Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Bottle Alley – Drinking The Panama Canal

Panamanian alcohology…let that word sink in for a while…

Doesn`t that sound like something you´d just wanna dive right into? i know i want to….and i will! – Here`s a seminar for devoted cocktail lovers – Drinking The Panama Canal!

The scandalous, murderous, delicious history of Panamanian alcohology. From 1502 to 1945, the Isthmus of Panama took an epic journey from native Indian spit-beer to pirate punch, and from yellow fever to cocktail fever.

The cast of characters includes Captain Morgan (the real one, not the spiced one), Teddy Roosevelt, cocktail pioneer Jerry Thomas, and cocktail chronicler Charles Baker.

Vintage Panamanian recipes will be served.

This seminar is hosted by David Wondrich and Jeff “Beachbum” Berry – and that alone is a promise of a great time!

The seminar is sponsored by House of Bols and Hendrick´s Gin.

Go to  – Grand Ballroom North, Royal Sonesta – New Orleans – 3:30pm — 5:00pm – friday july 27th.

See you there!

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