TOTC 2011 – Swizzling Around The World, Here And Now

It`s only about 2 months left until the Tales of the Cocktail 2011 kicks off in New Orleans and it´s time to present some of the sessions for this year. If you`re planning to go it`s high time to book your sessions they´re running out FAST!

Let`s go back in the history of the swizzles..

In this session Stanislav Vadrna takes us through a swizzling journey taking a look at the history and legacy of the swizzles drinks and the swizzling technique(ritual) from all around the world.

This session is for anyone who wants to take part of the unique swizzle ritual and to get to understand the spirit and very nature of this simple but impressive technique and bar tool.

Stan will lead you through the history of this kind of drink, important persons, and places connected with swizzles, and much more.

Beside the impressive effect of ritual preparation of swizzle drink in front of the guest you will understand also the process of perception of swizzle stick and the art of swizzling – with your heart, mind and body concentrated to this unique moment: HERE AND NOW
We will also be shown different types of swizzle sticks and sample recipes from all over the world.

And then…

At the very end of the seminar you will take part on the very first unique swizzle ritual named 151 SWIZZLE-BE HERE NOW.

151 bartenders will be swizlling with ALOHA together at the same time at the same place with 151 original swizzle sticks FROM GUAYANA the 151 SWIZZLE drink based on 151 LEMON HEART DEMERARA rum.

Be a part of this unique experience! Only 150 seats available! Ichigo – Ichie / one chance – one meeting.

Sounds TOO GOOD to be missed!

Time: 3 PM to 4:30 PM
Date: Thursday the 21st of July, 2011
Venue: La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom, Hotel Monteleone

Moderators: Stanislav Vadrna

This session is sponsored by Rhum JM, more details to be found here.

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