There is a beer in New Orleans – its called Abita beer…and it tastes like heaven!

Nobody who knows me good can have missed that i REALLY love me some Abita beer!

Unfortunately for me i can´t get it where i live … So when i come down to New Orleans i drink Abita (and some others like Dixie) but mostly Abita and LOTS of them! Nowhere have beer tasted better to me than in the hot humid summer heat in Nola  – Abita is THE beer.

Apparently i`m not the only one.

Abita was founded in 1986 and the Abita Brewing Company can be found 30 miles north of New Orleans on the other side of lake Pontchartrain in Abita Springs. Starting out as a microbrewery, they added a brew pub & restaurant in 1994 and is one of the oldest craft breweries in the United States.

Abita’s beer is brewed with the pure water of an artesian well in Abita Springs which was originally a Choctaw indian village taking its name from nearby medicinal springs.

Its interesting with the water, its coming from a deep well in the Southern Hills aquifer system and which in some areas is over 3,000 feet deep. The underground structures are more than five million years old!



In those structures the water is as clean as can be and is through tests also proven to be free of man-made pollutants. Surely that affects the flavor plus the fact that only natural ingredients goes into the beer which are only four main ingredients – water, barley, yeast, and hops.

They are brewing their lagers and ales in small batches and have gone from 1,500 barrels of beer a year to over 90,000 barrels of beer and 5,000 barrels of root beer. Abita Beer has no preservatives, additives or stabilizers and is cold filtered.

Next time i go down i wanna make a brewery tour.

They make many great varieties of this beer and wonderful seasonal brews which are harder for me to come by – but i`v e tried the Strawberry and Satsuma, both amazing beers and now they have the Pecan Harvest which i haven´t tried yet. Strawbita has just enough hints of fresh strawberries  and Satsuma is of course satsumas and both comes with a very natural and not overpowering flavor.

The regular Abita amber is also one of my favorites – it has a full aroma and a very round flavor and then there`s the Andygator, lovely raspberry flavored Purple Haze, the dark Turbodog, the SOS (Save Our Shores) Jockamo and there are more Abita beers..

Not sure how i shall be able to not drink these for a long time… when i think about Abita its like my throat all of a sudden is full of sand and very dry…i might have to try to import them.

If you go to New Orleans (or to other places in the US) do yourself a favor and try out every single Abita beer you can find and bring home as many as you can of your favorites.

You can read more about Abita on their website where the brewing process is described and there´s also a section about how to pour two beers of different densities together to layer one beer on top of the other and thus create interesting mixes in the glass and you can learn how to speed-chill beers.


6 Replies to “I LOVE ABITA BEER”

  1. Abita’s Seasonal Strawberry beer is the bomb! Made with local Pontchatoula Strawberries, which are the best in the world~no joke~, this beer leaves just a hint of sweet strawberry on the tongue. It is a flavored beer done just right! The best thing as I write this on this wintry day… strawberry season is very soon!

  2. Nothing better than several Abitas to wash down a big mess of boiled crawfish at Cooter Brown’s or Patout’s.

    I need to get back to NOLA in a bad way.

  3. I had the Purple Haze a couple of summers ago while visiting the Coney Island Museum cuz I couldn’t resist the name, though I think I’d like to try a plainer one.

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