Tales of the Cocktail 2013 – Pre Post

Cariel vanilla vodka cocktails

It´s that time again – the Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans! it´s the fifth year now that i blog about the Tales. This year is just like every year a whole bunch of seminars and many are at the same time so it´s a bit of a headache to make your picks because you`ll always miss out on something. On the other hand – there´s something for everyone.

Here´s three of the seminars i have picked:

Seminar 1 – Rise of the Zombie: Tiki’s Deadly Drink –

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry spent ten years tracking down the original lost recipe for the Zombie cocktail. Why? From the end of Prohibition to the dawn of Disco, the Zombie was the world’s most famous drink. It kick-started the whole Tiki craze, and put Don The Beachcomber’s Hollywood bar on the map.

Inventor Donn Beach kept his original 1934 recipe a closely guarded secret — and when the Jeff finally found it, the recipe was in code! While sipping samples of vintage Zombie recipes, you’ll learn why this legendary drink was the toast of the Hollywood movie crowd, and hear the true-life detective story behind how the recipe’s secret code was cracked.

Wednesday - 07/17/2013  – at 3:30 pm — 5:00 pm - Grand Ballroom South, Royal Sonesta

Partiicipating personalities: Jeff Berry — Ian Burell — Steve Remsberg


Seminar 2 – The Dark Ages: Mixology, 1967-1988

The years between the death of Tiki and the revival of the cocktail that began when Dale DeGroff donned his red jacket and stepped behind the bar at the rainbow Room saw an impressive burst of creativity behind the bar. Dozens of new drinks acheived national and even global popularity.

For the first time in generations, whole new categories of drink were invented and populated. Unfortunately, most of those drinks, well, sucked. But behind all those smutty-named shooters and sickly-sweet disco drinks lay a spirit of inventiveness that laid the foundation for the renaissance that was to come.

Join acclaimed cocktail historians David Wondrich and Jeff berry as–with their customary welter of offbeat anecdotes, skewed axioms and deep (if perhaps misguided) commitment to historical accuracy–they trace a path through this culinary minefield. Will there be drinks? Yes. Will they suck? Not all of them.

Saturday - 07/20/2013 - 3:00 pm — 4:30 pm - Queen Anne Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

 Partiicipating personalities: David Wondrich — Jeff Berry


Seminar 3 – European Rums Uncovered: What’s the Story - 

Did you know that 9 out of 10 rum consumers do not realise that some of the best rums in the world are blended, aged and bottled in Europe?

They may start in the America’s but are adopted, loved , nurtured and aged in the cooler climates of Europe.

With an increasing number of “Dual Aged” rums entering into the US market, Global Rum Ambassador, and rum edu-tainer, Ian Burrell, hosts the story of European rums, and will take you through a tasting of some of the more notable European rums on sale in the US, plus a few EXCLUSIVE rums for the Tales of the cocktail seminar attendees.

If you have any questions on “dual aging” or what makes a great European rum, then you find the answers within this seminar from the panel of rum experts on show because “it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at!”

Saturday - 07/20/2013 - 1:00pm — 2:30pm - Grand Ballroom North, Royal Sonesta

Partiicipating personalities: R John Pellaton — Richard Seale — Alexandre Gabriel — Ian Burrell


See you there hopefully!!!

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