Tales of the Cocktail 2012 – Curacao – The ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor

This years Tales of the Cocktail celebrates it`s 10 year anniversary and that is a promise of even more frenzy as usual so gear up if you`re planning to go!

Among the sessions i`m planning to attend is “Curacao – the ultimate guide to the world´s favorite liqueur flavor”

“From the Bare Bellybutton Liqueur of 1500s Amsterdam to the very first orange liqueurs on Curacao, and from the Martinez to the Mai Tai to the Cosmopolitan, award-winning writer and raconteur David Wondrich spars with Amsterdam resident, researcher and presenter Philip Duff and the Cognac-based artisanal distiller Alexandre Gabriel to reveal the real history of every bar’s most important cocktail liqueur flavour – curacao.

Here´s everything you possible would like to know about Curacao – INCLUDING seeing David Wondrich himself distilling a curacao live on stage without igniting his beard!

AND Philip Duff will have you sample pre-liqueur liqueurs from 1500s Dutch recipes like the Bare Bellybutton, Kandeel and Quarter After Five! – don´t miss it!

But that´s not all – you will also taste 80 and 90 year old versions of well-known orange liqueurs that have changed their flavour profiles over time! and you`ll even get to deconstruct an authentic 1800s curacao made by Professor Wondrich himself, the closest you’ll ever come to making a cocktail like Jerry Thomas did…

This seminar includes never-before-presented research on the history and evolution of curacao (orange) as a cocktail ingredient, including the birth of brands and the switch from multi-flavour event liqueurs of Middle Ages Netherlands to single-ingredient cocktail liqueurs – and gives a unique chance to see exactly how curacao is made and why.

The session includes live curacao distilling, tastings of curacaos and other exotic orange liqueurs as old as 90 and from recipes that date to the 1500s.

And of course you´ll be served cocktails…

The seminar will be held at:

La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom – Hotel Monteleone – New Orleans

Thursday july 26th - 12:30pm — 2:00pm

The seminar is hosted by Alexandre Gabriel, David Wondrich and Philip Duff

I will be there! i hope you will too! but if you can´t i´ll write about it here on this blog.

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