I`m a bit late to the party with this post, i blame it on the working-week…but for this booo weekend i have a rum-barrel type of tiki drink served in a for the theme black pineapple.

I`m making it with – well you may have guessed it – rum – and after the UK rumfest one could believe i`d be tired of rum but no no no…that´s not the case, and i don´t think that`ll ever happen..

There`s a so much spooky drinks out there that i really didn´t know what to make…should i carve out a pumpkin or make a flaming drink? well i already did that last year, so no…Should i make a blood-red vampire type of drink?

I had no clue…but then i saw that nice pineapple in the shop and decided to paint it black and use as vessel for a heavy tiki drink that should quench the thirst at least for folks who likes exotic rum drinks.

This is grown-up treat:


Not that this pineapple looks very spooky at all…it rather looks grilled…:-) So scoop out a pineapple and paint it black.

Muddle a handful of pineapple pieces with 0.5 oz butter-cinnamon syrup mix in shaker and add:

1 oz dark rum

1 oz rhum agricole

0.5 oz FairTrade Coffee liqueur

2-3 dashes Black Walnut Bitters (Fees)

0.5 oz fresh lime

Shake hard with ice and double strain into the pineapple filled with crushed ice and if you wish, top with a little Ting. Float Lemon Hart151

Garnish with something fun.


Make cinnamon syrup by adding equal parts demerara sugar and water in a pan and heat to dissolve the sugar. Add crushed cinnamon sticks and lightly boil on low heat for just a little, then take off heat and leave to cool and let the flavors blend for an hour or two. Then strain and bottle. Or use B.G Reynold´s excellent cinnamon syrup.

Then melt one teaspoon butter for every 0.5 oz syrup. Add the melted butter to the syrup and stir together.

It´s simply a refreshing tiki drink, not the least spooky but there´s more than enough spooky drinks out there…in any case it´s tasty and most of all – relaxing. You can play with different rums too.


  1. i think we should try to barbecue some pinepple with a little butter for a drink sometime.

    Sounds like an incredible drink, T.

  2. It`s nice to make mixes with butter, the butter adds a silky mouthfeel that if you don´t know that it´s there you don´t know what it is that gives this feel..also it adds a smooth flavor. Goes well with these types of drinks.

    It´s just that the butter solids aren´t beautiful..so you need to have it at roomtemp before mixing aand it´s optional to either dry shake first or in blender add ice last.

    Using a vessel that is not glass, like a pineapple as here or a tikimug is the best, then you don´t need to worry so much about how the butter solids look in the glass..

  3. I see a pineapple, I want to paint it black. (Rocking out with the fruit, here.)

    I hadn’t seen the Black Walnut Bitters yet—sounds nice. As does the butter-cinnamon syrup. Gotta do more with butter. Not too fond of cream drinks but man, do I like butter.

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