TOTC 2013: Here comes Bayou Rum!

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Just in time for the Tales of the Cocktail comes the global launch of Louisiana Spirits Bayou rum!

They will launch the silver and spiced rum at the Tales which will be available for attendants for tasting on wed july 17th in the hotel Monteleone, Royal Ballrooms C and D – 2:30pm — 4:00pm.

The Silver is made from of molasses and raw, unprocessed sugar from Louisiana and the spiced rum is a using the same ingredients as the silver rum with the addition of mostly traditional spices for spiced rum but it does have a secret ingredient…which of course is sourced from Louisiana.

Their upcoming aged rum is already being put into Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels to rest and age as long as it takes until it´s ready.

I`m VERY curious to taste these rums…

If you are going to the Tales and like rum make sure not to miss this event! also the Bayou rum will be there in the “Meet the Craft Distillers” tasting on july 19th 5.30 – 7 pm at and then also at a street side tasting outside of Monteleone on july 20th, 6-7.30pm.

And  – at one of the Spirited Dinners – “A Night on the Bayou” at Grand isle Restaurant.

Here is their website and facebook page.

There’s a spirit that runs through the bayous of the land and veins of the residents of Louisiana that’s like no place on earth. From the culture to the cuisine, to the way people celebrate; it’s about living life to its fullest and having some fun along the way. It’s from this place, where sugarcane first came to the USA, that Bayou™ Rum was born.

After two years in the making, some refreshingly inspired cocktails made with our Silver Bayou Rum and Spiced Bayou Rum will be featured. It may be your first experience with a handcrafted Louisiana Rum made from raw unrefined Louisiana sugar and fresh Louisiana molasses distilled down the road in Lacassine. Our Head Distiller and Master Blender will be on hand to share Bayou Rum’s traditional production method. You will also touch, taste, and see what we consider to be the finest raw materials available, and even swap rum stories with Billy Patout from M.A. Patout & Sons – the oldest continuously operating sugar mill in the USA since 1829.

The first 200 in the door will pick up a signed Bayou Rum Swamp Survival package. You will need it to prepare to pet the alligator (no worries, Troy “Choot ‘Em” Landry will be on hand to help). Hold baby gators (courtesy of Jeff Davis Parish). Blow your duck call (with a duck hunting guide). Grab a bite (tasty Cajun finger foods).

And most importantly, enjoy you some Bayou Rum and let the good times roll!


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