The rum is 50% ABV or 100 proof and the residential sugar is (g/l):10.

The result is a well balanced and not overly sweet rum with notes of dark raisins, spicy cinnamon and cloves.

Rum Nation is a rum company based in Italy created by Fabio Rossi in 1999. Fabio travels around the Caribbean and Americas to find the best rums he can find and release in limited editions and as of today Rum Nation has a quite wide array of premium rums in their portfolio.

The bottle which I find to ve very nice, has the characteristic stamp on it – the stamp on the bottle is due to Fabio Rosso being an avid stamp collector in younger years and now adding a touch of class to the bottles with the stamps and a nod to the country of origin – which I find lovely.

A very nice touch!

So how does this rum taste? let`s find out….

Rum Nation Jamaica 8 yo Pot Still Rum bottle

Color and nose: The color of the rum is golden amber and it has a very estery fruity nose with hints of spice and light wood. There´s also something i cannot put words on but it´s sort of funky in a good way.

In the mouth: Here´s that punch of Jamaican funk again same as in the nose and with hints of spice like cinnamon and raisin, followed by sultry tropical fruitiness, banana peel, rich, creamy, aromatic, oaky.

It has got some fire which is tamed by refinement, maybe from the Oloroso casks, it´s like a mix of estery Jamaican funk and refined oak washed in tropcial fruits and spices. The result is very sippable, very enjoyable and it sure must make a great daiquiri!

It has a long finish and after taste and it´s not dry but neither is it too sweet.

Rum Nation jamaica 8 tasting

Chocolate pairing: Rum Nation suggest Valrhona Caraibe which is balanced, creamy and velvety which the rum also is so they pair very well together.

I also tried the creamy chocolately Jivara with excellent results 🙂 Jivara which added some ultra creaminess to the taste experience.


This thing about Rum and chocolate pairing…I could get addicted to it 🙂

Jamaican Rum Barrel 

Jamaican Rum Barrel

0.75 oz fresh lime juice

0.75 oz grapefruit juice (yellow)

0.75 oz pineapple juice (unsweetened)

0.75 oz sugarcane syrup

2 oz Rum Nation Jamaican 8 yo Rum

Dash Angostura bitters

Shake with ice and pour into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.

Garnish with a tropical orchid and a rock candy swizzle stick (or other swizzle stick)

Final thoughts – iI can really recommend this rum to anyone, both the rum and the Valhrona chocolates! the rum can be both sipped and mixed without any problems in the world.

Rum Nation has once again launched a great rum!

Rum Nation Jamaica 8 valrhona

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  1. Frank i`m making myself a Mai Tai with it tonight to find out! but i do believe it will be good…

  2. Would you consider trying this one in a Mai Tai?
    Sure, an Oloroso finished Rum in a Mai Tai might sound rather unusual, but still, it’s a Jamaican Rum: Jamaican Rum and Mai Tai should go without saying 😉

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