TOTC 2011 – Who’s Your Daddy? A Mai Tai Paternity Test

It`s only about five weeks left until the Tales of the Cocktail 2011 kicks off in New Orleans and it´s time to present a few of the sessions i`m planning to attend this year. If you`re planning to go it`s high time to book your sessions they´re running out FAST!

And the Mai Tai war goes on…..come and listen to what Beachbum Berry, Steve Remsberg and Ian Burrel (UJ Rum Ambassador) has to say about this matter while shakin`up different samples of Mai Tai recipes for us….oh YUM!

We will also see vintage slide-show images and new information learned after the publication of Jeff’s most recent book, Beachbum Berry Remixed.

Beachbum Berry needs no presentation – but you can read about him here and his blog is here

Steve Remsberg owns the world’s largest private rum collection and has lectured on rum and participated on rum judging panels and tropical drink competitions across the U.S. and the Caribbean, read more about him here and here.

Ian Burrel is the UK Rum Ambassador and founder of the UK Rumfest – read about him here.

I have had the pleasure of meeting them all and i can vouch for their expertize and knowledge in all things rum (and tiki)

Do you love the Mai Tai? do you love rum? then this session is for you!

Time: 1 PM to 2:30 PM
Date: Friday the 22nd of July, 2011
Venue: Grand Ballroom South, The Royal Sonesta Hotel
Moderators: Jeff Berry

The session is sponsored by Banks 5 Island Rum.

3 Replies to “TOTC 2011 – Who’s Your Daddy? A Mai Tai Paternity Test”

  1. It was an enlightening and entertaining symposium. Basically, Berry refreshed the theory that the title of King of the Mai Tai belongs to “Trader” Vic Bergeron, although he may have been influenced by Donn’s Q.B. Cooler. Samples of each were heartily consumed by the sold out audience, all while Berry used an antique harpoon as a pointer for his slide show. Great fun.

  2. Maybe next time you can plan a family holiday with the Tales as a side activity for the grown-ups? bring along a babysitter..

  3. Some great sessions for you guys lucky enough to make the trip. I’d love to join you all there but I have a feeling if I left my wife with the kids for the week she would have the locks changed on the doors by the time I got back!

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