Tales 2012 – A Recap of Tastings and Events

As everyone who have been to the Tales of the Cocktail knows, it´s not just a ton of seminars it´s also tastings, parties and events of all kinds…and there´s so much happening that it´s impossible to do it all, you will always miss out on things but on the other hand you´ll also do a lot…

Here`s a parade of pictures from some of the tastings i passed through…some of you who were there will maybe recognize a thing or two – and all of you who were not there – i hope the pictures can be of inspiration to try to get down there the next year!

What Tales is for me mostly – is meeting all the people! AND having great drinks and learn about and try out new things.


Everyday there´s a bunch of tasting rooms open and a lot to explore, they also serve Nola style snacks because you need a little something in your belly if you gonna taste so many different spirits and liqueurs…

The tastings are like boozy mingle parties…some are held daily at the Monteleone and Sonesta and others are held at various locations – i went to a very funny tequila tasting party on Dba for example and another fun one at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl and not to forget the Blackwell Rum and Reggae pool party at the top of Monteleone!

These tastings are something not to miss because in many cases you get to taste some very rare and artisanal products that you would probably never get to try again so easily. Plus you can make great contacts and get a chance to meet the producers and ask them everything you want to know about their products. Here are some pictures from tastings:


This was the funniest of the tastings i think, and the Blackwell rum was surprisingly good…the reggae music was good too and who wouldn`t feel good when rum and reggae is combined by the pool? a little piece of Jamaica in New Orleans…





I found Blackwell Jamaican dark rum delicious and a great mixer, look out for a review of this rum later.


I went to two different tequila tastings, one at the Sonesta and one on Dba, and sometimes you get to try out some stuff you`d NEVER be able to buy Рlike this 9000 USD bottle from Dos Armadillos at the Tequila Extra A̱ejo Tasting:


The tequila was smooth…and the exquisite dark mexican chocolate that was served in the room to pair with different premium aged tequilas was one of the best chocolates i have tasted.

That was a very nice tasting room indeed. The tequila party on Dba was a funny and CROWDED event…and the tequila was flowing and i have never seen Dba this crowded before, it was totally packed.


And taste of Trinidad – that was rums from Angostura – and CANDY!!! yes you read that right! there were bowls filled with candy everywhere and little bags to fill…plus Caribbean snacks.

Angostura is a very good rum if you ask me. I had already tried out these rums before but my highlight in that room was a cocktail they served…it was soooo delicious…and here´s the recipe:

Pure Imagination - – Created by Travis Tidwell

1 oz Angostura 7 year

1 oz Black Bottle Blended Scotch

1.5 oz Benedictine

3 dashes Angostura orange bitters

Chocolate, coffee and sugar rim

Orange chocolate sticks for garnish

Stir ingredients in a Martini glass (or other)

There was also another yummy cocktail served:

The Suspense is Terrible…I Hope it Lasts! – Created by Travis Tidwell

2 oz Angostura 5 year

0.5 oz Hot tamale syrup

0.25 oz Lemon juice

2 oz Cream soda

Build ingredients in a collins glass.


Also when you walk around in the tasting rooms you sometimes find yourself discovering things you never seen before, like this glass frosting machine:

About to start up a glass frosting…

The machine at work…

And the glass is ready…frosted…how cool is this?


I wrote a post about the Dry Curacao seminar…here´s a few pics from the tasting room which was very tastefully decorated and probably the most beautiful of the tasting rooms. The pictures are courtesy Daniel Krieger with permission from Pierre Ferrand.

An inviting welcome…

Dried Laraha orange peels – when you snap them in half it’s like an orange aroma explosion.

PIG `N`PUNCH – presented by the Bon Vivants

This was the 3rd Annual Pig & Punch…which is an event to celebrate the spirit of community and friendship that has formed somehow through the bond of throwing together a good drink. Pig & Punch is NOT about making cocktails even though a large amount of rum punch and other drinks was served, its about making friends – it is about fun, memories and charity.

The event was held in Washington square park and was a giant free barbeque party filled with food and drink…and of course, since it´s in New Orleans – brass band musc and dancing.

The event was free – but it´s a charity event  – so all the money raised through the selling of the Pig `n`Punch t-shirt was donated back to the local charity that a massive group of bartenders  volunteered their time at earlier in the week.





Pictures from Pig n Punch courtesy of Ken Stock.

So there you have it – a little taste of what you can do at the Tales of the Cocktail apart from going to the seminars and all the numerous parties, events and dinners that are taking place around town during the Tales week.

It`s great fun – every year!

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