Cachaça de Minas Gerais – João Andante

The liquid gold of  Brazil….Cachaça.

If you`re not familiar with cachaça i wrote a post about cachaça and rhum agricole long ago and tried to explain the difference between them since they both are made from sugarcane juice and yet so different.

The cachaça i have here now, João Andante – is a handcrafted artisanal aged cachaça from Minas Gerais – and it tastes wonderful…..

Minas Gerais is the biggest and best cachaça producing state in Brazil and one can always expect a good selection of cachaças from people from Minas Gerais.

João Andante has a sweet sugarcane nose with grassy earthy notes and it tastes sweet, buttery and earthty, complex and very smooth – and it`s 40% ABV or 80 proof.

It´s aged 2 years, one year in amburana wood and one year in oak. The amburana is known to give a light yellowish tone to the cachaça and so i guess the oak may impart some brownish/darker hues?

There´s not much to read about this cachaça online so i have no real good info on it´s history or how it´s made. Seeing to that there are so many cachaças in Brazil i really would like to see more brands exported, as it is now only a fraction that gets out of Brazil. I`m lucky to have a brazilian friend and i can safely say that i wouldn`t have been able to try the great cachaças i have tried otherwise.

I have actually only made caipirinhas with my João Andante because it really makes some killer caipirinhas….and just as with a classic daiquiri for real good rums – the simple combination of cachaça or rum and lime and sugar really allows the flavor of the spirit to shine through.

It also is a very good sipping cachaça especially with that buttery aftertaste but to round this post off i also made a vanilla version of a caipirinha.

The João Andante website is only in portugese unfortunately but there´s always google translate – but that doesn´t always get very accurate..

Vanilla Caipirinha

2 oz João Andante aged cachaça

1 large lime to muddle

0.5 oz sugarcane syrup or 2-3 heaped tsp brown sugar

seeds from one vanilla bean

Cut a large lime into 8 wedges and put them in a rocks glass, add vanilla seeds and sugar and muddle. Add cachaça and crushed ice and stir well. The crushed ice will melt a little and makes the flavors blend wonderfully.

I like sugar rims so i used some molasses sugar mixed with some of the vanilla seeds to rim this one but that´s not necessary. Then i added a vanilla bean as garnish.

Simple and good…this drink can of course be made with any good cachaça, preferably artisanal and i think aged goes better with the vanilla as both are naturally dark colored.


Same as above but without vanilla bean. You may make all kinds of Caipirinha variations by adding fruits to the muddle. It´s such an easy drink to make and the key is good quality and fresh ingredients.





Sugarcane bar


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