Agave Syrup – Not so Natural and worse than HFCS


 Picture credit Dominik MJ Schachtsiek

Agave Nectar Is Not A Natural Sweetener!

Stumbled upon an article about agave syrup while browsing around in the Dubai Bartender Club. The article is written by Dominik MJ Schachtsiek – bartender and writing a blog called  “The Opinionated Alchemist”. I had no idea that it was that bad with agave syrup – and therefore i wanna share his article here.

Here´s a a part of it:

Truth has to be told, I was always under the impression, that agave syrup is similar healthy as honey. It is natural, so it has to be good, duh…

Turns out, that it isn’t! Agave nectar is not a traditional product, it is not a “pre-stage” of pulque [the quite nasty agave brew, which are nowadays rarely consumed, however was the alcohol of choice for the indigenous civilisations of Latin America, before the conquestadors shared their distilling and beer brewing expertise].

Agave nectar is very similar produced like high fructose corn syrup. It is produced by breaking down the inulin [a complex carbohydrate] of the agave piña into mostly fructose.

Which stuns me is, that it is obviously even worse than HFCS. While latter contents 55% fructose, agave syrup contains 70%.

Read the whole article here.

I had no idea…me too was thinking that it was as good as honey – which btw i just heard that nowadays the honey you buy in usual grocery stores is NOT good for you. It has been modified with chemicals. The only good honey is purchased at natural food stores.

Geez…what CAN we safely eat?

As for syrups…better stick to the old fashioned way…i make my syrups at home, it´s easy, it´s cheap and you know what you get. Unless you buy from someone you know does it right – like BG Reynolds – for example.

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