So it´s over as fast as it rolled…it`s amazing how time flies when you have a lot to do, see, write and drink!

The biggest “problem” is to choose the seminars and tastings, you cannot possibly do it all but the good thing is that there´s more than enough for everyone. You also must count on missing a few things that you intended to do because unexpected things happens and plans are changed etc etc

But i know one thing for sure – next year gonna be even busier since it´s the Tales 10 year anniversary and i`m afraid it gonna be total madness..which of course i hope to be able to attend.

I hope Tales seminars never will be moved out of Monteleone because that hotel with it´s distictive atmosphere and sense of place and history is unmatched.  But of course since Tales grows it needs more space, but it worked out good this year i think, it´s not a problem to walk between Monteleone and Sonesta since the two are so close.

To close up my posts on Totc 2011  here`s a little parade of pictures.

Mini muffalotta and something tasty in the wrap.

New Orleans and absinthe belongs together…

And so does cocktails, here`s one from the 10 Cane rum tasting.

One of the bar towels to support the oyster business after BP´s disaster.

Credit to Tony Harion for this wonderful picture of one of the cool lamps at the French 75.

It’s a Rematch!!!!! Beeyatch!!!! at a full-packed Cure as the very last event for this Tales. At that moment the Cure must have been THE most packed bar in the US. John Lermayer won the battle!

Pouring pouring..

Yet another tasting…


Pétanque outside of Monteleone.

And another tasting…

Music is everywhere in the city of jazz.

Beautiful Chartres st.

Zatarain´s charming wallpainting on Camp st.

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