Its cold here and the summer with its life giving sun and heat is still very far away and i think that that requires a very large cocktail – don´t ya think? and i  NEVER settle with just one.

Well here´s two drinks to warm you up – the first is a tiki punch and the second is large, potent, tasty and fun!

The first drink is from Jeff  Berry`s Remixed and is called the Kon Tiki Ti-Punch and here´s room to play with rums, something i really like to do. The recipe calls for Bacardi 8 which i don`t have and so i decided to entirely change the drink by using a different rum combo.

So i took El Dorado 8 with a hint of Coruba overproof. This makes the drink getting a demerara and Jamaican flavor instead but that`s ok with me.

I like Coruba overproof, its very strong also in flavor and nose so a little goes a long way but it has that comfy “home feeling”  that the regular Coruba dark has – at least to me… Look out for a review of Coruba rum in a while.


0.5 oz fresh lime juice

0.5 oz hibiscus grenadine

1 oz El Dorado 8 yo

0.5 oz Coruba overproof

1 tsp demerara syrup

1 tsp guava jelly and a chunk fresh pineapple

In your shaker, thoroughly muddle the guava jelly and pineapple chunk in lime juice. Add rum, grenadine and demerara syrup.

Shake with ice and strain into a goblet with a large ice chunk. Garnish with pineapple chunk, lime wedge and mint.

I didn`t have those things for garnish so i took a pineapple leaf,  the main thing is that the garnish reflects the drink. I didn`t find guava jelly either..but i found guava jam. Always when you cannot find the exact ingredient, go for the closest, usually its ok.

Rum punches is always nice to drink -  its that home feel again – its relaxing and comforting and makes you feel good even if you`re not on a tropical island – or even more so when you´re not – and it was quite a while since i was on one.

The next drink is the Tropical Itch and it´s one of my favorite drinks but oddly enough i don´t make this one very often, but when i do i really enjoy it. The tropical Itch is also probably the only drink in the world that is garnished with a back scratcher.

What an odd thing for garnish eh?

It was invented by Henry Yee of the Hawaiian Village Hotel, Waikiki cirka 1957. Henry Yee is the man who came up with the idea of garnishing cocktails with paper parasols. He became the head bartender at the Hawaiian Village and stayed in that position for 3 decades.

I ain`t got an orchid this time but i do have another flower and a  back scratcher that i found and got just for this drink of course but a plus is that now i can also scratch my back if needed..



  • 8 oz passion fruit juice or nectar
  • 1 1/2 oz amber 151 proof rum – i used LH151 and Coruba overproof
  • 1 oz Dark Jamaican rum
  • 1 oz Bourbon
  • 1/2 oz orange curacao
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters

Fill a hurricane glass or other large glass with crushed ice, add all the ingredients, and swizzle until well chilled. Garnish with pineapple stick, a mint sprig, an orchid, and a wooden back-scratcher

From Jeff Berry`s Remixed!


  1. Hm..i don`t think jelly and jam is the same thing..jelly is more like, well…jelly..(gelé) and jam is jam and contains pieces of fruit and stuff that jelly doesn´t contain.

  2. Sorry, I missed the part where you wrote about the guava in the post. I do believe jam and jelly are the same thing though.

  3. Thanks Tony! i see a lot of drinks ahead for us in the future!

    Shirow66, no i don´t think Guava jelly is available like i wrote, but i found Guava jam in an eastern food shop, don`t remember which one though but there´s plenty of those little shops. If you don´t find it, you can maybe use something else with equally good result. Guava is a very mild tasting fruit. Also there´s Guava juice in those shops, jýou could try to reduce some and add.

  4. Is guava jelly available in Sweden or do you make your own? I’ve never seen it tbh.

  5. Há! This is great! Can find a mint sprig, but have a back scratcher right on hand.
    That´s what I call life! Way to go Tiare!
    Btw, the drinks look great!

  6. Jordan, the good thing with this drink is that it allows experiments with various rums..;-D

    Rowan, another thing you can try if the pf juice isn´t that good is to add a little pf syrup (commercial or even better homemade) into it to strengthen or/and sweeten the flavor.

  7. Tropical Itch is always in regular rotation here. I need a better source for passion fruit juice, though, since my local shop stopped carrying Looza and I’ve had to make do with blends.

  8. It may also be unavailable up there in the great white north, but Ron Abuelo 7 Años is almost a dead ringer for Bacardi 8.

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